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BEG FOR IT by Stacey Kennedy

BEG FOR IT by Stacey Kennedy


Pact of Seduction Book Two

The Pact of Seduction has one rule - fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Bella's problem, she can't live up to her vow. But her failure spins events that lead her into unknown territory. Kole, a Dom at the sex club Castle Dolce Vita, wasn't part of her fantasy, but he's about to show her he should have been.

Kole is more than willing to introduce Bella to BDSM since he's held an interest in her for some time. But the feisty woman isn't easily tamed and her strong personality proves to be difficult. While she might be determined to keep him at a distance, Kole has other ideas. He won't allow her to shut him out.

A pact between best friends brought them together, emotional barriers tear them apart. Kole skillfully reminds Bella through pleasure and punishment that she is now his submissive, and her place is under his command.


An Excerpt from Stacey Kennedy's Pact of Seduction 2: Beg for It

The warm scent of vanilla drifted through Bella’s nostrils as the soft feminine body molded against hers. Raven’s sparkling green eyes stared back at her, and even her silky, long brown hair invited Bella to take her pleasures.

Then why didn’t she feel aroused?

Even the atmosphere called to her fantasies. Stone walls surrounded her, candles along the floor provided a romantic glow, and a large king-size bed fitted with black silk sheets rested in the center of the bare room.

Raven wore a mauve lace thong, matching bra, and sleek black heels. Her body was nothing less than a perfect ten. Her perky breasts along with her creamy-colored skin should entice Bella. But her dry panties declared her arousal was nonexistent.

Pushing her reservations aside, Bella, who’d dressed in crimson lingerie, pressed her lips against Raven’s. Beneath her touch, the woman’s skin was flawless as she ran her hands over a soft back.

A gentle mouth melted against hers, which was so different than a man’s demanding kiss. Bella parted her lips and welcomed the light swipe of Raven’s tongue; then Bella’s muscles bunched as an unexpected bubble of emotion rose.

She broke the kiss and burst out laughing. “Shit. Sorry.”

Raven dropped her hands that trailed Bella’s arms, then frowned. “Is something about this amusing to you?”

“No. No. I can do this.” She twined her fingers through Raven’s silky hair and yanked the woman forward. “I want this.” Pressing her lips against Raven’s mouth, she swirled her tongue with Raven’s and searched down deep to get her motor running.

Delicate hands slid along her back to rest on her ass and squeeze. Bella sucked in a harsh breath and fought against the reaction burning in her gut, but failed miserably. Her laughter tore from her throat.

“Oh God.” She placed her hand over her mouth in an attempt to hide her smile. “I’m sorry.”

Raven folded her arms. “This is getting old.”

“I know. I thought I wanted this, but when I kiss you, it feels all wrong.”

“Then let’s end this. I won’t be offended.” Raven’s tight features relaxed. “You tried something new, and I give you credit for that. But clearly, you’re not turned on by women.”

Bella’s cheeks warmed. “Clearly not.”

Raven strode over to her robe that rested on the floor by the bed. “You’re a lovely woman, Bella.” She grabbed it, dressed, then handed the other robe to Bella. “I hope you find what you’re looking for. Preferably with someone whom you don’t laugh at when kissing.” With a sweet smile good-bye, she spun on her heels and left the room.

Bella sighed, stared at the now closed door, and wrapped the robe around herself. She was relieved to see Raven go to end this embarrassment, but she was pissed too. She’d made a mess of this, hadn’t she?

The pact of seduction formed with her best friends hung over her. Tonight was her night to fulfill that promise. She thought a woman had been her ultimate fantasy. How wrong had she been?

Failure burned wicked in her body.

She entered the dressing area located at the back of the room, then dropped the robe and slid back into her tight black minidress. Leaving the robe on the bench, she strode out of the room and slammed the door with a loud bang.

Without a hitch to her step, she passed door after door to rooms that probably contained people treating themselves to their sexual fantasies, exactly what she should’ve been doing.

She hurried down the staircase, and the sound of her heels against the wood echoed in the open space.

After a nod at the bouncer who guarded the entrance of Castle Dolce Vita, she opened the thick wooden door and made it to her silver Honda Civic. Her seat belt was fastened, car was started, and she hightailed it out of the parking lot in a single breath.

Darkness surrounded her on the drive from Bowleys Quarters back to Baltimore, and that was fitting since it matched her mood. Each light she passed on the half-hour drive brought her closer to home, which only increased the pout on her face.

After she turned onto the tree-lined street of the two-story colonial-style house that she shared with her three friends, she pulled into the driveway. She parked behind Marley’s SUV, cut the ignition, and heaved a sigh.

A warm glow spread out from the living-room window, indicating everyone was still awake. Not much of a surprise. They had all been on pins and needles when Marley went to fulfill her fantasy. They’d be waiting for her too.

What should I tell them?

Exhaustion weighed her down, leaving her needy and craving a hug. Not a state she enjoyed. She gulped back the emotions pinning her to the seat, exited the car, then approached the house. Be strong, Bella.

At the front door, she ground her teeth to keep from showing her disappointment and entered the home. All three of her best friends, who were watching a movie, looked toward her.

She forced a smile. “Hi.”

“Why are you home?” Marley’s green eyes narrowed on her. “And so soon?”

She shut the door behind her, shed her coat, then kicked off her shoes. Sadie and Kyra shifted along the cushions to make room, and she plopped down into the plush couch. “I couldn’t do it.”

Kyra made a face and flicked her black hair over her shoulder. “Couldn’t do what?”

“My night with Raven.”

Sadie leaned forward, which gave Bella an unwanted view of her newly purchased breasts. “What happened?”

She ran her hands over her face, then dropped them to glance between the women. “Well, we were kissing, and”—she groaned at the memory—“I laughed in her face.”

A pause followed; then laughter erupted, and Bella couldn’t help but chuckle too. The heavy weight in her chest released and her muscles relaxed.

Of course they’d understand.

“So you’re not attracted to women,” Marley said, her dark curls bouncing off her shoulders as she shook with silent laughter.

She grunted. “Not at all.”

“What’s the plan now, then?” Sadie glanced at Marley and Kyra before her warm chocolate-colored eyes focused back on Bella. “I mean, not that I don’t understand, but we made this pact.” Her look became knowing. “You’ll have to come up with another fantasy.”

She nibbled her bottom lip. “I don’t have any other fantasies, though.” She was aware that she hadn’t looked at Marley. BDSM made her confused and curious all at the same time.

Kyra offered a kind smile. “You’ve got time to sort it out. Sit on it for the next week and see if you can think of anything.” She waved her hand dramatically. “Lord knows the castle has everything and anything you could dream up.”

Always the voice of reason, Kyra was. “True.” She released her teeth that dug into her lip and pushed the frustration behind her, more than done with it all. “Is Reed’s party tomorrow night still a go?”

Marley nodded. “Yes, and you’re going.” She gave a shit-eating grin. “If you’re not getting all hot and bothered this weekend, you might as well get drunk.”

At least there was that.

* * * *

On Saturday night, Kole finished stocking the beer in the fridge and heard the crowd behind him grow louder. He grabbed a beer for himself and cracked it open.

After a big gulp of the brew, he moaned from the crisp aftertaste, then scanned his condo that he shared with Reed. Both were criminal lawyers with a top firm in Baltimore, but that wasn’t their only shared connection; they were both sexual dominants.

The roommate relationship had worked out well, and with the shared mortgage, they could afford the luxurious condo.

Their living room was full of friends from the castle, some from the law firm, and others just personal friends. It always amused him to watch those who didn’t live the D/s lifestyle mix with people who did.

For most, they’d never notice the way the submissives doted over their Masters, seated lower than the ones who commanded them. But Kole saw it clearly, and it created an ache in the pit of his stomach.

While he didn’t want a submissive 24-7, he had wanted one when he demanded it. And he’d never found a submissive who intrigued him enough to start a long-term relationship with.

As he continued to survey the room, one woman caught his eye, and the tension in his muscles increased.

Bella sat on the couch, a gin and tonic in her hand, while her three best friends laughed around her. He’d never seen the woman look so depressed. She’d always been full of sass and the life of the party.

All the reasons he craved to have her under his command. As a man, he appreciated her saucy attitude and the strength she portrayed. As a Dom, he’d enjoy seeing her lose it when she gave him control.

