Thursday, November 20, 2014

TEMPTING HER TIGER by Virginia Cavanaugh

TEMPTING HER TIGER (ROAR) by Virginia Cavanaugh

As a young girl, Stacia Carter had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Jordan Bayne. Grown and independent, she heads off to college and her destiny—to make him notice her as more than just the girl next door. After all these years, there’s no way she’ll take no for an answer.

Seeing Stacia again rocks Jordan’s world. She’s gorgeous, feisty, and hot…and also his best bud’s sister. No way can he have her for his own. But resisting the temptress proves harder than he thought. Maybe one more kiss will satisfy his hunger for her.



Once outside, he called out to her. “Stacia, wait up.”

Her spine stiffened and she stopped forward movement, turning slowly to face him. She gave him a shy smile and he closed the distance between them. “Hey.”

The green shirt she wore hugged her pert breasts and accentuated her lean waist. Wow, he really needed to stop noticing these things. “Do you have another class to get to right now?”

She hitched the strap of her bag a little higher on her shoulder. “Actually, I do. Can we maybe talk later?”

Black spots decorated her hand. “Pen bust?”

Her face and neck started to take on a red tint. “Yeah. Listen, I really need to go.”

“I’ll walk with you. I have an hour before my next class.” He fell into step beside her. “So, why did you choose NMJC?”

“It’s a good school.”

“Yeah, it is. But I’m betting, like Seth, you could have gone anywhere.” A breeze floated past them, stirring her hair and bringing her scent into his nose. She smelled so good. Like flowers and sunshine. He remembered the silken feel of her hair when he’d touched it in the classroom.

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