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A Romantica® older woman/younger man erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Passion and fun have been missing from Genie’s life for a long time. Most days she can only hope for a phone call from her college-age son. But that changes when a hot prospective resident walks into her leasing office and turns her world upside down. There’s only one thing holding her back from responding to his advances—his age. He’s only three years older than her son. She should resist…

Nick has just graduated college and hopes for a job in a larger city with more potential. What he doesn’t expect is to find an irresistible woman—who just happens to be the sexy mother of one of his college buddies. Resistance is futile, and he can only pray his friend doesn’t kill him once he finds out. When things heat up quickly with Genie, Nick discovers he must convince her he wants more than a bout of Lunchtime Sex.


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An Excerpt From: LUNCHTIME SEX
Copyright © MISSY JANE, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Nick glanced at his watch to see he was fifteen minutes late for his last appointment. With a grimace he hopped out of his car and all but ran for the door to the leasing office. They closed promptly at five and it was fifteen ’til. He breathed a sigh of relief when the knob turned with no problem. A low chime sounded as he stepped into the cool interior and he glanced around the seemingly empty office. He could kick himself for not looking up at least one alternate route. Houston traffic was a nightmare, but throw in a jackknifed eighteen-wheeler on the highway and it became a hundred times worse.

“Hello?” he called out. “I’m sorry I’m here so late. There was really bad traffic.”

A noise from the back drew his attention and he walked across a brightly lit room set up with comfortable-looking sofas. It led to a hallway with three doors, two closed and one slightly open.


“Hello? Oh sorry. Give me a second.”

The feminine voice stirred something in him he wasn’t used to and he loosened his tie. Maybe it was just the heat. Not to mention he’d been without female company for way too long. First Mason’s mom, now a complete stranger? He rolled his eyes at his wayward thoughts. Definitely time to get laid.

He returned to the main room and stood at a large picture window where one of the complex’s three swimming pools was clearly visible. The crystal-blue water was inviting but the young kids running around screaming were a definite turn off.

“Damn,” he muttered.

“Oh hi. I’m so sorry. I didn’t hear you come in.”

He spun on his heel and froze as the woman approached with an outstretched hand. Luckily the manners ingrained from his military father kicked in and he shook her hand automatically. She didn’t seem to notice how he gaped at her beautiful face.

“I’m Genie Landers. You are?”

Nick faltered for a second and a slight frown marred her face. She didn’t seem to remember him.
That would definitely work to his advantage.

“Nick Jacoby. I had an appointment for four thirty. I apologize for running late.”

She smiled brightly and waved his apology away as she headed for a small office near the front door.

“No problem. Being so close to downtown I know getting here can be a real challenge. Where did you drive in from?”

“The east side of town. I was checking a couple of other complexes. I’m not positive yet where I’m working so thought I’d check all around the city.”

She nodded and motioned to a chair in front of her desk before taking her seat. “Completely understandable. Well, if I remember correctly you said you’ve seen our website?”

He nodded and glanced out the window behind her. The pool area was barely visible.

“Yes, I did. I was under the impression this was mostly an adult complex.”

She smiled briefly and looked down at her desk. “Well, yes. It is, mostly. However, we have a resident who is entertaining some young relatives for the summer. We’ve been assured they will only be here until the end of June.”

“Ah. Well, that’s not too bad then.”

“How soon were you looking to move in?”

He thought about it and knew giving the evasive answers he’d given the others wouldn’t work. Here was Mason’s mom right where he could see her every day if he played his cards right.

“As soon as possible. I’m already month-to-month on my apartment in Austin. So, I could be in by the first of July.”

Her elegantly sculpted eyebrows rose slightly at that and she shuffled some papers on her desk. Most likely his preliminary paperwork.

“Well, let me show you the floor plans we’ll have ready by then and perhaps you’ll see something you like.”

He grinned. “Oh, I have no doubt I will.”

Genie pasted on a pleasant smile while butterflies stampeded through her stomach. Damn this man was sexy. But of course, he was barely a man. Twenty-four might be well past legal age for most things but he couldn’t even rent a car yet. His dirty-blond hair was slightly mussed as if he’d been running his fingers through it. His dark-blue button-up shirt was tight enough to accentuate his broad shoulders. They tapered down to a trim waist and his well-fitting slacks. It was almost hard to look into his beautiful hazel eyes. He kept eye contact so intently she felt self-conscious.

“Well then, I’ll show all of them to you today.”

He stood when she did and waited for her to round the desk before heading for the door. He opened it and followed her out into the Houston heat.

“We have four units set up to show the different floor plans, but only two are of the size you’re interested in,” she said.

“Well, you may as well show me all of them while I’m here. You never know, I might be able to put the extra space to good use.”

She faltered a step and he grabbed her elbow as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Her pulse raced.

“Of course,” she said.

Talking him into a larger unit would look great on her monthly numbers. It had been kind of slow and she needed a boost. However, she knew for a fact one of the empty units was right below hers. Could she handle having this man so close all the time?

They reached the show units and she unlocked the first door. It was a fully furnished one bedroom with a balcony. He had seemed most interested in this smaller size on the phone but now looked around with little interest.

“The bedroom is smaller than I’d like,” he said.

“Yes, it is compact. However, it has a balcony leading off the bedroom.”

She walked him around the unit, showing off its perks but he just shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s take a look at the next size up.”

They walked next door and into a larger one-bedroom. This one also had a dining area.

“This one’s nice,” he said. “At least the bedroom is larger.”

She smiled and followed a few steps behind as he explored. He opened the bedroom closet door and frowned.

“Not a walk-in.”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “Um, no. Only the largest unit has a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.”

“Oh? Well then we can probably skip the third unit and go straight to that one.”

That’s what she’d been afraid of, but she just smiled and gave a short nod. “All right.”

They headed to the largest unit, the one with only one vacancy. It was the same floor plan she currently lived in and the most expensive. He walked in and wandered around without a word.

“The kitchen is very spacious. My apartment has this same floor plan and I love it.”

He raised a brow at that but still said nothing. She followed him to the fully furnished bedroom.

“Perfect,” he said. “This is the exact type of bed I own.”

He gripped one of the four posts and a tingle shot through her belly. She had always imagined being tied up in a bed like this and had lived it in many fantasies.

“Oh?” she asked, voice slightly shaky. “Well…now you know how it would look.”

He turned her way and she froze. Heat emanated from his gaze as he ran it down her body like a caress. A shiver raced down her spine and her knees trembled. It had been way too long since a man had looked at her with such hunger.

“I think this is perfect. My bedroom is the most important room in my opinion.”


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