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DOCTOR ME UP by Sandy Sullivan

DOCTOR ME UP by Sandy Sullivan

Montana Cowboys 5

Betrayed by the one heart she thought she could call her own, all because he cheated. Elizabeth Weston didn't know who to believe anymore. The masked stranger she met at the ball several months ago, disappeared from her life like a thief in the night. Her "fiancé" tossed her love away like yesterdays news. Now she's back home to lick her wounds and start over.

Marcus Melton is the county veterinarian, not Elizabeth's dashing, debonair man of mystery. Could he be the tuxedo wearing masked stranger of her fantasies? He wants to find out.

Cattle are dying and bullets are flying. Who's trying to ruin the Weston's ranch while leaving dead bodies in their wake? You're about to find out when you delve into the lives of Red Rock's up and coming physicians in Doctor Me Up.



An explosion of shattering glass silenced the noisy terminal of Los Angeles International airport. Elizabeth Weston dropped the champagne bottle and fluted glasses she'd brought to celebrate her engagement to Armand Listolini into the large metal trashcan sitting near one of the pillars. Anger, disgust and frustration rolled down her back in a nauseating wave of sensation as she watch him step away from a tall, slender blonde. Never in a million years did she suspect he'd been cheating on her. Apparently he had. For how long? Right now, she didn't care. It was enough to know he cheated once.

"You sorry son of a bitch!" she screamed, grabbing her perfect stiletto heel and throwing it at his head. Unfortunately, he quickly ducked as the heel careened on past him to lodge itself against the wall. How many women has he been with while he'd been with her? "Did you take your fuck buddy with you to New York, Ari?"

"Elizabeth, calm down." With his hands stretched out in front of him, he almost looked sorry, whether for being caught or because he'd cheated, she wasn't sure.

The pleading look didn't calm her, only fanned the flames of her anger. "Calm down my ass!"
"Sweetheart, let me explain."

"Explain what? You came down the escalator with your tongue down her throat. What's there to explain?" She laughed hysterically as she hobbled on one heel back and forth in front of the baggage claim. The plan to surprise him was tossed in the trashcan along with the expensive champagne she'd bought to celebrate. "Or maybe you want to explain the receipt to Coleman's on your desk? The one I thought might be for an engagement ring since we've been fucking for over a year." The other heel sailed toward his head. Her aim missed. The shoe bounced off his chest, leaving the imprint of her heel on his expensive suit. "Instead you gave a bauble to her."

His expression screamed boredom at her antics and it did nothing but fuel her fury to raging. "Really, Elizabeth. Hysteria doesn't become you." He absently swiped at the dirt on his jacket.

She flicked a glance to the woman at his side wearing a matching expression. A gorgeous emerald and diamond necklace at her slim throat. The bitch. Blonde, stunning and tall, the designer dress hugging her curves to show off each dip and valley to perfection, made Elizabeth hate her all the more.

"Hysteria? You want to see hysteria. I'm just getting started, buddy." With both hands firmly planted on her hips, she pulled her lip back in a snarl. "I'm a redneck girl from Montana, remember? The one apparently not good enough for the likes of you, well guess what? You can have your painted up, botoxed until she explodes, fake boobs and liposuctioned bimbo. I'm done with your ass. Take your pencil dick and shove it up her ass from now on. I do hope he's better in bed with you than with me, honey, because he sure lacked for any imagination."

Not aware of the crowd gathering, she flushed when a round of applause rippled through the group. At this point, she didn't give a shit about the scene she made especially looking back at Ari again. His complexion had turned a ruddy color instead of the even tan he usually sported. Hopefully he'd burn in hell for his cheating ways. Or maybe his dick would fall off. One could always hope for the best.
"You'll be sorry you made such a scene, Elizabeth."

"Sorry? Seriously?" She shook her head as she laughed. "Shall I call a few of my friends from redneckville Montana and have them come out here to kick your ass for you? I'm sure my brother and his friend Kale would love to use you as a punching bag for a few rounds." A sobering thought crossed her mind. "I should have known." Pressing her lips together, she looked up at the ceiling for a moment as tears gathered in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. Never in a million years would she let him know how much this hurt. "All the time we've been together was a game for you. See how long you can tie up the backwoods girl in a knot while you're fucking your newest investor on the side."

"Did you think I would be interested in something long term with you?" He snorted, making her want to punch him. "You're a nobody from a small ranching community in Montana, Elizabeth. I, on the other hand, own a large international shipping company. I need someone on my arm who can keep up with me in style, poise and mannerisms. You, although you are hot between the sheets, are a country girl to the bone. You wear T-shirts to bed. You insist on doing yard work. You want to own a horse!"

She moved so she stood within arm's reach of him. "I may be a country girl, but don't fuck with me."
Despite the skimpy black dress, primping all day with hair done just so, makeup perfectly applied, mani and pedi at the salon, she'd stood ready to receive the surprise she knew was coming when Ari returned from New York, not the shock of a lifetime. With her hand clenched in a fist, she pulled back her arm and let the punch fly hoping she connected with something—maybe knock a tooth out.
Pain screamed up her arm as she watched Ari stumble back to land on his butt. "Shit, that hurt." She shook her hand, grimacing. After she spun on her bare feet, she headed for the front door of the airport to retrieve her car. Let him suck eggs through a straw for the next couple of days. Fucking bastard. "How dare he use me like this."

Tears streamed down her cheeks, dripping off the end of her chin. She really thought he loved her and she loved him, didn't she? Real passion didn't exist except in fairytales. Men didn't illicit those types of feelings in her. She just figured she couldn't get sexually aroused like most woman. The scrape of a man's hand over her skin, the brush of his kiss on her lips, his tongue lightly flicking against her mouth before taking the kiss he wanted, those things might turn her on if she ever felt them, but so far she just tolerated sex.

Only one man ever got her blood pumping and her skin tingling.


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