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JORDAN'S WINGS by Dariel Raye

JORDAN'S WINGS by Dariel Raye

Jordan Taylor is a feisty, take charge, Rubinesque beauty with a tough façade, but after a string of lackluster relationships, her dream of a man who truly loves her and appreciates her strength seems impossible…Until she meets Canaan, the man her fiancé claims is his best friend! Instinctively, she knows her neat, if lackluster life is about to change.

Born more than 200 years ago, Canaan looks like an angel but he’s far from it. In his world, the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1, and although he’s a superior being, he’s willing to break the most sacred law of his brothers, even drink human blood, to have one of his own. To claim Jordan as his own, Canaan will have to betray his friend, humble himself enough to win her love, and risk his very life.

          Suddenly, Jordan stilled. Canaan heard her soft intake of breath. The acceleration of her heartbeat assured him that she knew he was there.
Canaan leaned his shoulder against the doorjamb, the top of his head a scant few inches from the top of the door. “Trouble sleeping?”
He was drawn in by her soft, liquid brown eyes as she stared at him, and he wondered if she realized her lips were parted. He didn’t want to frighten her, so he forced himself to remain still as her sweet scent of arousal sizzled along his spine. Desire for her nearly overwhelmed him, and he fought to maintain control. Her boyfriend, the man who thought he was his best friend was in the next room, for the One God’s sake. None of that mattered to him in the moment. His need for her was much more than physical. She was meant for him, and somehow she had always been his from the moment she was conceived. Now, he had to figure out how to claim her.
Just a taste. He took a step closer to her and leaned in, a latch flipping open inside him. Mmmm. A tiny wall-mounted mp3 player blared to life as he passed it, an energy storm building inside him, and his mind was consumed with Jordan .
Canaan caught the book as it slipped from her hand, and held it up to read the title. “The Heavens are Telling. Hmmm. Not exactly my idea of light reading.” He held out his hand, inviting her to come with him.
“Um, just a minute.” Jordan turned to grab her robe from the bottom of the bed.
Canaan smiled as she glanced to see whether Robert was still sleeping. He whispered, “we’ll be quiet.” He nodded in the direction of the sofa bed and led her from the room, pleasantly surprised by her easy acquiescence.
As soon as they left the room, Jordan removed her hand from his and reached for her book. She gave him that suspicious look again, pursing her lips before she spoke. She sat in a chair across from the sofa. “What is it about you that sets me on edge?”
He lifted one of his eyebrows. Charming. “Oh, I don’t know. Am I more your type?” He crossed his arms, taking special notice of the quickening of her heartbeat and imagined her luscious chocolate nipples tightening to taut buds just waiting for his tongue. He braced himself for the lie, her sweet scent of arousal even stronger now.
“No.” She placed the book on the table beside her and stood, her expression daring him to come closer. “I don’t think Robert…”
The air shifted with her movement, and Canaan closed his eyes briefly, basking in her scent. Just one taste. He opened them, moving toward her. “Robert. You’re not going to say anything to Robert. If I decided to take you for myself, Robert would be the least of my problems.”


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Arnaz and Isis Rogers closed in on their 20th wedding anniversary, they had grown apart over the last year. Each had time-consuming careers as well as raising a fifteen year old son, Quentin, who calls himself Q-tip in the town of Sugarland, Texas.

Arnaz is a best-selling book author, specializing on the music world, something he began after graduating from Stillman College in 1992 and a year before they got married. Isis is considered one of the top Endocrinologists in the state of Texas, and just added Dietology to her job title at the Houston Medical Center. She received a hefty pay increase, which equaled her work load.

How would they find their way back to each other?


