Thursday, November 18, 2010

VISIONQUEST by Laura Tolomei

VISIONQUEST - A GLBT dark shapeshifter erotic by Laura Tolomei

It wasn't till he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time - no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, no blood, no death, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I'd drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away - that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.



But what really blew my mind away were his incredible transformation and the connection he was strengthening every day more. The first time I saw him slowly turn into a majestic black eagle-like bird—his face elongating in a beak, his body sprouting giant claws, then long elegant wings, covered with thick luscious black feathers—it took my breath away, though not as much as when I understood that I, and I alone, had the power to control him. And it thrilled me beyond words, like an excitingly heated wave coursing my entire fiber, to think he had chosen me, out of all the people he could’ve beckoned for this special service, to share his most intimate sphere.

So he soared high above the sky while I tried to follow him on ground, soon losing sight of him until the low, deep and distinctive pitch I was learning to recognize as his essence reverberated in my head like the sound of distant thunder to steer me in the right direction without using any words or forms of verbal communication. Apparently, his beast state didn’t consent any human weakness, least of all the spoken kind, and he had to submit to the same limitations animals did except for what came from the intense sharing I was growing to depend on, both in and out of bed. And while I could simply think my questions or comments in order to receive an answer from him, he relied heavily on imagery, audible signs and sensations to make sure we never lost track of each other, flashing map-like pictures of a place, if not the actual view of it, or clogging my ears with the noise associated to it.

In any case, I didn’t need his words—enough to sense him as a presence in my head regardless of the distance between us or of his appearance, bird or human making no difference in my strong perception of him—for I knew he was trying to teach me more than a silent exchange of information. What he aimed at was for our link to move beyond the physical realm to reach the indefinable sensual one that for the time being was ours only during sex. “Because, little one, our senses won’t betray us…” To prove his point, he had grabbed it and squeezed it. “Like fragile emotions or false words.”

I had no trouble believing him, not after his many lessons were plunging me into a frenzied heat that swept away my doubts, my awareness, my breath, my very life, everything and anything that wasn’t him fading in a hazy background until nothing existed besides him. And it intoxicated my soul and altered my perceptions like living constantly on the edge of a precipice, hovering between a vertical fall without safety nets and a sense of security he was instilling slowly but surely.

That’s how it all came together—the training, the connection, the hunt, the chase, the killings, the incredible transformation and the hottest sex—coalescing into the most unusual relationship I had ever experienced. It wasn’t love, of course, though I felt closer to him than to any loved one. It wasn’t work either, although we had a definite purpose and his determination drove me beyond any feasible boundary. But whatever it was, nothing expressed it better than our bodies’ fatal attraction to one another.


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