Friday, August 2, 2013

DARK MIST by Fantasia Virtuoso

DARK MIST by Fantasia Virtuoso

The Hidden Book One

For over a thousand years, Deacon has led his vampire brethren to live in peace amongst humans. But that was before he entered the dreams of the beautiful Rose, hungering desperately for that which he could not claim because the very laws he had set forbade it. Laws that meant certain death for the Hydden should they be broken...laws that Deacon himself might just shatter for a tiny little human.

Skirting the razors edge of lunacy because he hungered for her blood, can he ever possess the unattainable while still protecting himself from someone close by who seeks to destroy him? Or will Rose mourn the promise of an eternal forever if Deacon brings about his own death?



The mist slipped through the open third floor window of Hydden Enterprises, slithered under the heavy drapes and across the carpet until it came to a stop in the center of Deacon’s office. From the mist emerged Deacon primped in a dark gray herringbone single breasted suit, light blue ainsley collar herringbone dress shirt with a medium gray pin dot silk tie and a pair of black oxfords. No lights were on in the room, but since he could see perfectly in the dark it didn’t prove a hindrance. Deacon strolled over to his desk and pressed the two-way intercom button without willing any artificial lights on.

“Anna, would you please let Ms. De La Cruz in as soon as she arrives.” He raised his head and scented the air, he could already sense her in the building.

Deacon released the intercom after Anna’s acknowledgment of his instructions and walked toward the antique brass nail head accented, barolo colored, roll arm leather sofa positioned in the far corner. Dropping onto one of the end cushions Deacon sat back comfortably letting the shadows embrace him as he wondered how Rose would react to their ‘official’ first meeting. Deacon possessed the ability of compulsion and had tried to manipulate Rose’s thoughts the night before, enough for her to believe what they shared was still yet another dream but he lacked the ability to read her mind. So he was unsure if she continued to believe what they’d shared was a dream or not. She would learn the truth soon enough. Although she was now bound to him through blood, he didn’t want her under his compulsion. He wanted her to truly want him, like she wanted him last night. For the first time in a thousand years, he was unsure about a woman.


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