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A FAIRE IN PARADISE by Tianna Xander

A FAIRE IN PARADISE by Tianna Xander

Paradise Series 17

What’s going on in Paradise? Apparently, shape shifters are real and they’re attracted to middle-aged plus-sized women.

At least that’s what Alexa finds when she gets to Paradise. She doesn’t expect to find her friend Milla there, happily dating two men. It doesn’t help matters when she finds out that all of the single guys are gorgeous and the town motto is to care for and protect all women and children. In fact, the whole thing sounds too good to be true.

When the townsfolk suddenly start shifting into wild animals in front of her, Alexa is certain she’s gone mad. Is she strong enough to stay in Paradise with its strange secrets and the two hot guys she’s falling for who insist she is their mate?


“So, when ya gonna take me out, sugar?” the woman asked as she combed out his hair.

Damn! Why couldn’t he remember her name? She’d only cut his hair every two months since they retook Paradise six years ago. Why couldn’t he think? His mind spun, his gut burning. He studied the woman. Leaning close, he took another sniff. She smelled nice, but she wasn’t his mate.

A slight breeze hit him when the door opened and a woman walked in. Hair as straight as a preacher’s morals and black as sin itself floated around her shoulders. It shone in the artificial light, its glossy strands reflecting blue-black as she strode to the cash register. Tight jeans showed off her ample curves with hips wide enough to take a man.

Now that’s a woman. His nostrils flared. Wade took a deep breath and groaned. “What’s that delicious smell?”

What’s-her-name leaned down, pressing her lips against his ear. “That would be me, sugar.” She straightened when he chose to ignore her comment. “The usual cut then?”

Wade grimaced at her tone. She sounded pissed.

“You know what?” He stood quickly, grabbed the black nylon material draped around him and yanked it free. She wasn’t getting a razor anywhere near his head using that tone. “I forgot I have an appointment in…” He checked his wrist. Damn! He’d forgotten his watch, as well? “In about fifteen minutes. I gotta run.”

Grabbing his hat, he jammed it on his head and hurried for the door.

It wasn’t until he nearly ran down the woman at the counter, buying shampoo, of all things, that he realized where that wonderful aroma originated. His gut clenched, his insides going into meltdown as he stared at the gorgeous woman who stood in front of him.

He wanted nothing more than to grab a lock of that glossy black hair that fell around her shoulders and bring it to his nose. Perfect brows rose with surprise when he grabbed her upper arms. Sparks flew between them, and the hair on his arms stood on end, the sensation not unlike a transformer exploding in a lightning strike.

The woman, no, the goddess, stared up at him, her startled gaze frozen in a mask of beautiful and obvious amazement.

It did Wade’s heart good to know she was as affected by their contact as he was.

“Excuse me.” Wade managed to squeeze the words out as he stood staring at pure feminine perfection.

His heart raced, his chest ached, and he realized he’d forgotten to breathe. What really shook him up was when his beast lifted its head and he sniffed the air again.

Mate! The word shimmered in his mind. Deep within his human form, his cat stretched, unsheathed its claws, a low rumble in its throat, his throat, and it repeated the wonderful, fateful word…mate.

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