More to the point, her beauty appealed to him; her long blonde hair flowed beautifully over her shoulders, and her tight body aroused him. But the submissive buried inside her tempted him repeatedly.

A low laugh dragged Kole out of his thoughts. He flicked his gaze away from Bella to find amused blue eyes staring back at him. Reed cocked his head. His dirty-blond hair fell over his eyebrow. “Hiding in here, are you?”

“Not hiding, watching.”

“Ah, the Dom in you can’t help but study.” Reed grabbed a beer out of the fridge, opened it, then took a sip. “Who are we studying?”

Kole glanced over at Bella, and her gaze that normally sparkled with life only held dismay. “What’s going on with Bella?”

“You just won’t leave it alone, will you?”

He ignored the jab that Bella shouldn’t intrigue him since she hadn’t shown an interest in him for anything more than friendship or in BDSM. “I can’t help but notice she seems out of sorts.” He looked back at Reed. “And that’s unlike her. She’s always so put together.”

Reed leaned his hip against the kitchen table and examined Bella. “From what Marley told me, she went to the castle for her night with Raven but couldn’t go through with it.”

Kole shifted on his feet, and his chest constricted at the thought of her being with anyone. “I could’ve saved her the embarrassment and told her that myself; she’s not a lesbian.”

Reed nodded firmly. “I’d imagine she realizes that now.”

Kole gazed over Bella, pondering the complex puzzle that she was. He’d seen from day one that she had submissive tendencies. But it wasn’t his place to inform her, nor was it his place to put her under his command, even if it’d please him.

With a grunt, he glanced at Reed. “What’s with the long face, though?”

“Marley said she’s frustrated because she failed.” Reed’s stare became pointed. “You know Bella. I’m sure her pride is playing a part here.”

Kole took another gulp of his beer; then he shook his head in frustration. “It’s bothering me much more than it ought to, knowing that I could guide her way.”

Reed snickered. “Back to this, are we?”

It wasn’t a secret that Kole had an interest in Bella. Hell, how could he hide it? Every time they all went out to a dance club or even met at a pub for Sunday Night Football, she teased him. But he wasn’t the only one captured by a woman. “Marley spun you just as hard.”

Reed inclined his head. “Got me there.” Then, his expression firmed. “But this is different. Marley knew the lifestyle interested her. Bella doesn’t. If you plan to stick to vanilla sex, then by all means”—he waved out toward Bella—“enjoy yourself. But it should stop there.”

Vanilla sex didn’t interest Kole. Even if Bella could use a good lay to brighten her mood, he didn’t have it in him not to demand her submission, especially once he settled himself between her luscious thighs.

Reed continued, “If Bella finally realizes that her tastes extend to BDSM, then it’s my responsibility as Marley’s Dom—and boyfriend—to place her with the right one.” He lifted his chin, his voice deepening. “That’s not you.”

Kole snorted. “Thanks for the high opinion, jackass.”

“You know what I’m saying, Kole.” Reed’s tone softened, and he placed a hand on Kole’s shoulder. “You’ve never taken a newbie who’s as innocent as Bella into a scene.”

“I don’t think she’s as innocent as she puts off,” Kole retorted. “There’s a feisty woman in her, and that strength I’d imagine would make for a sub I’d enjoy.”

“Strengthwise, yes,” Reed countered. “But she’s not submissive in nature. I doubt she has it in her to give you the control you want.” He dropped his hand, folded his arms. “And then I’ll be placed in a position to explain why she can’t sit for a week since her ass will be marked for her disobedience.”

Kole was well aware of who he was and that he enjoyed pushing his subs to extremes that Reed would never go in order to show their submission to him. Plus that he tolerated much less than Reed did from a submissive.

But something existed between him and Bella, and that told him that Reed’s worries were irrelevant. He wouldn’t be drawn to a submissive who couldn’t give him what he needed as a Dom.

Reed stared hard into Kole’s eyes and finally sighed. “Fuck, my talk is pointless, isn’t it? You’re going to go after her, aren’t you?”

Nothing Reed had said would dissuade him. An opportunity had presented itself that he wouldn’t let pass him by. Bella needed a fantasy. And he’d give her the one he knew she craved, even if she didn’t realize it. “I’ll introduce the idea and let her decide if she wants to pursue it.”

“Introduce, huh?”

Kole grinned. “I’ll awaken that dormant submissive in her, let her squirm awhile until she realizes I’m exactly what she needs.”

Reed exhaled, long and deep. “Promise me you won’t push her excessively if she doesn’t submit to you as you’d like?”

“You know”—he glared at Reed—“for my roommate and friend, your opinion of me is discouraging.”

Reed’s expression was measured. “I’m well aware that you push subs when they’re under your command.” He gestured toward Bella. “Be careful with her, or Marley will rip into me, and I won’t hear the end of it.”

“I won’t push past her limits, even if those limits are way too low.” He cocked his head and sighed in exasperation. “Does that suffice?”

Reed nodded. “That’ll do.” He grabbed another beer out of the fridge, then left the kitchen to join Marley.

Kole leaned against the counter, pursed his lips, and regarded Bella. He had no doubt if he offered himself to her for a night of blistering hot sex, she’d jump on the chance, but getting her into a scene might prove difficult.

She clearly sensed his gaze on her, since she’d glanced at him. A pretty blush filled her cheeks, and she looked down at the glass in her hands. A reaction he enjoyed.

He suspected when Bella wanted a man, she didn’t hold back and went after him. But when it came to him, she was a shy little thing who couldn’t hold his gaze.


Tonight, he needed to open the doorway so she’d finally stop ignoring her interests in BDSM.

You’ve got your work cut out for you.

Good thing he loved a challenge.

© Stacey Kennedy, May 2012
All Rights Reserved

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ALPHA BEAR by Winona Wilder

ALPHA BEAR by Winona Wilder

Northern Shifters Book Two

Blake feels lost after his best friend settles down with a mate. They were both initiated into the Marcelle wolf pack as orphans, but now it’s only Blake without a past or future. He has a spark of hope when his alpha mentions a buried box that could contain the answers he seeks.

The only problem...the box is deep in bear territory.

When Gage meets a foreign bear near his bathing pond, he’s immediately attracted to the dark-haired stranger. They engage in a passionate love affair, only to question their relationship when the lust settles. Blake’s different customs continually rouse Gage’s suspicions. Is he a human, bear, or a wolf trespassing on their land?

Can an alpha bear and wolf bridge the gap in their worlds for the sake of love? Will the contents of the buried box bring them closer or tear them apart?