          His heart pounded hard as he stared at the phone vibrating on the desk in the den. “Why the hell are people bothering me?” Arnaz ignored the phone, which stopped ringing for a few seconds, then rang again over the next five minutes.
Arnaz flicked open the phone and saw the double-digit area code followed with seven numbers on the ID screen. “Oh shit, it's Ebony.” He pressed the leave message button on his phone.
Ebony Lane was Arnaz's Editor at Roman Publishing and had been on his case to produce another book.
His skin crawled when he heard her thick accent speak angrily. “This may be a game to you, but this is no joking matter. If we don't have a book proposal in two weeks, your contract with us is over. I expect to hear from you soon.”
He hurled the phone against the wall and a loud pitch yelp of fear was released from his lips. “How could they do this to me?” Lane and her Italy-based company just put his ass on the line.
This was the biggest slump of Arnaz's career. He hadn't written a book in two years, the longest drought he went between manuscripts. Doubts began to crept inside his brain, as Arnaz wondered if he could rise to the occasion. He muttered to himself. “I think it may finally be over.”
Unlike most authors, Arnaz had no agent to serve as a buffer between him and the Publishing company. He handled his own negotiations, but could use an agent right now. “I knew not having an agent would bite me in the ass.”
Out of the blue, Arnaz pulled out one of his books from the shelf that was above the computer. “Maybe I can find something that will lit a fire.” He was desperate enough to look into one of his previous works for a spark.
Arnaz picked the last book he wrote, Wishing On a Star, the Untold Story of Latin Freestyle Music, was a best-seller, especially in the Hispanic community. Listening to Sweet Sensation, Seduction and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam provided great memories for him as a teenager and young adult. “They don't make songs like this anymore.”

BURIED TRUTHS by Viola Russell

While shopping in a local bookstore in post-Katrina New Orleans, Heather Flanagan Kerry is startled when Sarah, a young clerk, asks her if she ever had a son and gave him up for adoption. Now a successful professional woman, Heather denies ever having a child, however, Sarah’s revelation that her husband is part-Asian tells Heather her past has caught up with her.
Wesley Chou, now a prominent oncologist hasn’t heard from his first love, Heather, since both their parents forced them apart in their teens right after they gave up their infant newborn son for adoption. He’s surprised when Heather contacts him to tell him their past has come calling. Fate draws them together again when their long lost son, Ezra, and his wife bring their infant daughter to Wesley. The child has leukemia, and Wesley contacts Heather as a possible marrow donor to save the child’s life. Together, Heather and Wesley must evaluate if they are strong enough to rekindle their love, face society’s condemnation of their past, and their own son’s anger.
Can their love survive the passage of time and the secrets that could destroy them?

          Drawing a deep breath, Dr. Wesley Chou pulled open the door of the coffee shop, searching for the face that had bewitched him twenty-four years ago. When he saw her sitting in the corner sipping coffee, his heart raced.
She rose when he entered and moved toward him.
The silky hair, the tight jeans, the fisherman’s cross earrings, the smooth skin. Her beauty still made him gasp. He’d seen pictures of her in the newspapers and on television representing the Archdiocese, but those images hadn’t represented her stunning beauty. She’d been a lovely girl, but she’d developed into an elegant and poised woman.

He’d tried to forget his love for her. That woman who he saw speaking to the press wasn’t the woman he’d loved. When he’d made love to his ex-wife, Wesley had to refrain from calling out Heather’s name. The memory of her had carried him through every trial he’d ever faced.
With an effort, he controlled his breathing as he approached her, taking her hand in his. Her touch sent his skin tingling. As her gaze met his own, he concentrated on sucking air into his lungs. Much of that shared past was tragic, but no woman had ever sent his blood racing through his veins like that adolescent girl with auburn hair and gray eyes. His pulse pounded inside his ears.
Heather’s call had reminded him of what they’d lost. Seemingly, they had both moved on, but he hadn’t forgotten her. Had she forgotten their passion? He’d always loved her. Even when he’d agreed to give her up, he’d loved her. Had too much happened for them ever to rekindle that youthful passion? Probably, but his heart ached knowing she was once his and was now lost to him. Because of his cowardice. Because of his lack of will. He stared at her for a long time before leading her back to the table.
Heather’s eyes filled with tears. She dropped a tissue into the almost-full cup of coffee. Those tears cut him like a knife. What had happened to make her cry?


CLARISSA by Kissa Starling

CLARISSA by Kissa Starling

Reuniting ghost lovers proves to be the easy task. How will she ever find her own true destiny?

Clarissa has traveled halfway around the world to Scotland hoping to escape her sordid past and begin anew. What she finds is two unruly children, a single father who travels, a elderly cook and a couple of ghosts who demand to be reunited. It's hard to figure out who plans to give her the most trouble- the children or the ghost of a kind long since passed.
Will it all be worth it in the end and what must Clarissa do to obtain her own happiness?

