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CHRISTMAS GLOW by Megan Slayer

CHRISTMAS GLOW by Megan Slayer

Glow Band Book 6 - Glow Kids
Pixie Elf's days of designing punk teddy bears just aren't cutting it. She wants more, including the sexy radio jockey she met at a Glow concert. That is, if he's up for grabs.

Nitro Hicks loves playing the latest rock tunes, but he can't get a certain elf off his mind. Does he have what it takes to rock her world for the long haul?

Magic happens in the Christmas Glow.


Santa's Helper: Christmas Glow
Megan Slayer
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Megan Slayer

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Santa waved his hand. "Okay. The reason you're here is your Christmas list. You've been original, yet invaluable on the stuffed animal production floor." He sighed. "I see you'd like two concert tickets.
Glow? Seems like I do something involving them every year."

"Yes. There's someone very special I want to invite." Pixie narrowed her eyes. If she didn't just ask, she'd never get the courage to go through with her plan. "That's where being your helper on the sleigh this year would help out."

His brows rose. "I knew it wasn't something as simple as going on Stub Hub. Lay it out for me."

Pixie sank down into the nearest chair. She'd gotten past the first hurdle, getting into the office and asking. Next obstacle. "My birthday present to myself was the ticket to see Glow in Montreal. That and a plane ticket. Anyway, I met this person there. We clicked and started talking. I had to head home and so did he, but we continued chatting online. I'm putting my heart out there, but I think this is our chance to have the magic from Montreal once more."

She picked at the white fuzz lining the edge of her skirt. He hadn't replied and barely moved. Santa lowered his gaze to the desk. He still didn't say anything. Her heart sank. The longer he stayed quiet, the worse her chances of the wish coming true.

Santa pressed a button on his desk. "Mrs. Claus, I'm in need of your perspective on something." He folded his thick arms and leaned back in his seat. "I'm over my head."

Moments later, his wife strolled into the office. "Hi, Pix. More bears?"

Pixie groaned. Damn bears, anyway.

"What's up?" Mrs. Claus perched on Santa's knee. "This has got to be relationship stuff. You never ask me for help with the production floor."

"Later. I've got some ideas I want to... send your way." He wriggled his brows.

Pixie groaned again. If she didn't think gagging would jeopardize her wish, she might have done that, too.

"We're embarrassing Pix." Mrs. Claus giggled. "Male or female?"

"A man, I believe." Santa tapped the keys on his computer. "Looks like a Nitro Hicks. What a name... Nitro? You've got a thing for a guy named Nitro?"

"Why don't you check on the run of tricycles?" Mrs. Claus stood. "They've been a little slow down there."

Santa's shoulders dropped. "Fine." He climbed out of his chair. "But I'll remember this later."

"You'd better." Mrs. Claus took his vacated seat and waited until he left the room to speak. "You and Nitro, aka Nolan Hicks. Hot and heavy? Spit it out with all the details."

Pixie always had liked Mrs. Claus's no-nonsense style. "It's like this. We met at the concert, but I'm shy. He spoke first and made me feel like I belonged there. We talked, laughed and shared some secrets. I mentioned I might want something more than what I have here in the North Pole. He drove me to the airport. We kissed, talked and had to go our separate ways. Thrilling."

"He's easy on the eyes, I'll agree, and if he kisses the way he looks then, yes, it was probably thrilling. What did he say when he found out about the elf thing?"

"Cleveland was cold like the North Pole. He could dig the chill."

"Cute on all accounts."

"We've chatted and Skyped since the concert. Lots of times." She wasn't about to admit to how hot the chat sessions got. "I'm scared I'm really putting myself out there, but I have to give it a chance."


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