Blake had survived the night in his little alcove. As soon as the morning light woke him, he restarted his search for the prospector’s cabin Redden spoke of. It couldn’t be too much farther now.
He stopped when he reached a spring-fed pond. It was clear and fresh and likely freezing cold. The crystal clear water tempted him, reminding him how thirsty he was from all his frequent exertion. Blake bent over for a drink, still cautious not to shift and give off the scent of the enemy.
“You don’t belong here.” The voice came from his right side. It was the deepest baritone he’d heard in a long time. It had a gravelly, masculine quality that grabbed his attention.
When he turned to look, there was a man watching him. He hadn’t even heard him approach, which he mentally scolded himself for.
The stranger was a god. He had a rustic appeal, with dark hair, and muscle upon muscle packed onto his large frame. Blake swallowed hard, rising to his feet. He may have been attracted to pretty boys in the past, but all that had changed in the span of two seconds. Part of him determined the man must be a bear shifter, while the other part said it was just one of those loggers or hunters who frequented the bar back home. It was odd being so close to a taller man, one with shoulders broad enough to swallow his shadow from the early morning light. As a Marcelle he was used to being the largest, the one to be reckoned with. Now he felt smaller than a mouse and wasn’t sure how that made him feel. The longer the man stared at him, the more he realized it made him feel hot. Hot and bothered.
“I’m just passing through. Looking for a cabin that’s supposed to be at the base of the Three Mountains.”
“That’s another hour from here. What business do you have there? Where’s your camping party?”
“Just me.” He held his breath, wondering who this man was and if he saw him as a threat. The guy could snap him in two if he wanted, but he stood still, his bulky body rooted in place.
“What are you called?”
“Do you mean, what’s my name?”
The man nodded once.
“Blake.” He almost mentioned the Marcelle Pack name. It was right on the tip of his tongue, as he was a proud member, but he stopped himself. If this was a bear, he’d know the name was associated with wolves. If he was human, he would be suspicious with the talk of packs.
“I’m called Gage.”
Gage’s eyes were black orbs, so deep he could drown in them. He had a penetrating stare, a quiet strength unlike anything Blake had ever experienced before. Although he’d come across some bad-ass wolves in his days, they had nothing on this man’s intimidating presence. Was Blake delirious from lack of sleep and proper food? Or was he more pent up than he expected, even finding this rustic stranger desirable?
“Great. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?”
The man stepped closer and then circled him, moving like a predator. He had over a week’s worth of scruff on his face, a light sprinkling of hair on his defined pecs, and a dark trail leading to a very well-hung cock. Nothing about Gage should register with his libido. He’d always gone for the blond, lean-muscled men who he could dominate. Now all he wanted was to be owned by this brute of a man.
“You’re unusual,” said Gage. “Where are your clothes?” He acted as if Blake was an alien, something he’d never encountered.
“Where are yours?”
Gage scowled, continuing to look him over as if he were an object he wanted to own. Did he want to be owned, claimed? Unfortunately the dark-haired god made controlling his raw sexuality an impossibility. His cock thickened as it hardened, protruding from his body. There was just something about the man’s voice and the way he looked at him that nearly brought Blake to his knees. He turned away, but Gage circled him until they were facing again. With no clothing, he settled for a poor attempt of cupping his genitals to keep them partially hidden.
“You’re aroused?”
He exhaled. “You’re not too bad on the eyes, and it’s been a long night.” It felt odd admitting he was attracted to a stranger. He rarely felt the pull from another male, which was why he hadn’t fucked around in so long.
“But you’re a male.”
Gage made a sound that was a mix between a groan and a growl. Whatever it was, it made Blake’s balls pull up high against his body. He couldn’t stop imagining what Gage would look like when fully erect. Even flaccid, he was magnificent. He’d already decided Gage was too comfortable with his nudity to be human. But was this man actually a bear? Blake had never actually met one in person, only heard the stories. Despite his size and strength, Gage wasn’t scary and foreboding like he’d imagined. Besides a lack of refinement, he seemed harmless enough. Maybe a bit stiff, lacking a carefree edge, but he wasn’t the monster he expected.
Blake doubted Gage knew he was a wolf. That would not go over well, and since he was off his own territory, he’d keep that to himself. If this man turned on him, he wouldn’t stand a chance in this foreign forest.


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ON A WHIM by Zenobia Renquist

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog we are celebrating a sexy new IR fantasy from Zenobia Renquist's (aka D. Renee Bagby)!

ON A WHIM by Zenobia Renquist

Guardian's Tales Book One

Mortals should beware the whims of gods.
Rosaline never thought she would find a meaningful relationship at an adult party for the denizens of the preternatural community. She came to have fun and flirt with danger while hiding behind the safety of the party's rules. And then she met Sebastian, a demi-god who demands all her attention and satisfies her every need.
Even though her head says it's nothing but pleasure between consenting adults with no strings attached, her heart is wondering if this fickle demi-god might actually want to be with her.

Guardian's Tales: On a Whim
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Zenobia Renquist

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Her heart thundered in her chest. The deafening bu-bump drowned out all other noise. She knew the people staring at her could hear it. She only needed to do a quick introduction. Really quick. Open her mouth, spit it out, and it would be done. She really hated public speaking.

"My name is Rosaline, and I will be your server, voyeur, and touchstone this evening. Should you need any refreshments, food of any kind, or props please feel free to call on me. For those who like to be watched, I am happy to oblige." She swallowed a little before uttering the last, wondering desperately why she had to say it at all.

"My body is bared for you all to touch as you like, though you can only use your hands. There will be no scratching and nothing that is intended to cause pain. My pussy --" She almost stumbled saying the word. "-- and ass are open for fingering, but please know that I am an anal virgin."

She bowed her head, happy to have an excuse not to look at the crowd any longer. "Thank you for attending Guardian's soiree. I hope you enjoy your evening."

She, a human, was out of her mind telling a room full of preternatural beings from all walks of life what they could and could not do with her body. Most of them could break her with a flick of their pinky finger.

Beside her, Guardian laid her hand on Rosaline's bare shoulder. "Good girl."

Rosaline said, in a low voice though the audience could probably hear her, "I still don't understand why you couldn't tell them. They listen to you."

"You created those rules when you decided you wanted to attend. You have to tell them. They may be infinitely more powerful than you, but you are the one who has the right to say no.
What's more, they have to heed that." Guardian patted Rosaline's shoulder once more. "Now then. Time to be groped. Go mingle and do as you told them you would."

Rosaline's whole body flushed.

It was time. The thing she had been anticipating the whole week long had finally arrived. She took one step forward and felt her four-inch heels wobble a little before stabilizing. The heels were two inches higher than she liked, but her friends had insisted the fire-engine red stilettos made Rosaline's legs look hot.

That was a good thing, since she didn't feel the same way about the rest of her body. One month prior to even asking Guardian about attending the party as a server, Rosaline had spent every free moment exercising. Mornings she did cardio, she had a mini-stair stepper to use while at her desk, and she spent the evenings using the machines at the gym. She'd even put herself on a strict diet of green vegetables, fruit, and fish -- baked, not fried. All of it in hopes of looking good while standing in a room full of preternaturals whose naturally fast metabolisms kept them looking like swimsuit models for sports magazines with no effort.

All her work had paid off. She had dropped from a size ten to a size eight. She could fit a size six if she knew she wouldn't be bending and felt like holding her breath while sitting. But clothing size didn't matter that evening since she couldn't wear anything to cover her little flaws with the perfect outfit that showed off all her hard work. The attire of the evening consisted of heels and a matching collar sporting a coin that proclaimed the servers as Guardian's property. Guardian allowed the men to go barefoot, if they preferred, which most of them did.

Rosaline rubbed the coin as a way to calm her nerves.

Guardian's property.

That meant no one could run off with Rosaline without Guardian's permission. There were a few servers who didn't have the coin. They wanted someone to run off with them. Rosaline wasn't that brave or stupid. She wanted a little taste of the world she'd only glimpsed from behind her desk. After that, she would go back to her mundane life with a fond memory.

She continued forward into the crowd. Her whole body hummed with the awareness that any second someone would touch her bare skin. The touch could be brief or prolonged depending on the mood of the one touching her.

The first table she passed was a group of vampires watching two women and two men having sex on the tabletop. Only one woman at the table glanced Rosaline's way. Rosaline gave the woman a small smile, but the gesture wasn't reciprocated. The woman turned her attention back to the table's entertainment.

Rosaline passed by a group of shifted were-hyenas who seemed to be playing a highly sexualized version of monkey in the middle with the person in the middle of the group trying to avoid domination from those who entered the circle.

She stopped and watched.

One man entered the circle. He tried his attack but was soon on the receiving end of a very vigorous ass pounding. He managed to throw off the other male, who left the circle with a smug sounding, hissing laugh that reminded her of the cartoon villain dog from her childhood -- mutt-something or other. The male exiting the circle winked at Rosaline before turning his back on her so he faced the defeated.

A second entered the circle. A woman this time. She managed to overpower the male as well. Though when she flipped him on his back so she could avail herself of his dick, it didn't seem like much of a punishment for losing.

Rosaline shrugged, shook her head, and moved on. Like the two groups before, most everyone occupied themselves with their own distractions, pretty much ignoring her. That disappointed her more than a little. She had spent the whole day psyching herself up to being groped by a room full of strangers.

A quick glance around the room showed the other five servers were receiving the same treatment. Was this normal? Maybe the patrons of the party liked to play with each other before molesting the staff.

"Here, girl."

Rosaline looked around. Two men occupied a booth off in the corner of the room. The man with his hand raised had to be the one who had called out to her. She walked over to him with a smile. "You called for me, sir?"


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Warrior's Craft Book Two

Danielle left Texas for plenty of good reasons. The psychic had been called a witch and a lot worse. The only thing she missed was the four men who'd never let her down.

Back in Houston to settle her aunt's estate, Dani is drawn into their fight against a mysterious creature. A lot has changed, and they want her in their life and their one, very Texas-sized bed. A quiet ranch life with a paranormal mission and four hot cowboys eager to share her is more than she ever dreamed of having.