“You’ll have to ride on the back of my horse. Leave your things here and I’ll ride back for them.”
“But, what if someone takes them? I don’t have much but this is mine.”
His eyes turned dark and his voice became gruff. “You’re not in Atlanta, Ms. Randolph. People don’t steal from their neighbors here.”
That said, Jordan turned to mount his massive horse. That’s when she saw that the leather chaps he wore stopped right below his oh so squeezable butt. Her hand reached for his right cheek. Fortunately for her he sat upon the horse within a matter of seconds. What in the world was I thinking? I haven’t been away from men that long.
Clarissa grabbed the hand offered to her. Jordan lifted her up with ease and she took hold of the back of his vest to hoist herself over the animal’s rear.
“Hold on tight. No time to dally. There’s chores to be done.”
Clarissa clutched for dear life. He commanded the horse into a flat out run. It wasn’t so bad. She snuggled into Jordan’s back and inhaled the smell of worn leather. It had always turned her on but she couldn’t explain why. She’d neither worn nor owned anything leather- ever.
The movement of the horse between her legs unnerved her. Her rain and sweat soaked shirt dried partially in the wind, causing her to shiver. The temperature had dropped outside since the rainfall and her breasts poked out causing a bit of embarassment.
Her hands gripped some of the most firm-shaped abs she could imagine. How nice it would be to rub herself against this warrior of a man. Maybe they could keep one another company after her duties were done for the day. She hadn’t even made it to her new residence and already dirty thoughts crept into her dirty mind.
How could she help herself? Any woman would melt like butter just from looking at this stable man, much less touching him. Focus, Clarissa, focus. You need this job and all that it entails. That was the difference between needing a job and merely wanting one.
“Almost there, lass.”
Her skin tingled with excitement and goosebumps popped up on her arms.

TO START AGAIN by Raven Starr

TO START AGAIN by Raven Starr

Madison had been through hell. It happened her ailing mother would help her to see the light.

Enter Aidan Wright the construction man she hires to build another Rosie's Creations store in Connecticut.

When Madison's mother gets sick Aidan not only helps Madison keep her faith but also have faith in love.


            “Are you listening to me, Madison?”
“Huh? I mean, yes, I heard you. Jet Construction and we need to go by the site. I got it,” Madison finished as she turned to face her mother.
Her mother stood a whopping five feet tall, with an hourglass shape to rival the latest full-figure model. But behind that voluptuous frame lived a hell-cat. In Madison ’s childhood memories, one thing always rang clear—; her Rosemary Webb didn’t play around. Madison knew she had stepped over the line when her mother put her small hands on her wide hips.
Madison gave her mother a thumbs-up and said, “I gotcha, Mom. I’m paying attention.”
“Good. I need you by my side on this, my darling daughter. I want you to be the one to supervise the construction of the store. And once it’s done, I want you to paint a mural on the side—anything you want—but I want your work to express our shop.”
A mural? This was the first she’d heard of this plan.
Shaking her head, Madison held up her hands as if stopping traffic. “Mom, wait! … Though I dabble, I can’t paint anymore.”
Walking over to the mirror in the hallway, she stood directly behind her mother. As mother and daughter stood staring at each other, time slowed., and Madison stared deep into her mother’s eyes, trying to conceal the sadness in her own eyes. “I’ve got some sort of block. It’s an artist thing. I can’t just—I haven’t really painted in a while. Maybe you should ask…”
“I want you to do it, Maddie. You’re a wonderful artist and your talent is always within you. God gave each of us a talent and you need to get back to using yours. You just need a little inspiration, darling, that’s all,” Rosemary said as she kissed her forehead.



Deanna, Mark, Lisa, and Jason head to Cape Cod for a fun couples’ vacation. Deanna thinks her fun has ended when she argues with Mark and he leaves the Cape abruptly.

Her mind changes when she sees Lisa and Jason having sex and decides she wants to participate.
Can Lisa and Jason help Deanna change her vacation nightmare to the best vacation ever?


