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FILM ME by Megan Slayer

FILM ME by Megan Slayer

Wes Long is a legend. Everyone wants to be in his films. But Wes has challenged Jinx for more.

Jinx Star has been around the world of adult films for more than five years. Leading man Wes Long is a legend with a long list of partners to his credit.

But Wes has challenged Jinx for more. He'll accept nothing less than her total submission - on and off the set.


Film Me
Megan Slayer
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Megan Slayer

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"What's a girl got to do to get a decent partner in a film?" Jinx Star crossed her legs and resumed watching the film crew set up the next shot. Big Jet Movies worked quick and usually dirty -- get in, get some, get it on film, then get it onto the web. Not the best way to make a living, but starring in the films paid her rent. She flipped a lock of hair off her shoulder and sighed.

"What's wrong, Jinx?" Luscious sat down next to her and propped her chin on her folded hands. "Don't want to work today?"

Trust her coworker, Luscious, to want to move in on her role. "I'm good." Well, not really. If she had her druthers she'd be making the movie with someone else. She swiped her thumb across her phone, bringing the text screen to the front. Nothing new. Same three texts as before. She didn't bother to look over the script again. What a laugh. Walk in, strip down, have sex in five positions, he comes on her face and end take.

One day she wouldn't have to use her body to make money.

"I hear Wes Long is on set. I haven't seen him." Luscious shrugged and stood. She adjusted her thong panties, then sauntered away from Jinx. "Oh," she said over her shoulder, "but if he's here, I'm vying for his last movie before he hangs up his thong. The guy is gorgeous and he's so well endowed. I could come thinking about him."

"Last movie?" She swiped the screen to bring up the Internet on her phone, then added Wes' name to the search engine. "Can't be." Wes Long was the man in adult film. Everyone wanted to work with him. Hell, he'd made more than five hundred clips for Big Jet alone. The more she searched, the less she learned. No mention of a last film or him retiring. She sighed. Well, fuck.

Everyone wanted to be in his films, but she wanted something else. She'd admired the towering raven-haired hunk since she saw him in Double Diving. He'd been the reason she'd started doing pornography. She tossed her phone onto the table and stared at the grips fixing the lights.

"Attention." The director, Patrick Steele, stood in the middle of the set with his back to the massive round bed. "I need everyone to vacate the set. We're moving next door to the sauna room. Maxx Thrust, you'll be working with Luscious."

Jinx rolled her eyes. Go figure Big Jet would double book a damned set then hand off her role anyway. She gathered her phone and the magazine she'd been reading between shots, then stood. "Screw it."

"Jinxy," Patrick called, stopping her. "You need to stay here." He handed her a rolled-up script bound in a rubber band. "Been given this special delivery." He shrugged, then strolled away.

"I need to stay here?" She placed her things back on the table, then unrolled the paper. A note slipped from the script and landed on top of her phone.

Jinx Star,

I have a challenge for you. If you accept, I will make it worth your while.
I want you to star with me in my last movie. Hunger involves more than just sex.
Are you willing to submit to me? Completely submit to me? I'll be on the set at five. 



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