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WHEN KAT'S AWAY by Missy Martine

WHEN KAT'S AWAY by Missy Martine


Kat Evans is on vacation with her best friend when they visit the ghost town of Hamilton, Nevada. When Anna disappears, Kat begins a frantic search.

Something draws her to the old saloon, and when she investigates, she’s pulled through a time portal back to 1899.

David Bennington-Martinson and Win Warrior own the Silver Rush Saloon, and have been secret lovers for years. They both yearn to find a woman they can share, someone that would round out their family.

When they discover Kat in their cellar, they know she’s the woman they’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, someone else has figured out her secret, and they’ll do anything to travel back to the future.

Kat’s going to have to make a choice. Will she go back to her own time, or stay in the past with David and Win?


“Oh, my God, it is you. Kat!”
Before she could respond, a woman rushed across the room and pulled her into a hard embrace. She pressed her arms against the woman’s chest, her mouth growing dry, and the sound of her heartbeat roaring in her ears. “Stop. What are you doing?”
“What’s the matter? Don’t you recognize me?”
Kat looked closer, and her hand flew to her own chest. A heavy feeling settled in her stomach, her hands suddenly shaking uncontrollably. “Anna? What the hell have you done to yourself?”
Anna’s hair was longer than she’d ever seen it, hanging in a slender braid over one shoulder. Although still red, it had some silver streaks mixed throughout the stands. There were lines in her face Kat didn’t remember and a glow of happiness she’d never seen before.
“What are you wearing?” Anna had on some kind of long robe that looked like it came from the antique shop she and Anna liked to browse through on rainy weekends.
“Oh, Kat, it’s so good to see you again.”
Kat rubbed her forehead. “What do you mean, again? It’s only been a couple of hours since I left you in front of the saloon. Where the hell have you been?” She glanced around the room. “And where the hell are we?”
“Uh-oh! Looks like she doesn’t know any more than you did when you arrived.”
Kat looked toward the door and saw three men standing in front of the window. One was David, and the other two were strangers. Well over six feet tall and lanky, the man who’d spoken had brown hair with flecks of gray and dark eyes. The other man was short and stocky, with blond hair and blue eyes.
Anna put her hand on Kat’s arm. “We’re in the Silver Rush Saloon in Hamilton, Nevada.”
Kat studied the room and then turned back to Anna. “Okay, joke’s over. Did I pass out or something when I fell down the stairs? Did you cart me off somewhere so you could play some elaborate joke on me?” She laughed. “I have to admit, as far as jokes go, this one’s a beaut.”
“The truth is always best, Anna. It’s also easier in the long run for everyone.” Win smiled at Kat as he walked over to stand next to David.
Kat jumped at the sound of Win’s voice behind her. She looked at Anna. “Yeah, the truth would be nice.”
Anna took a deep breath. “Okay, but I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.”
Kat nodded. “Okay.”
“What’s the last thing you remember?”
She thought for a moment. “I was searching for you. I’d gone through the entire town and then remembered you wanted a closer look at the saloon, so I came inside.” She shrugged. “I looked around and spotted the door to the cellar.” Wrinkling her forehead, she paused. “There was something that wasn’t right.” She tried to recall what she’d seen. “The basement was a mess, but there was a…” Kat frowned, biting her lip. She walked a couple of steps away, her glance darting around, and then came back to stand in front of Anna. “There was…”
“A big, red glowy circle.” Anna raised her arm and put it around Kat’s shoulders. “It sucked you in and sent you here.”
Kat looked around and frowned. “It sucked me in and sent me here.” When Anna nodded she laughed. “And just where is here?”
Anna looked toward the ceiling and cleared her throat. “It’s not so much of a where, as when.” She nodded toward the men standing by the door. “You wanted to know who they are. Well, let me introduce you.”
Anna crooked her finger, motioning the men closer. Her hand rose to the brunet’s shoulder. “This is Beauregard Martinson, otherwise known as Beau.” Her hand moved to the other man’s shoulder. “And this is Ezekiel Moses Bennington, otherwise known as Zeke.” Anna swallowed and rubbed Kat’s arm in a soothing gesture. “They’re my husbands, and you’re in Hamilton, Nevada. It’s September the seventeenth, 1899.”
Kat tensed, her temper flaring. She took a step back, her nails biting into her palms. “It’s not nice to try and pull the wool over your best friend’s eyes. What do you take me for?” She paused to catch her breath. “Oh, I know, this is payback for nagging you into making this trip.”
She turned and walked toward the door. “I’m getting out of here. I’m not gonna be the butt of anybody’s jokes no matter how good of friends we are.” She pulled open the door and froze. The rotting buildings were gone and in their place were solid, weathered structures. The dirt road looked well-traveled, and there were horses tied up in front of several of the buildings.
Holding her breath, she whirled around to stare at Anna. “You said it’s 1899?”
Anna nodded and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Yes, Kat. For me, it’s been twenty-eight years since you walked down the road toward the mill, leaving me to look through the town. You’ve traveled one hundred and thirteen years into the past.”
Kat heard a roaring sound in her ears while white spots danced in front of her eyes. Then, blessed blackness settled around her.

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