           Deanna woke up the next morning almost in a daze from the scene she had witnessed the previous night. She was incredibly horny after seeing Lisa and Jason fuck, but she was also incredibly scared to face Jason that morning. Or for all she knew, she might be facing Lisa and Jason, if Jason had already told Lisa about her watching them? She had no idea what to expect as she rolled out of bed.
She wandered into the kitchen to start coffee. She was glancing out the window when it was finished. She turned to get the milk from the refrigerator and bumped into Jason’s bare chest. She jumped in surprise.
“Damn”, she called out, “I didn’t even hear you there.”
Jason stared at her for a minute and put a finger to his mouth. She knew that meant Lisa was still asleep. Her friend was never an early riser. Her eyes wandered over his chest and defined abs before looking in his eyes to judge his mood that morning. He didn’t have a shirt on which was making it even harder to appear calm than it already would have been. Jason smiled.
“Wanna bring your coffee onto the patio?” He asked.
Deanna nodded and followed him outside. She knew this meant he was going to talk to her about the previous night. The only bright side was that his request to go outside meant that he hadn’t told Lisa what had happened yet. Jason was so hard to read. He wasn’t showing any expression, so she wasn’t sure how he felt about her watching them last night.
She leaned up against the deck and watched as Jason’s eyes surveyed her. She was a little uncomfortable with him. He wore only a pair of blue mesh shorts, and she couldn’t help but stare a bit as she thought about the enormous cock that she had seen inside of them the night before.
“Can we talk about last night?” He asked.
“I’m sorry”, she blurted out quickly, “ I came in after I fought with Mark, you guys left the door open, I shouldn’t have stayed, I’m sorry.”
Jason held up one hand and said, “Whoa hold on….one part at a time, what happened with Mark?”
She explained the details of the argument quickly, reassuring him impatiently that she wasn’t hurt or upset by the fight. She appreciated his concern, but was more interested in what he had to say about her voyeurism. More importantly, she wanted to know if he had told Lisa about her.
“Ok”, Jason said slowly, “I get why you came to the room, and I get that we left the door open, but why did you watch us?”
Deanna inhaled sharply. Jason seemed to have a bullshit meter that would see right through her if she lied to him. Although the truth could have bad consequences, she decided she was so screwed at this point that things couldn’t really get any worse.
“I was turned on”, she admitted shyly, “I walked in on you and wanted to stop watching but I couldn’t.”
Jason looked at her expectantly. He knew there was more to the story. He just waited for Deanna to continue.
“Lisa is my friend, but I think she’s sexy, and seeing her naked turned me on”, she said quietly.
“Are you a lesbian Deanna?” Jason asked.
“No, no”, she answered quickly.
“Bisexual?” He questioned, “No judgments if you are.”
“I’m not sure”, she confessed, “I haven’t been with a woman, but I’m attracted to them, and I’m very attracted to Lisa.”
Jason breathed a sigh, just taking it all in. He wasn’t really sure what to say to Deanna. He knew it was odd that she watched her friend, but it made his cock hard to think about her being excited by Lisa. She wasn’t as sexy as Lisa was, but she was definitely an attractive woman. He chose his words carefully.
“I guess the question kinda is”, he said deliberately, “Were you interested in watching her or both of us?”

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THE HOT HOUSE by Joe Donn Martin

THE HOT HOUSE by Joe Donn Martin

It is called the Hot House. Murderers live there. Gangsters. Serial killers. The nation's worst lawbreakers, sociopaths and evil men call it home. It is the Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth and it is about to get a hell of a lot hotter.

The new warden is also the leader of a pervasive satanic cult, gaining ever more power through his escalating campaign of murder and mayhem. Behind the fortified walls and razor wire of the prison, the warden has transformed the Hot House into his own hell on earth, complete with a bloodthirsty army of hardened criminals.

Only a small, determined band of heroes know the truth about what's going on inside the Federal Penitentiary, but will they be too late to stop the warden before all hell breaks loose?


An Excerpt from: The Hot House

Copyright © 2012 Joe Donn Martin
All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.
“To business – Robert Muncie. I want your soul.” Schugart opened the top drawer, pulled out an official-looking stack of papers, smiled at it, and slid it across the table. “It’s all there in black and white; the usual in perpetuity clauses and all apply. I took the liberty of filling in the back pages – where I relinquish all claim on your daughter’s soul or the souls of her descendents.” The warden flipped the pages for Robert. “See? Um, disregard that fine print there. That’s just boilerplate.”

A pen appeared in the warden’s other hand. He held it out to Robert.

“Sign here.”

Robert took the pen and in one violent motion stabbed it through the warden’s hand. Robert hammered down so hard, the tip of the pen passed all the way through the hand, and the stack of papers, until it stuck in the desktop.

The warden sucked his pointy teeth with a hissing sound. Black blood bubbled from the wound. “Not good, Mr. Muncie,” he said. “Not good.”