Four Cowboys & A Witch
Cheryl Dragon
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Cheryl Dragon

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Ben Richner paced the family-room-turned-command-center of his Houston ranch. The proper living room was still decorated to the hilt, ready to receive and entertain guests in proper Texas fashion. The tucked away command center was stocked with laptops, maps, and reference books on the paranormal.

Being pagan in Texas felt like being a kitten surrounded by western diamondback rattlers -- you didn't stand a chance except to hold still and hope they didn't see you. Of course, Ben's crazy old aunts never cared. He'd learned it all young: Loving nature was okay here, but the good Christian ladies grew very uncomfortable with the pagan label.

As talented as this group of men was, only one had any spark of a magical gift, and it barely registered against the vampires they'd fought. A key piece of their group eluded them.

"Quit staring out the window. Trey and Rodney will get back when they're done." Sam Gradar stood and made his way to the kitchen with his coffee mug.

"I know," Ben said.

He had grown so used to Sam's limp he barely noticed anymore. Today, however, it grated on Ben: the pain in Sam's green eyes, and how that long sandy hair swung more when the limp hurt him.
Guilt never went away. They'd been warned and couldn't get to Sam in time. The rodeo accident in high school had been truly cruel harassment of a gay man. Seven years hadn't healed Sam's leg.
Nothing could. It was good to be rich and own land in Texas. Ben had flown in specialists but there were no fixes.

Pagan and gay, the group had some strikes against it, but technically they weren't gay. The missing piece was the right woman. The fact that the four of them had plenty of muscle from working a horse ranch meant others rarely harassed them.

Ben shook off the history running through his head. The case needed attention, yet his brain kept flashing back to high school when he'd fallen in love with Trey, and they'd both had a crush on that pesky Danielle girl.

Danielle Embers' name had come up when her father's aunt died last week. Since then, the group had kept their ears open for word that Dani'd returned to Houston. The very gifted woman had left for college and never returned. Her looks haunted him, long blonde hair and dark eyes that hinted of the power she tried to hide.

Finally Trey and Rodney pulled up in Trey's loaded silver pickup. The two climbed out. Ben met them at the door. The sight of Trey's handsome face, short brown hair and brown eyes comforted Ben.
"You're hyper today." Trey kissed Ben.

"It's Dani. She's in my head. Her aunt wanted no funeral and was cremated so maybe she won't come back. Someone has to claim the ashes and her possessions. What if Dani has them shipped?" Ben hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his worn out jeans.

"We've put feelers out all over town. If she shows at the retirement apartment complex, the funeral home, or any of our usual haunts, they'll call us." Rodney shrugged.

Ben smiled at the ever practical and overly smart man of the group. Black hair and dark eyes made him look like the magical practitioner he wanted to be. Finding that online coven for pagan men was Rodney's genius. He'd learned a lot, but they could really use Dani's gifts.

A hand slapped Ben on the back. He looked over.

"You okay?" Trey asked.

"Yeah, fine. What did you find at the attack site?" Ben rubbed his eyes.

Rodney turned on a laptop and hooked up his smartphone. "I got pictures. The property owner swears he didn't hear a thing all night. No howls or noises from the herd. There were no footprints or tire tracks."

"After that rain yesterday, the ground is still damp. There should've been some impressions." Trey moved over as Sam returned with his coffee.

"Another pricey cow killed?" Sam asked.

Trey nodded. "It was bloated from the sun this morning already, but the blood was gone. We cut the neck and the legs, barely any blood."

"Wolves? Coyotes?" Ben suggested.

Sam studied the pictures. "No, packs tear up the body. This one is pristine. I can't believe the coyotes didn't go after the meat."

"They didn't. You know animals. There must be a reason. Some scent they don't like. We took samples from the wounds, but the holes are so small it'd take forever to drain a heifer that way." Trey walked away with a shrug.

Ben loved the experience dynamic. Trey and Sam knew animals and ran a tight ranch. Rodney had the book smarts while Ben had the quirky ideas. "Did you put it to the online coven guys?"

Rodney shook his head. "I'll do it now that we've got evidence. The other two reports this week were shredded by predators by the time we got there. Vultures were circling when we arrived."

"See what they say online. Could be kids being dumb or something paranormal we don't know about." Ben nodded.

"Vampires haven't been a problem since we made them toe the line six months ago," Sam said.
"Who says it's vamps?" Trey asked.

"Who else wants blood?" Sam replied.

"There's too much blood in a huge cow. How'd they keep it fresh? Pump and store? Come on, they can raid the blood banks or hospitals instead of doing the work for cow blood. It's something else." Ben liked the surge of fighting the unknown and helping people.

"I'll put it online to the coven and start researching similar cases." Rodney settled in with the computer.

Ben's phone beeped and he looked at the text message. Dani Embers at retirement complex now.

"Put the cows on hold, guys. Dani's in town." Ben turned and headed for the door. The other three followed. He could feel the group lighten up. As good as they were together, Ben knew they'd never be civilized without the right woman. Pagan warriors for good needed a goddess to connect them to the feminine powers. In Texas terms, there was no home without a woman in it.


Friday, May 18, 2012

ONCE WAS LOST by Zenobia Renquist

Last Chance, Alaska. State Park, Wildlife preserve, small town. Population: 1479 humans. And there's the rest of us. Some of us were born here. Some came by choice. Some had nowhere left to run.

Town hall, three bars, a clinic, and a rooming house. Great place to go if you're on the run. No roads in or out. Cars come in by ferry from Juneau -- two hour ride. Summer sun rules day and night. By September the sun sets at 6 pm. Three or four hours of sunlight.

ONCE WAS LOST by Zenobia Renquist

The man of Lorna's dreams has suddenly become a reality.

Her grandfather's dying wish for her to fulfill an old debt brought her out to Last Chance, Alaska. Lorna never thought she would meet the man who used to inhabit her dreams. He should be a figment of her imagination, an imaginary friend she'd long since outgrown. After feeling the way he makes her body come alive, she's glad no one ever told him that.


Foxy: Once Was Lost
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Zenobia Renquist

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Voss watched the woman struggling through the snow and shook his head. She shouldn't have traveled so far from civilization without a snowmobile or a guide. The cold had a way of sneaking up on people who weren't used to or prepared for it. With thick padding, she looked prepared enough, but the stiff way she moved indicated she wasn't used to cold.

He kept pace with her, though she didn't see him. She was too focused on walking, plus his white coat helped him blend with his surroundings. The woman made him curious. She had his medallion, and he wanted to know why, though not enough to make himself known.

Not yet.

When she got closer to the resort and other people, he planned to change to his human form and help her. His presence wouldn't seem strange then. He would be a passerby who'd noticed her plight and decided to help. Besides, there wasn't much he could do for her out in the middle of nowhere. She needed heat.

She faltered and then pitched face first into the snow. Voss waited. He inched forward. One step. Two steps. She wasn't moving. Not a good sign.

He rushed forward and pushed at her shoulder with his nose. She didn't budge. Definitely not a good sign. A change of plans was in order.

He shifted to human, clothed in jeans and waist-length winter coat that zipped up to his nose. The shifter ability to materialize clothing when they changed from animal to human came in handy at times like this. No awkward nudity to explain away. With a little concentration, he produced a large fur cloak, as well. After wrapping the woman in it, he slung her over his shoulder and started jogging back to the resort. "You better appreciate this, missy," he grumbled.

His burden remained silent. He ran faster. Once he neared the resort, he paused long enough to find the woman's room key. The plastic card didn't have anything on it except the hotel's logo. He hated modern technology. In the old days, resorts and hotels had used keys attached to tags that stated the room number.

"Have to do this the old fashioned way." He inhaled deep, catching the woman's soft scent of coconuts on the wind. He followed the scent straight to her room where he laid her on the bed so he could get her clothing off.

He got no further than removing her jacket before he stopped and stood back, regarding her face. "Well now. Isn't this a pleasant surprise? Very interesting."

The black beauty lying unconscious before him was a familiar face. One he'd thought never to see again. He knew her eyes, when she opened them, would be a soft amber color that shone with flecks of gold when she was happy and when she was excited.

Memories of her excitement and its effect on him haunted his dreams. He hurried and removed the rest of her clothing. She hadn't changed. Breasts that filled his hands and made him want to suck them at every moment. Full hips he knew made the perfect handles to hold his lover steady for his intrusion. An ass he just wanted to bite or smack depending on his mood.

