Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HIGHLAND JACK by LaVerne Thompson

After 500 years Laird Jack Buchannan thought it was time to take a companion to walk with him through eternity. And since this was the modern age he'd try finding true love through a reality television show. But what he found instead was a witch who cast a spell on him.

Serissa Helstrom was a white witch who on a lark decided to join a friend on a reality television show. Not for one second did she take it seriously, until she found herself falling for a vampire.

Or was he just messing with her mind?

There were several squeals of excitement, even Jil turned to look at her and grinned. All the women began fluffing or smoothing their hair and adjusting their clothes. Kevin left the plane, but the assistant stayed and everyone rushed to peek through one of the windows for a first glimpse of Jack as he got out of the Range Rover. There was more than one gasp as over six foot of prime cut stepped out of the limo and planted booted feet on the tarmac.


Serissa wasn’t sure who said that but she couldn’t agree more. She’d remained in her window seat and the cool air from the vent blew right on her, but her skin felt heated and flushed from just the sight of him. For the last couple of months this entire thing had all been fun and games. A means to get her out of the slump she seemed to be in, just another lark she embarked on with her best friend Jil. After seeing Jack, that changed. Mine! The word rose up from the depths of her soul and shook her to her core. She shuddered at its strength and glanced up at the women leaning over to look out the windows. They all wore the same shell-shocked expression, Serissa was sure she did too. Jack packed a punch.

Maybe that’s all there was to it, he had some serious pheromones going, and she wasn’t immune, she was after all only twenty-seven a youngling. Some witches lived well into their hundreds. The women lined up again and after a lot of giggling and posturing one by one they left the plane. She and Jil were the last ones, they hugged and wished each other luck. By the time her turn came around her mind still churned in confusion from her strong attraction to the man. The closer she got to him the stronger the emotion. She barely heard what he’d said to her because she’d realized why they’d all had such a strong physical reaction to him. Her especially. Vampire.



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