The warden wiggled his hand back and forth until the pen came loose. He lifted it off the desk. The pen jutted out both sides of his hand like an arrow-through-the head gag. Blood spotted pages of the contract fluttered down. Schugart sprawled his fingers wide, blood oozing down his forearm. He made a fist. The pen snapped in two, both halves clattering to the desk. When the warden opened his hand again, the wound was gone.

“The problem, the way I see it, is you still think you’re a badass. You still think you can muscle your way out of this situation. Oh, Mr. Muncie, please don’t give me that look. Yes, that thousand-yard-stare. As if I’m boring you. As if I’m not worth your attention.” Schugart snapped his fingers in Roberts face. Sparks flew from his finger tips and Robert jerked his head back. “Better,” the warden said.

Troy appeared at the opening, balancing a carafe, three mugs, and a plate holding packets of cream and sugar in his arms. Schugart instructed him to set them on the table and then dismissed the line officer. Troy left without a word.

“First thing I did as the new warden of this place,” Schugart explained as he poured, “was switch the coffee. They had been using some generic blend, tasted like shit. I switched to Community Coffee’s Hotel blend. Sure, it’s more expensive, but how can you put a price?”

Julie’s fingers trembled and her mug rattled as she pulled it across the table. Schugart winked at her.
“My heavy metal queen.”

Robert took cigarettes and a lighter from his shirt pocket, tapped two out, and started them up. He handed one to Julie who almost collapsed with gratitude. Finally able to have something that wasn’t a total nightmare – coffee and cigarettes.

“We doin’ good?” the warden asked. Robert nodded, blowing a trail of smoke out the side of his mouth. “Good,” the warden continued. “Because what comes next is important. I will have your soul, or you and your lovely daughter are going in the pit where you will both burn in hellfire for all eternity. Do you understand?”

“You want my soul?”


“And if I give it to you, you’ll let Julie go?”


“But then you’ll have to kill me?”

Schugart winced and sat back, as if he’d just been slapped. “Oh, no. No, no, no. You’ll go free too – the both of you, one big happy family again. Its just that I’ll have ownership of your soul, is all.”



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OVERFLOW by Zenobia Renquist

OVERFLOW by Zenobia Renquist

Between the devil and the deep.

Lulu and Hotsuma should be enjoying a happy married life but trouble continues to follow them.

Masato is back and his reappearance puts Hotsuma in danger again. In exchange for his silence about his return, Masato makes an indecent proposal Lulu cannot help but accept. To make matters worse, someone else has found out about Hotsuma's powers and is willing to end those powers, and possibly Hotsuma with them, if Lulu doesn't meet his demands.

She's in over her head and the water is steadily rising. Luck and love won't solve the problem this time, but maybe help from an unlikely option will.

Note: This title is a direct sequel to UNDERCURRENT. Author suggests reading them in order.


Wet: Overflow
Zenobia Renquist
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Zenobia Renquist

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Lulu left the room without looking back. It was taking all her willpower not to cry along with him. Voda had been her home and her family for so many years. She had worked from the ground up to become a part of upper management. She thought she might even sit in Stan's seat one day. If working at Voda wouldn't be seen as a conflict of interests, she would never give up her job.

But it wasn't like she wouldn't be working. Her talents would be used at Onsen to help her new family grow bigger and brighter. She waved to people who called out goodbyes as she left the building. When the glass exit doors slid closed behind her, she breathed in a deep, cleansing breath.


Lulu smiled at Hotsuma, who stood against his limo looking suave, wearing a dark gray business suit that showed off his lean, muscled physique. His black hair was slicked back with mousse to hide the awkward in-between stage of being past his ears but not quite to his shoulders. A pair of dark, fitted shades completed the powerful businessman look that made Lulu's heart rate increase. "Yes."

"That took longer than I thought."

"Stan was crying."

"Were you?"


He walked forward and placed his palm against her cheek. "Not yet."

"Don't say that or I'll start." She wanted to push his hand away but stepped closer to him and laid her head against his shoulder.

He patted her head, burying his fingers in the thick curls of her loose Afro. "I'm sorry. I know how much Voda means to you."

"I'll be fine. In a few months, I'll be totally okay."

"I told you I could negotiate a merger with them and then you could stay."

She shook her head. "No. I won't do that to Stan or Voda. The competition with Onsen is what keeps it striving to be the best. If the two merged, then Voda would suffer, even with your powers."

