Sunday, July 21, 2013

DAYDREAMS by Veronica Tower

DAYDREAMS by Veronica Tower

Daydreams Series Book One

It’s a hot summer day and Beth is engaged in her favorite pastime—daydreaming about Grant, the college-aged young man whose cut her lawn every summer since her husband divorced her three years ago.

He’s on a football scholarship with a quarterback’s lean limbs, tight abs and strong shoulders and Beth would love nothing better than to figure out how to get to know him better. She’s imagined a thousand scenarios.

Can she bring herself to act on one before the summer ends?



Beth Barnes poured the ice tea mix into the glass pitcher without taking her eyes off the muscular young white man mowing her backyard, right outside her window. His broad shoulders and hard abs peeked out of the sleeveless muscle shirt and glistened with sweat in the hot sun. Tall, lean, hard and agile, Grant had earned a football scholarship to Kansas University, but he was still out there sweating over her yard as he’d done every summer since Beth’s worthless ex-husband had run out on her three years ago.

She set down the measuring cup, and felt around the counter for the long wooden spoon. Lucky, her basset hound, sniffed at her light brown ankle, but Beth didn’t have eyes for him either.

Outside, Grant maneuvered the lawnmower around Beth’s elm tree. He had a mighty fine ass to go with those hard, muscular legs. His forearms flexed powerfully as he pushed the mower. And his hands—

Well, his hands had to be strong and capable, didn’t they? He was a quarterback after all. He made his living, so to speak, with his hands.

Beth sloshed the spoon around in the pitcher to dissolve the ice tea mix. Grant would be finished soon. She wondered if he’d be in a hurry this time. The last three weeks he’d seemed more than happy to stay and talk in her cool air-conditioned kitchen while they shared a glass of ice tea or lemonade after he’d finished with her lawn. It was tempting to read more into that than she should. Grant had always been a polite young man and she was, after all, old enough to be his mother. And what young man didn’t want to talk about his plans for the future? She was probably reading too much into what were doubtless innocent looks, but what if she weren’t imagining things? It had been an awfully long time since Carl had left and their sex life had been practically non-existent for years before that.


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