Friday, August 3, 2012

ACCIDENTAL HEARTS by Michelle Levigne

ACCIDENTAL HEARTS by Michelle Levigne

A Tabor Heights, Ohio Novel

Tyler Sloane's sister and her children came to live with him when her marriage exploded. A summer of carting children to activities brought him into Abby Morgan's path, and friendship grew between her niece and nephew and his.

Abby was busy with her air courier service and helping her widowed brother raise his children. Common sense said she didn't have time for a relationship -- especially with a man as accident-prone as Tyler. But there comes a time in every woman's life when she has to throw out common sense and take a chance on love. That is, if accidents would stop plaguing her and Tyler, and four mischief-makers could agree that romance isn't "gross," and they should help Aunt Abby and Uncle Ty get together.



"Oh, yuck." Abby slowly stood. Strings of bright pink marred with dirty black streaks dripped from her fingers.

"What is it?" Tyler asked with that horrified expression that said he suspected what the answer would be.

"Looks like bubble gum." She turned to hide her grin. Her shoulders shook as she fought giggles.

"Did it ruin anything?"

"Well..." She scraped at the pink and black mess remaining on the cable ends. "Looks like someone was trying to make some repairs, actually."


"These connections were snapped. Looks like someone tried to do a patch job with the bubble gum, but the heat melted it."

"Danny. And Pam. They're a matched set." He looked tired, but he grinned. "Too many MacGyver re-runs."

"This sounds good." She returned his grin. If this man had enemies, she suspected they were amusing, cute, and he had just dumped them at the camp hidden in the trees behind them. "Kids?"

"Kids." He sighed. "They broke my cell phone yesterday, otherwise I'd call for a tow. I can't fix anything."

Abby pulled her cell phone from her pocket to call Al. Why not? Her brother's kids had brought her here, so his towing business should profit.

"I'm going to kill him," Tyler said with a crooked grin that made Abby suspect he was proud of the little monster. She just nodded encouragement as she punched in Al's number. "Danny. I can't decide if he's inherited my mechanical ineptitude or not."

"How old?"

"Eight. And ten. Pam ought to know better, but that's her gum. Danny won't chew anything but grape."

"My monsters are ten and nine."

"That's right!" He slapped his thigh and gave her that crooked grin particular to men when they didn't want to admit they had done something stupid.


"I saw you at church a few weeks ago with your kids. You go to Tabor Christian, right?" He barely waited for her to nod she was feeling a little stunned at this point -- and gestured in the general direction of the registration pavilion, through the woods. "They looked so excited about whatever you were signing up for, I decided to check it out. That's how mine are here." He shrugged, his grin widening. "That's how I'm here, too, I guess."

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