Hotsuma was a living good luck charm -- an ageman. Because of his powers, his family and all of his family's businesses in the US and Japan prospered. They might have prospered without his powers, but having them was a guarantee. No strife had ever touched the Mizuno family thanks to Hotsuma and those before him who had held the ageman power.

"As you wish." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Let's go home."

Lulu leaned against him as the limo drove them away from her old life toward her new one. She didn't regret choosing Hotsuma over Voda. Nothing could ever make her regret that. But her heart still ached.

Hotsuma cupped her cheek and held her as he lowered his lips to hers. She welcomed his kiss and took comfort in it. But his hand on her breast made her pull back. "We're in the limo."

"I know." He patted his free hand behind him and pressed a button. The dividing window between the driver and the back slid in place. "There."

"That's not very private."

"It's private enough."

"Hotsuma, this isn't right." She said that but didn't try to fight him when he pulled her across his lap and situated her knees on either side of his hips.

"Now it is." He rubbed her clit through her lace panties. "And this wetness tells me you think so too."
"You are the expert on wet things."

"Yes, I am." Edging her panties aside, he slipped two fingers into her hole. "Very right."

She nodded as she bit her lip and started moving her hips so she slid against his fingers. "Oh, so right."

Hotsuma unzipped his pants and freed his hard dick. After he scooted to the edge of the seat, he held her panties to the side with one hand and guided her down onto his length with the other.

Lulu sighed. All her sadness slipped away as pleasure took its place. "The driver deserves a raise for putting up with this."

"Once he hears the way I make you scream, he'll get one."

She smacked his chest in a playful manner. "That's not what I meant."

"I'll give him a bonus in his next paycheck. Happy?"

"I guess that'll work."

"Good. Now, then." He hugged her waist, bringing her closer and pushing his hard arousal deeper.
She giggled when he used his teeth to unbutton her shirt and edged one of her nipples free of her underbust bra with the tip of his tongue. The man had skills. She loved when he used them on her. He flicked and suckled her nipple while moving her hips so she rode him.

The car hit a bump that made his tip bounce against the innermost part of her, sending a shot of pleasure through her body and making her moan loudly.

Hotsuma rumbled, "That's the way. Let him hear you. He needs to earn that bonus."

"I don't want him to hear me."

"Tough." He started bucking his hips and sucked hard at one nipple while he tweaked the other.
Lulu couldn't help the passionate sounds that left her lips. The driver had to be able to hear her. He had to. Even through the dividing window. That would explain why it felt like he was hitting every pothole and bump in the road. If she didn't know better, she would think Hotsuma and the driver had conspired to work together so she came harder and faster.

Two men at once. The thought of it sent a thrill through her body that heightened the sensation of Hotsuma rubbing inside her. He gripped her ass, moving her so she took his full length with every stroke...


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WHERE THERE IS HOPE by Tianna Xander

WHERE THERE IS HOPE by Tianna Xander

Taos Wolven Mates Book Two

When Hope Ackerman is kidnapped by two of the hottest young men she has ever seen, she's more worried about their age than the fact they're werewolves from another planet. Taken from her world and into the Old West, can she overcome the fact she's an older woman lusting after two younger men…or is she?

When the sentient warship Carella flings Braxton Nylund and Joran Keavy into the future to find their mate, they waste no time snatching the beauty up when they find her. Returning to the nineteenth century, the two men must convince Hope that not only are they meant to be together, but they aren't as young as they appear.

Can the three find a way to live, laugh, and love together in the past, or will Hope insist they return her to her empty life in the future?