The direction of his thoughts had him hard and heavy, wanting to bury his dick deep and wake her up to his passion. He wouldn't. He couldn't. But it was very tempting.

He pushed an errant strand of straightened black hair from her forehead before he ran a single finger down her cheek. He indulged a smirk. "Very, very interesting."

The chill of her skin got him back on task. He removed the rest of her clothing, put her beneath the covers, and then got in the bed beside her. With a thought, his clothes disappeared. He pulled the woman close, holding her against his chest.

"Do me a favor and don't scream when you wake up," he said in a low voice, not expecting a response but needing to say the words.

It would be a while before she woke up. He shifted a little, getting comfortable so he could catch a nap until his little burden regained consciousness. Human bodies were too awkward, especially when they were aroused. In his fox form, he could curl up and be asleep in no time. This woman's explanation better make his stint in this form worth it.


SPLINTERED by Sam Cheever

Last Chance, Alaska. State Park, Wildlife preserve, small town. Population: 1479 humans. And there's the rest of us. Some of us were born here. Some came by choice. Some had nowhere left to run.

Town hall, three bars, a clinic, and a rooming house. Great place to go if you're on the run. No roads in or out. Cars come in by ferry from Juneau -- two hour ride. Summer sun rules day and night. By September the sun sets at 6 pm. Three or four hours of sunlight.

SPLINTERED by Sam Cheever

Current climate in Last Chance, Alaska: Mostly sunny, with a chance of partly furry.

Life isn't going well for Vivica Breckenridge. Recently relocated to Last Chance, Alaska, she expects things to be a little squiggy for a while as she acclimates to a whole new place, with new people and new ways of doing things. But she has no idea how squiggy things are going to get. Until she wakes up one morning with fur over only part of her body. Things can't get much weirder than that!


Foxy: Splintered
Sam Cheever
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Sam Cheever

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The crowd around the food table had increased to the point that it was hard to move. But nobody was paying any attention to the food at the moment. All eyes were turned to one side of the room. Everyone listened to a speaker by the outside door.

A woman's voice behind her said, "Oh, my God, did you see him?"

Another voice said breathlessly, "Kinda hard to miss..."

Viv recognized Crevan's dark, sexy voice, and she stood on her tiptoes to see who he was talking to. All she could see was a thick mop of dark blond hair a few inches below his.

Crevan towered above just about everyone else in the room, so it was no surprise the person standing next to him was shorter, but something about the way Crevan kept glancing toward the other man made Viv realize he was important. She had a sudden, uncontrollable urge to cross the room. Without making a conscious decision to do so, she started moving.

"So, with no further blathering on my part, I would like to introduce Dr. Cary Reigns."

Thunderous applause filled the small cabin. Someone whistled next to Viv's ear and she ducked, covering her ear. "Sorry, hon."

Viv nodded and continued working her way to the door. She needed to get some fresh air, and she could get the introduction to the old codger of a doctor over with on the way out. As she fought her way to the front, she finally spotted her sister and Sin called to her, motioning for her to join them.

Viv's nose twitched and her sexual core tightened. She suddenly found it hard to breathe and thought she might pass out if she didn't get some air. But Viv was small, and the crowd was packed tight. Sin saw her predicament and leaned toward Crevan, speaking quietly in his ear.
Crevan touched his fiancÈe's arm and started toward Viv. Like magic, the crowd parted to let him through.

Viv smiled up at him as he offered her his hand. "M'lady, I'll be your escort through the craziness this evening."

Viv gave him a mock curtsy. "My hero! Now, if you had a white horse out there that I could escape on I'd be most grateful."

Crevan shook his head. "'Fraid not, princess. Tonight you have to stay here amongst your lowly subjects." His voice was playful, but the look he gave her as he spoke brooked no argument. Viv swallowed a sigh and nodded. "Okay, brave knight. Lead on."

Her sister was standing in front of the good doctor, blocking Viv's view of him. But as she and Crevan approached, Sin turned. "Ah, here she is." Sin grabbed Viv's hand and stood on her tiptoes to kiss her yummy future husband. "Thank you, sweetie."

He gave her a soft, lingering kiss. "My pleasure, pretty fox."

Viv had heard him call her sister that before. She kept forgetting to ask her sister why.
"Dr. Reigns, this is my sister Vivica."

Viv looked at the doctor for the first time. Her stomach jumped. Her heart sped. And her thighs tightened.

"Hello, Ms. Breckenridge."

Viv stared at him, unable to respond. He was a Greek god. Despite the fact that he looked small next to Crevan, she judged him to be well over six feet tall. He had a thick mane of unruly dark blond hair that stuck up in a cute little tuft at the back of his head and lay in a fringe across his forehead. His eyes were deep pools of blue-gray, set off by dense dark blond lashes. His nose was strong, almost large, with the tiniest bump in the center that saved it from being too perfect. His bottom lip was full, the top slightly less so, and his cheeks were lean, smoothly shaven but with a shadow that told her he had to shave often to keep up. He had a strong jaw and a muscular neck, as if he lifted weights. Though his body was long, without an ounce of extra fat to pad it, he looked strong rather than thin and didn't appear in the least weak. In fact, for a doctor, he was in premium condition. To top it all off, his voice was like molten lava, burrowing into her awareness and creating hot little divots of need everywhere it touched.

Viv swallowed hard and extended her hand, thinking she'd probably combust when she touched him. In an attempt to alleviate some of the heat he'd created in her, Viv tried to lighten things up. "What's up, Doc?"

* * *

Cary blinked. For just a second the incredible creature standing before him had sprouted ears. They'd been the cutest, fuzziest white ears, sticking almost straight up from the top of her beautiful head, but they'd definitely been there one second and gone the next.

No one else had seemed to notice, so he thought he must have imagined it. He couldn't help thinking it was a strange trick for his mind to play the first time he laid eyes on a gorgeous female.

To cover his confusion, he laughed. "Like I haven't heard that one before."

Vivica Breckenridge chewed her bottom lip, but her smile stayed fixed. "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

She was petite, probably no taller than five foot four inches, and wore her silky black hair in a classy bob that angled down her chin. Her brown eyes were wide, filled with mischief, and lined in kohl-colored lashes that looked as if they were an inch long. They fluttered against her silky brown cheek charmingly as she glanced at their clasped hands. Her nose was short and narrow, widening at the end, and the delicate nostrils flared softly as she looked him over. Her lips were lush, full, and sexy beneath chocolate-brown lipstick.

He had a sudden, irrepressible desire to nibble those lips. Cary held onto her exquisitely soft hand. His fingers didn't seem to want to release it. Instead, he gave it a little tug, pulling her close so he could lower his voice conspiratorially. "I'll forgive you if you'll stay with me and help me navigate this shindig. I have to admit I'm not really a fan of parties."

Her dark brown eyes sparkled mischievously, and he regretted the small confidence immediately. "Really? I never would have guessed."


Thursday, May 17, 2012

TWO MR. RIGHTS by Sandra Sookoo

TWO MR. RIGHTS by Sandra Sookoo

If a girl can’t find one Mr. Right, is that because there are two?
Emily Anderson is ready for a change. Stuck with an unfulfilling job and a lousy love-life, she can't wait to do something daring for her birthday. When a friend sends her to an all-inclusive resort on the shores of Lake Michigan, Emily vows to have a little "me" time. She doesn't count on spending erotic moments with two men she's lusted after for years.

Jonathan Franklin has always carried a torch for Emily, but they'd only dated on and off. When the opportunity to introduce her into his ménage lifestyle arises, he doesn't waste any time. Chemistry between them flares, and he's thrilled that she accepts his friend Ben into their bed as well.

Ben Clarkson is Jon's business partner and closer-than-a-brother best friend. He's searching for the right woman for their ménage and wants to start a family. Having Emily in their midst heats his blood and brings the dreams closer to reality.


Jonathan turned toward her and slid an arm along the back of the seat. His knee knocked into hers. Awareness slammed into her so strong, she felt it in her core. Good and familiar, but different this time. “You’re probably wondering why we came to pick you up instead of the car service handling things.”
“It crossed my mind.” She couldn’t help but stare at his lips. Man, she wanted to feel his kiss again more than she’d wanted anything before.
Ben’s chuckle filled the car. He pressed a button on his door, and a thick divider slid upward from the front seat, fitting snugly into a groove set in the ceiling. A soft click rang in the heavy silence. “We’re normally not this paranoid.” He met her gaze, his inscrutable. “Though we trust Michael implicitly, this conversation will go much smoother with privacy.”

