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Skeet might not be the brightest lightning bug in the swarm, but he knows enough to know he wants Dan. Dan thinks he’s too old for Skeet, but he’s about to find out different. Will their affair last more than just the summer and survive the llamas?

Story also appears in the RODE HARD ANTHOLOGY.



"Are those sheep? Shit, those are the biggest sheep I ever did see." Tanned and long and lean, Skeet Nasum was the prettiest thing Don Jancey had ever seen, even if those pretty green eyes were staring at a small bunch of alpacas like he'd never seen nor heard of them before.

Beautiful, but maybe damned stupid.

"Alpacas, you idiot." Don whacked Skeet with his hat. "They're cousins to llamas."

"Tell me we ain't riding herd on llamas, buddy."

"Of course not. We're playing cowboy to a herd of Charolais and mixed cattle. The alpacas keep coyotes away."

"No shit?"

This was Don's third summer in Colorado, up from Texas to get where the cool nights and good pay were worth the drive. It was only Skeet's first trip, though, and he had a lot to learn.

"No shit. They're better than a dog."

"Huh. Well, as long as they ain't sheep. I don't figure to go all Brokeback Mountain on this one."

Don gave Skeet a sideways glare. "What are you, a rodeo clown now? That's the oldest joke ever, and still bad at that." Especially since Don knew who Skeet had been sleeping with back down in Chappell Hill, and how it had played out that Skeet was in Colorado for the summer because of it.

Skeet had the grace to flush and duck his head. "Sorry, man. Just an automatic reaction."

"Yeah, well, you know it's bullshit to use it on me." He was out with Skeet, because he felt bad for the kid when he got canned for messing around at the ranch. Wasn't something Don advertised, but he felt like Skeet needed a role model, maybe. Oh, hell, he probably just needed to admit that he liked beautiful and didn't mind a little dumb.

"I'm not stupid."

Donnie's head snapped up, his gaze meeting Skeet's. "I never said you was."

"No, you just roll your eyes at me and mumble under your breath."

"I do not mumble." He did roll his eyes. His momma used to say she would pick them up and roll them back if he wasn't careful.

"Liar." Skeet nodded. "Lacey will like the exercise. Where are we moving the herd?"

"Up, I reckon." They had maps and shit. Directions. This was a new summering place to Don. "Summer pasture."

"'kay. Sounds fun."

"Lord, only you would think so." There he went, lying again. Don loved playing old time cowboy, loved the fresh air and simple food and camaraderie of hard-working men.

"Yeah, well..." Skeet shrugged and pulled the brim of his straw hat down. "I'll get Lacey saddled up and ready."

"Hey." Don grabbed Skeet's arm, feeling hard muscle under his palm and fingers. "This is gonna be fun, okay? I'm not raggin' you. Promise."

"I just appreciate the work, man."

"Me, too." He grinned hugely. "Old man Yothers has been good to me over the years."

"Fucking A." Skeet headed off, giving him a view of that tiny heinie. He stared for a lingering moment, his cock giving a nice, hard twitch in his jeans. Lord, this was gonna be a long summer.

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