After another hour of sharing a horse with Braxton, Hope was almost ready to scream. Every sway of the horse set her on edge. Every time he stumbled or hopped over a gully had her groin pressed tighter against Braxton’s hard length.
She wanted to turn around, to watch where they were going, but Braxton didn’t seem inclined to let her go and she was tired of arguing. If he wanted to hold her like this and torture them both, she would help him.
With a secret smile she hid against his chest, Hope snuggled closer, lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. If they insisted on playing this game, Hope was determined to play it to the max.
Braxton groaned when the heat of her nether parts rested against his cock. She almost giggled when it throbbed beneath her until he leaned forward to whisper in her ear.
“You’re playing with fire, baby.”
His words sent shivers through her. When was the last time anyone had called her baby in such a sexy tone of voice? Hope wasn’t sure anyone ever had. Bob certainly hadn’t. Her ex’s voice had been more whiney than sexy at any given time. The thought made her frown. Why hadn’t she noticed that before?
Deciding to take a giant leap, Hope leaned forward and pulled his earlobe into her mouth. “I’m counting on it,” she whispered in his ear. If they really wanted to share her, they could start right now as far as she was concerned. It wasn’t as though she could get pregnant. However, the thought of disease scared her, and she didn’t think they would own up to the fact that they were human and agree to use a condom.
With the decidedly strange direction her life had gone over the last few hours, Hope resolved herself to the fact that, for whatever reason, these two hot men had kidnapped her. They could make things pleasant for her or unpleasant. Since she couldn’t stop herself from imagining them all in bed together, she hoped they meant to make things pleasant. Who knows? She might just enjoy herself. How many times had she lain in bed, alone, wishing for some handsome man to sweep her off her feet since Bob left? Here she was with two. She was living the fantasy. What was wrong with grabbing onto the proverbial brass ring for once?
She closed her eyes with a sigh, finally giving in to the impulse to be spontaneous for once in her life. Just this once she wouldn’t be Hopeful Ackerman, prude. Just this once, she would step up and do the wild thing. Literally.
Braxton groaned when she stuck her tongue in his ear. She smiled, thinking of all the ways she could drive him wild before they reached town and before he could find a place where they could be alone.
Her eyes widened then closed when he reached beneath her skirt to press his thumb against her clit. Arrows of delight shot straight to her womb. Her nipples drew tighter as they rubbed against his hard chest and she bit her lip, reaching for her second orgasm on horseback today.
One thing was certain, if they weren’t as old as they claimed, they had the patience of men who were ancient when it came to self-gratification. As far as she knew, neither of them had a release yet today and now, she thought as she screamed against Braxton’s muscular chest, she’d had two in the last couple of hours. On horseback no less!
After her second release of the day, Hope reached between them and freed Braxton from the confines of his jeans. She didn’t know what she planned. She only knew she had the most urgent need to give as good as she got.
Wrapping her fist around his hard shaft, she moved her hand up and down its smooth length. This was what had been missing in her life. This spontaneity. Bob never would have made her come outside. Hell, she could barely get him to do it in the bedroom.
“I shouldn’t do this.” Braxton closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. “Hell, two of my friends have just been murdered and all I can think of is how long will it be before I can sheathe myself within your tight cunt.”
Hope moaned as he breathed the words in her ear. She loved it when a man talked dirty to her as they made love. Something about it turned her on more than she’d thought possible. It was another first. A small giggle escaped when she thought of that.
“What’s so funny, love?”
“I just realized something.” She moaned when Braxton stuck his tongue in her ear. “I have had more sexual firsts in the last few hours than I had in my entire marriage.” She shivered when his expert lips trailed from her ear to move down over her throat. “I suppose that should have told me something, but how can you miss what you have never had?”
“There are going to be a lot of firsts with us, baby.” Braxton grasped her by the waist, picked her up, and brought her breast to his greedy mouth.
Hope gasped. She wrapped her arms around his neck, cupped the back of his head and held him to her. It wasn’t until he reached between them, broke the scrap of material between her legs, and lowered her down over his massive hard-on, that she realized what he’d had in mind.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

FEVER FOR THREE by Julia Talbot

When Cheri moves to Lobo Basin, all she wants is a quiet place to teach, where she doesn’t have to worry about the perils of the big city. She’s never had a lot of luck in love, so it’s a complete surprise when not one, but two beautiful men show their interest.
Cowboy Josh and handyman Paulo come from opposite sides of the werewolf pack that rules the town, and they had a falling out years ago over the firestorm of lust that burns between them. When they both decide they want the new girl in town, the competition between them heats up—and so, finally, does their sexual connection.