She swallowed around the sudden lump in her throat. “Why do we need privacy?”
Ohmygod, surely they aren’t planning on seducing me right here?
“Delicate subject matter.” Jonathan’s grin occupied her attention, as did the fact that Ben had also turned toward her and placed a hand on her left knee.
Heat shot up her leg. Moisture rushed between her thighs. If her body continued its reaction to these men, there’d be no doubt to any of them how turned on she was. And it wasn’t warranted. They were just being good hosts, right? Sure, because every guy hits on me the moment we meet. Ignore, ignore, ignore. “Um, what subject matter?” It’d be just her luck that they’d decide to kidnap her. She mentally kicked herself for giving up her purse so willingly.
“Has Lynda told you anything about the lifestyle Ben and I share?”
“She’s made a few hints, but told me I’d need to ask you if I was curious.” The words came out as a whisper as Ben inched his hand up her denim-clad leg and let his fingers drift between her thighs, mere inches from her crotch. The frantic need to be touched there made her squirm right before the common-sense part of her brain urged caution.
“Are you curious?” Jonathan stroked his fingers along her shoulder, tracing the neckline of her sweater.
“Yes.” Her response was a mere croak.
Jonathan nodded. “Ben and I learned long ago, probably during our senior year in high school, that we were as close as brothers, closer maybe, and we had to watch each other’s backs because of the things we believed in.”
“Believed in what?” Emily’s brain spun. Her pulse rushed in her ears. Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. Then she remembered she was supposed to be making a fresh start. She relaxed a tiny bit.
Ben’s smile bordered on devilish. “Since I was an only child and my parents died in a car accident my junior year, I was pretty much on my own. I spent a great deal of time hanging around Jon. For a guy who came from a rough side of Chicago, meeting someone like Jon showed me a whole new way of life.” His fingers brushed against the seam of her jeans, and she sat up straighter. Old-fashioned lust tingled in all the right places.
“I can understand that. When I met Lynda we hit it off, though we’re worlds apart in a lot of life’s aspects.” She tried to imagine the refined Ben in a rough situation but failed.
“He became my surrogate brother, the one person I relied on no matter what. We were inseparable through college.” Ben’s eyes shone. “In a way, I guess you could say he saved me.”
“Ben did the same to me. I was misunderstood in my own family.” Jonathan skimmed his fingers along her nape. Shivers followed. “We went on to go into business together.”
“Oh my God.” I get it! Emily pulled away from them both, her gaze bouncing between the two men. Everything made sense now. No wonder they were both so touchy-feely. “You’re gay? I had no idea. Lynda never mentioned it, but good for you.”
Both of them laughed. It was obviously a conversation they were familiar with.
“What’s funny?” Had she pissed them off? Exactly how long was this car ride?
“We’re not gay. We’re very much heterosexual men.” Jonathan tugged her back into place between them, his arm around her waist this time, while Ben pulled the elastic from her hair. Too bad she hadn’t had time to get the mop colored. “We never had much luck with the ladies until we decided to work together.”
“What does that mean? Like tag-team dating?” She had trouble breathing as Ben walked his fingers up the front of her sweater and worked the top couple buttons from their holes. She followed him, redoing his handiwork.
A smile pulled at the corners of his sensual lips. Laugh lines framed his mouth as he repeated unbuttoning the sweater. “Not exactly. You see, Jon is shy around women. I’m needed to break the ice and charm them—and run interference between him and his judgmental family.”
Pain flashed across Jonathan’s features, gone before she could ask about it. “Ben can be a jerk and too direct sometimes, so I hang around to smooth out his rough spots and soothe hurt feelings, not to mention provide moral support.” This time, it was Jonathan’s free hand that began a trip along her thigh.
“What are you trying to tell me?” She couldn’t think, could barely breathe under their dual assault. It was almost as if her wish for their attention had come true in a big way, and now she didn’t know what to do about it. Though she hadn’t had regular contact with either of them, being in their presence felt nice and all too easy to give in to. I need to know more. “Guys?” Her nipples tightened into hard buds that poked against her sweater, visible and not unnoticed by the men. They both peeked at her breasts.
“We prefer a ménage relationship.” Ben’s breath warmed her ear as he released a third button. “Alone, we’re not effective, broken, you could say, almost lacking. We have a difficult time letting a relationship go the distance for various reasons.”
Her sweater gaped open, showing the lacy cups of her bra. Emily redid the buttons, but gave up the cause when Ben batted her hands away and released them again.
“Once we figured out we worked better as a team than alone, all we needed was a woman who didn’t mind having two men instead of one. She gets dual halves of a whole, but double the pleasure.”
She pictured a distorted version of that old chewing gum commercial. “But…” She met first Jonathan’s gaze, then Ben’s. Stark need and hope blazed in both. What had happened in their lives that made them so…desperate? “Is that why I’m here?” Her heartbeat thudded so hard she felt it in her temples. Sweat coated her palms, but she didn’t dare move. “I thought I was coming for a vacation, to relax and not have to worry about my life…” It all made sense now: Lynda’s reticence regarding the guys’ single status, her suggestion that the trip would be a big change.
Hello, understatement of the year!
Jonathan cupped her chin and looked into her face. “You can have that. All Ben and I are asking is that you keep an open mind about a possible relationship with us.” He drew the pad of his thumb along her lower lip.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KALEN by Tianna Xander

KALEN by Tianna Xander

Hidden Breeds Series – Book 2

Danger and intrigue follow Ally and Kalen as they fight an attraction neither of them can resist.

Working as a hotel maid never seemed like a bad thing - at least, not until a lunatic bursts into the room Ally is cleaning and injects her with a serum that will change her life forever. Can she overcome the fact that she may never be able to go home?

When confirmed bachelor Kalen sees Ally on the hotel bed face down, he thinks the worst…until she bites him. Are these strange feelings he keeps getting because they now have a bite bond, or does he really want her in his life forever?



Ally lay in the back of the van, horrified. She’d just been kidnapped! Worse yet, she had just changed into a dog and then was kidnapped. What other bizarre turn would her life take today?

She looked at the pile of clothes they threw in the back of the van with her, pulled them closer with a claw-tipped paw, then rested her head on them with a dejected sigh. What was she supposed to do now? Nothing came to mind as she closed her eyes to think. With luck, maybe she’d go to sleep and when she woke, this nightmare would be over and she would be human again.

One thing was certain, she didn’t like the fact that she felt relieved that she’d splurged and worn one of her three matching bra and panty sets today. Why should she give a damn what these lunatics thought of her underwear?

It was probably remembering the man she bit that made her go all girly and think of what underwear she wore. Ally didn’t look at him before she bit him. All she could think of at that moment was that she was in pain. For some reason she couldn’t comprehend, she struck out and sank her teeth into the first person she could reach.

The agony was so great that it drove her to want to hurt those around her. It was some strange impulse she had never experienced before. She bit him hard, too. She tasted his blood on her tongue and part of her liked it. She gagged as she thought back on it. How could she like the taste of blood? It wasn’t until after he managed to pry her teeth from his wrist that she got a good look at him.
He was tall. She could tell that by the way he loomed over the bed after he stood up straight. His gray gaze seemed to bore into hers with a look of…what? She tilted her head, thinking. Sorrow, perhaps. Sorrow mixed with anger and a touch of something else that, for a split second, she’d hoped was attraction.

Ally had done little more than stare at the dark hair, before her gaze moved to his broad shoulders, wide chest and well-formed biceps that were clearly visible beneath the too-tight t-shirt he wore. Hell, she could even see his eight-pack beneath the stretched cotton. She knew it was eight because she counted every well-defined ridge with a yearning she wouldn’t admit to out loud. His wide, muscular chest tapered down to a narrow waist just above an impressive bulge she didn’t even want to think about.

It was then that she regained her senses. The man was nuts. They all were. Shape shifters didn’t exist. There wasn’t some vile serum out there to change people into animals either. She was dreaming. That was the only explanation that made sense. If she could just manage to go to sleep, she would wake up and find her alarm going off on her bedside table and she would get up and call in sick. One thing was sure. She wasn’t going to work after this crazy dream.