Cheri doesn’t know what to do with the bickering men or with the bitey little kids in her class at school. Is she a slut for wanting both Josh and Paulo? The men are going to have to work together to win their mate and help her understand her nature—both werewolf and sexual.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
An Excerpt From: FEVER FOR THREE
Copyright © JULIA TALBOT, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Josh stared with awe at the tiny little car that pulled up next to his truck. There was no way that thing had made it to Lobo Basin from anywhere in Texas. It had to have ridden on a flatbed or something. Seriously, it was like a wind-up toy. At least it had a Dodge emblem on it. That meant it was solidly built, but sheesh
The lady who stepped out of the car shouldn’t even be a blip on his radar. She wore a pair of leggings under a man’s button-down shirt that had to be at least fifty sizes too big, horn-rimmed glasses and a pair of ugly flats. The way her hair was pulled back, it looked as if it was a dull, mousy brown.
So why every corpuscle in him stood up and took notice, Josh couldn’t say. Still, even though he’d just hopped in his truck to drive away, he got out and headed back into the store.
She was chewing her bottom lip, looking at the push-button cappuccino machine with a vaguely concerned look on her face.
Damn. Josh was pretty sure he couldn’t help with that and he wanted to help her in a pretty urgent way. Too bad she wasn’t looking at personal massagers. He stuck his hands in his pockets and wandered over.
“I bet Dolly could fix you up with a coffee. Or there’s the diner. I could walk you over.”
“Pardon me?” Bright green eyes flashed up at him, too pretty to hide behind those glasses. Oh damn. He could snap her up. Eat her. Like a rabbit. His cock started to press against his zipper.
“Coffee. I like coffee. You obviously like coffee. We could go have some. Together.”
“Thank you, but I don’t think so.” She turned her back on him, dismissing him, just like that.
He almost took a step back, surprise making him a little stupid. He probably wasn’t all that and a bag of chips but most women at least showed interest in his lanky, blond good looks. He tipped his cowboy hat back, staring. “Is it just me or are you always this rude, honey? I mean, it’s coffee. I didn’t ask if you want to knock boots.”
He got another one of those looks, wide eyed and bright. “Excuse me?”
“Well, you’re new in town and I was just bein’ friendly. No need to get snotty.”
“Snotty.” One eyebrow shot up. “Good Lord and butter, I just need a couple of groceries, not to get harassed and called names. Back off.”
Josh drew himself up, already mentally cursing his cowboy pride. Still, he opened his mouth right up and said it anyway. “Too bad, honey. You could use some loosening up. You’ve got a stick up your ass a mile long.”
“Tell me you don’t have any children.”
The words surprised the living fuck out of him. Josh blinked. “Not yet. Why?”
“Because I’d hate to believe that I’d have to teach children raised with such atrocious manners.” She turned tail and headed right up to Minnie at the cash register, the old bitch grinning at him like the dog she was.
Shit. Josh didn’t know whether to laugh or spit on the floor. In the end, he decided to laugh before grabbing a cup and hitting up the coffee machine, getting it to spit out a fancy cappuccino. He made it to the register before the little gal was done, sliding it down in front of her.
“Truce? I’m Josh Bolton. I’m sorry if I was rude.”
“Cheri. Cheri McBride.” Those eyes met his again and he felt that look deep in his balls.
“Nice to meet you.” He was about to ask her about being the new schoolteacher when Cheri turned to Minnie.
“Is there an electrician you can recommend?” Cheri asked.
“They put you in the old Lupin house, hmm? Paulo, honey. He’s the best. Number’s right there on the board.” Minnie’s eyes met his, challenging. Everyone knew about him and that fucking bastard, Paulo, which was embarrassing enough. To have Minnie give the new lady that asshat’s number, right there in front of him…
“You ought to get you someone in from Lordsburg.” When Cheri glanced at him, Josh shrugged.
“Paulo’s only a handyman.”
Minnie growled, so low only Josh heard it. “He’s a journeyman electrician and plumber. He’ll do fine.”
“Excellent. I just need to know my baby laptop won’t explode. It has a bunch of software for the children.”
“What went on the fritz?” Minnie ignored him completely but that was okay with Josh.
That way he could move close enough to scent her. Her shampoo had cinnamon in it. Cinnamon and honey.
“The…” She shivered, and he swore he could see her nipples draw up. “The plug in the kitchen. I need everything checked out.”
“Well, you call Paulo. You gonna buy anything else, Josh, or are you just going to ogle the poor young lady?”
Josh snapped out of his daze, his eyes rising from Cheri’s chest. “I’m good. I-If you don’t mind, Miss Cheri, I might stop by. There’s been rattlesnakes in that house before.”
“Rattlesnakes?” Her eyes went wide.
“Nonsense. Have Paulo spread salt around, that’ll fix them.”
He was going to have to growl. He did actually growl, subvocalizing enough for Minnie to back off a foot or so. “I’ll drop by,” he repeated. “Soon. Enjoy your coffee.”
There was no way he was letting Paulo have this one.
No way in hell.


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