Still, the strange gray eyes of the man she’d bitten haunted her. On a normal day, she would have thought those eyes beautiful, but not today. She shook her head. Nope. Today, those gray eyes meant imprisonment, perhaps death. They certainly meant kidnapper. She frowned-or was it dognapper? She was a dog now, after all. Whatever term she laid at his door, it certainly wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, built like a linebacker on steroids hottie either.

Really it wasn’t.

Ally sighed and watched the two in the front who remained silent. Every once in a while, the guy in the passenger seat would look back at her as though he expected her to disappear…or do tricks. Well, he could just forget it. She wasn’t rolling over for anyone. Ally supposed she could escape if she could just manage to get the door opened. How she would manage that without hands, though, was beyond her scope of understanding at the moment.

Too many things kept swimming around in the pudding she called a brain and not many of them had to do with thoughts of escape. In fact, most of them had to do with the man the others had called Kalen.

She thought back on his dark hair and tall, good looks wondering if she could stay attracted to a man like that in real life. She gave another sigh, deciding she could. The man was very well put together as well as handsome. It wasn’t every day you ran into a man like that who wasn’t on TV, or trying to make it there. Besides, he didn’t even seem to notice he was good looking. That trait was even harder to find in a male. They usually thought they were God’s gift to women even if they were bald with a potbelly and warts on their face.

Ally rested her head on her paws and groaned. Leave it to her to find herself attracted to a man who didn’t exist. She knew he didn’t. This was a nightmare after all. She just needed to find a way to wake herself up.

After what seemed like hours, the van slowed and they turned right and drew to a stop.

“You get the gas and I’ll run in and get us some snacks,” the passenger said to the driver. He turned back to Ally. “Stay here and I’ll get you something to eat.” He looked back at the other man. “I hope she likes hamburgers.”

Ally sat still in the van for a few minutes before she picked up her clothes in her mouth and made her way to the front of the van.

The passenger side window was down! Ally didn’t even think about it. She jumped, losing her jeans when a belt loop hooked on the door lock on the way out. The shout behind her spurred her on without them. At least she still had her t-shirt and underwear grasped tight in her teeth.

Besides, this was a dream. What did it matter if she didn’t have clothes? She would wake up soon anyway, wouldn’t she?

Everything would have been okay if it wouldn’t have been for some little annoying voice in her head that kept asking, If you really believe this is a dream, why are you running?


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LOVE, LIES AND A BLOKE by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

LOVE, LIES AND A BLOKE by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

Katherine Thomas is a lackluster kind of girl who refuses to bend the rules. Until one day she loses her job and is forced to reevaluate her life.

One trip to Australia changes her world forever. Katherine leaves her hometown of Fleming to find herself, however she ends up finding love, lies and a bloke.



Katherine squirmed in her seat, next to the window, hoping her flight partner was not going to be a complete nut-job. The man took his seat next to her.

 “G'day mate, the names Asher,” He said, holding out his hand. His accent was definitely Australian and automatically fascinated Katherine ...since that’s where she was headed. 

 “Hi, I’m Katherine.” She replied smiling.

 The flight attended returned with five mini bottles of the Vodka Katherine had asked for. “Here you go ma’am.”

 “Thanks,” Katherine said. She was a little embarrassed by all the alcohol, seeing how she just met hot Mr. Asher with his very sexy accent. Katherine took the bottles, and to add to her humiliation, one dropped onto Asher’s lap. Katherine's cheeks turned a bright apple red.

 Asher found this entertaining and calmly handed the bottle to her. “Wow, they really treat you good in first class,” Katherine said in a humiliated voice.

 The first nine hours of the flight Katherine slept. She woke to resting her head on Asher’s shoulder. She sat up quickly. “I am so sorry for falling asleep on you.” She tried to look at his shirt without him noticing. If she saw a drool spot, she was going to jump out of the window.

 “No worries.” He replied.

 Katherine began to drink the tiny bottles of Vodka. The more she drank, the more she began to talk to the Aussie beside her. She told him about her job, her inappropriate boss, her family, and last – her cheating boyfriend.


Monday, May 14, 2012

DIRK'S LOVE by Marisa Chenery

DIRK'S LOVE by Marisa Chenery

Roxie's Protectors

Dirk has worked tirelessly to create an online dating service to help male werewolves find their mortal mates. Having hired a mortal female to assist him, when he meets her face-to-face for the very first time, Dirk is smitten with her beauty and finds himself breathless as he realizes the very thing he's spent a lifetime looking for - his mate - is finally within his reach. Her proximity alone sets his mating urge off in an instant.

Ryann, completely absorbed with raising her precious son for the last two years, has been without a man in her life for far too long. But when she sees Dirk in person for the very first time and he reawakens the sexual cravings of her neglected body, Ryann hungers not only for his touch but also yearns for the day her new boss will think of her as more than just his employee. She doesn't have long to wait because it turns out Dirk has been searching for her his whole life.


Chapter One

Dirk walked into the upstairs room Roxie used as her office. He and Roxie had spent so many hours working on his secret project—including the time he was on duty protecting her—he felt as if he practically lived in this beautiful mansion Roxie shared with her mate, Beowulf. Now that they’d completed what they’d worked so hard on, Dirk didn’t know if he should feel sad about it or not. He’d rather enjoyed his time brainstorming with Roxie.
Watching her typing away on her desktop computer, he smiled. Roxie was just as much an Internet junkie as he was. She was also an exceptional web designer. She’d taught him everything he knew about HTML and coding pages.

“Hey, Rox,” he said as he stepped farther into the room.

She turned her head away from the computer monitor, her hands still moving on the keyboard. “Hi, Dirk. Are you ready for your big reveal?”

He groaned to himself. He still didn’t think this was such a great idea, but Roxie had insisted. And since she was the foretold one who ruled over all the werewolf packs, he pretty much had to do whatever she said. Dirk was just one of her Protectors.
“I’m still not keen on it,” he said. “The others are going to think I’m an idiot for doing this. You know that’s the main reason why I’ve kept my mouth shut about this project for the last year. And why I swore you to secrecy.”

Roxie rose and walked around the desk until she stood in front of him. “There’s no backing out. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. I think you came up with something that will help a lot of male werewolves. If your brothers-in-arms can’t handle it, then they’re the fools. And I left Saskia out of that group on purpose. I know she’ll side with me.”

Saskia was the leader of the Protectors, while Roan, Jager, Leif, Skylar, Kye and he made up the rest of the group. They were so close they’d basically formed their own pack and lived together in a mansion in Marin County.
“It’s a given that Leif will say something. He won’t be able to help himself. Jaden may have reined him back a bit, but Leif still talks shit when the mood strikes him, or if he wants to rile one of us up.”

Roxie waved his concerns away with a flick of her hand. “Forget about Leif. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his comments to himself. You’ve worked very hard on this, and I won’t let him spoil your moment. If he does try to be a jackass, I’ll order him to shift into his wolf form, then use my magic to keep him like that for a day so I can chain his butt outside in the backyard.”

Being the foretold one, Roxie had more magic inside her than the typical werewolf. Her trick of chaining a werewolf out in her backyard like a dog had been put to use a few times already. To be on the receiving end was humiliating, to say the least.

“That still doesn’t make me feel any more confident,” Dirk said.

Roxie punched him in the arm. “Stop doing that to yourself.”

He rubbed the spot where she’d hit him. “Ow. And doing what to myself?”

“Feeling as if you should be ashamed. You should feel proud instead.”

“Fine. I guess I’ll do it your way, not that you’ve left me with any choice in the matter.”
“No, I didn’t. If I had, you wouldn’t tell them.”

Damn right he wouldn’t have. He was nine hundred and fifty years old and had spent most of his adult years—which were many—fighting with a sword in his hand. His little project was so beyond that it wasn’t even funny. He was a warrior through and through, but this could quite possibly make him look like a big wuss in his brothers-in-arms’ eyes.
Roxie turned back to her desk and picked up the closed laptop resting on its surface. “Come on, let’s go downstairs and make your big reveal.”
She brushed past him and headed out the door. Dirk slowly followed behind Roxie. He’d bite the bullet and get it over with as quickly as possible.
Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, he fell in behind her as she walked toward the living room where his entire “family” sat waiting. More than one of them had asked him what this “meeting” was all about, but he’d given nothing away.
“About time you two came down,” Kye said as Dirk and Roxie came to a stop in the middle of the room.
Kye sat on one of the couches while his mate, Michaela, sat next to him. They’d been mated for only the last six months. The others in the room were Saskia and Eli, Roan and Ansley, Jager and Daylen, Skylar and Braelyn, and Leif and Jaden. Jaden sat on her mate’s lap while Leif’s large hand rubbed her six-months pregnant belly. Roxie’s mate, Beowulf, sat on the floor playing with their nine-month-old daughter, Nevaeh, and her toys. The gang was all here. There would be no getting out of it now.

“Yeah, we were wondering if you two got sidetracked upstairs and forgot about us,” Roan said. “And it wouldn’t be the first time.”
Roxie gave him a pointed stare and cleared her throat. She refused to respond to Roan’s comment, and said, “You’re all probably wondering why I asked you to come to this meeting.”

Jager groaned. “Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant again.”
Roxie sighed. “No, Jager, I’m not expecting another baby. This has to do with Dirk, not me.”

Dirk felt all eyes turn his way. Stupidly, a wave of uncertainty washed through him. He had a feeling this was going to blow up in his face. He just knew it. He opened his mouth to tell Roxie to forget about what she’d planned, but she spoke again.

“It’s finally time to reveal the project I’ve helped Dirk bring to fruition,” she said with a smile.
She opened the laptop and shifted to a spot where everyone in the room would be able to see it. The others leaned in for a closer look as Beowulf picked up Nevaeh then stood so he was nearer.

“Mate Connection. What the hell is that?” Jager asked, blunt as usual.
“Oh. Oh, I know,” Ansley said. “It’s an online dating service. Right?”
At Dirk’s nod, Leif burst out laughing. And it didn’t help that the rest of his brothers-in-arms laughed along with him. The only males in the room who didn’t were Beowulf and Eli, mostly because their mates looked at them, just daring them to join in. Dirk felt as if he should go climb under a rock somewhere.

“Oh, god,” Leif said between laughs. “An online dating service? Really? Couldn’t you come up with something better than that?” He then started to laugh again, but harder.
“Shut up,” Roxie said with a loud growl. “All of you.” The room instantly went silent. “Listen up, boneheads. No more laughing at Dirk or you’ll get better acquainted with my backyard, if you know what I mean? It was seeing each one of you find your mates—your mortal mates—that prompted Dirk to come up with this idea to have a website where male werewolves can look around to find potential mortal women.”
“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” Jaden said as she gave her mate a smack to the back of the head. Leif cringed in response.

The rest of the women quickly agreed, which made Dirk feel a trifle better. At least the females of his family sided with him. It was a start.
“Okay, I can see that having some merit,” Skylar said. “But what makes your service any different than the mortal ones already out there? Male werewolves could search them just as easily as yours.”
“Good question,” Roxie replied. She then turned to Dirk. “Well, Dirk, why don’t you answer Skylar since you haven’t said a word yet.”
He took a deep breath. “All right. What makes mine different is that the questionnaire the females have to fill out is geared more toward a male werewolf. It isn’t obvious, but the answers the women give will determine whether or not they would be acceptable to one of our kind.”

“How did you go about compiling those kinds of questions?” Beowulf asked.

Dirk smiled. “It was easy enough. I hired a psychologist, who also happens to be a werewolf, to write them up for me. And I think she hit the nail right on the head.”
“So I take it you’re going to somehow get word of the website out to the packs,” said Roan. “If it starts to take off, aren’t you going to find it hard to keep up with your protection duties as well?”
“Not really. I’ve already hired an employee. She’ll be working from home and taking on some of the responsibilities.”
“You’ve hired a woman?” Jager asked. “A mortal woman, I take it?”

Dirk nodded. “Yes, she’s mortal. Her name is Ryann. Every time I’ve talked to her on the phone she seems like a real go-getter.”
“You gave her the job without meeting her face-to-face?”
“Nowadays, especially with an internet business, everything is done online. Even the hiring of employees,” Dirk said. “Not that I should have to explain myself to you, Jager.”
“Dirk, are you hoping you can meet your mate through it as well?” Daylen asked softly.
He nodded again. “Yeah, I am.”
Being the last member of his family to become mated sucked. He hadn’t said anything to any of them, but he yearned for what all of them had found. He hated being alone. Dirk had been doing a lot of searching for the one woman meant for him ever since his brothers-in-arms started finding their mates. So far, he’d come up empty-handed. Even Beowulf’s nightclub, Wulf’s Den, hadn’t worked for him. Longing for his would-be mate and wanting to find her was just part of the reason why he’d come up with the idea for his online dating service. He’d been the first person to fill out a Mate Connection questionnaire.
Ansley sighed. “I think you’ll find her, Dirk. It sounds as if you have the whole site well on its way to doing what you set it up for. I wish you the best of luck with it.”

“Thanks, Ansley.”
Roxie closed the laptop. “Now that you all know, I guess this meeting is over.” She turned to Dirk. “Don’t you have another one to get to soon, Mr. Boss?”

He smiled. “I do. I’m meeting Ryann for lunch in about twenty minutes.”
“Then what are you waiting for? Get going.”
More than relieved to have this part of his day over with, Dirk nodded then turned and walked out of the room. He headed for the front door, thinking he’d have plenty of time to get to the restaurant ahead of Ryann. He wanted to be there before she arrived to organize his thoughts on how he wanted their first meeting in person to go.

It wasn’t too far of a drive from Roxie and Beowulf’s place. It also was a nice and bright San Francisco day. Dirk slipped on a pair of sunglasses and took the top down on his gray metallic BMW 335is convertible. He actually looked forward to seeing Ryann. They’d talked so much over the phone since he’d hired her two weeks before, he felt as if he’d known her for a lot longer than that.
They also worked well together. And with her background, Ryann was just the kind of person he needed to help out with the service.
He pulled into the lot of the Japanese restaurant he’d chosen and parked the car. Dirk had become hooked on sushi about six months before and couldn’t get enough of the stuff. He found himself coming to this place at least once a week to feed his new addiction.
After getting out of his car, Dirk walked to the entrance of the restaurant, stepped inside the vestibule, then pulled open the glass door that led to the main section. The place had a definite Asian flare to it. As usual, already quite a few people were there eating. He’d learned early on to make sure he had a reservation.
Greeted by the hostess, he gave his name, saying he would have another person joining him shortly. The woman led him to a booth and left two menus on the table. Dirk’s stomach growled as he looked one over, promptly deciding what he’d order first. The thing he loved about this sushi place was that it was all-you-can-eat. Each menu item had a number, which had to be filled out on a form with the amount desired on a small slip of paper. The wait staff—whoever happened to see it first—picked it up, and shortly after that, the freshly prepared food arrived at the table. Someone could order as much and as many things as they wanted, so long as they finished everything before ordering more. Not that Dirk had any problem in that regard.

Dirk pulled in a deep breath, his mouth watering at the smell of raw fish, rice, and the other items the restaurant served. Being a werewolf, he liked any kind of meat practically uncooked, so raw fish was right up his alley.
As Dirk tried to think through what he wanted to say to Ryann, he drew in another breath then one more quickly after that. His whole body stiffened—along with his cock—when he detected a new scent added to the mix of others around him. Dirk held the menu tighter as the one thing he’d longed to feel surged through him, roaring to life—his mating urge.
He looked up to find a woman standing at the side of the table, smiling at him. Dirk latched his gaze onto hers, unable to do anything but stare. She was gorgeous, with long black hair that fell over her shoulders. Friendly looking light blue eyes gazed back at him. He filled his lungs again with her scent, reveling in the fact she was the one meant for him. His mating urge rode his ass hard, making it almost impossible to think beyond the need to claim her as his.
She stuck out her hand. “You must be Dirk. I’m Ryann.”
Dirk stood and wrapped his much larger one around hers and shook it. He had to fight with himself not to yank her forward and devour her with his mouth. His cock throbbed in time with his rapidly beating heart, pushing against the zipper of his jeans.
“Nice to finally meet you, Ryann,” he said in a voice that had gone husky as he forced himself to let go.
“And it’s nice to put a face to the voice. Just to start off, I have to apologize. My sitter bailed on me at the last minute. I hope you don’t mind that I had to bring my son along. This is Tyler.”

Dirk’s gaze dropped to the small boy who stood next to Ryann, clutching her hand. The first thing that popped into his mind was: Oh, shit. My mate is already married.



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