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Sweet Submission Book 1

Raised to be a proper Southern lady, Dawn Trumbell secretly embraced her submissive side but trusted the wrong Dom. The heiress feared exposure when the bdsm club closed for good reason. She walked away from the kinky lifestyle and focused on charitable endeavors. However, there is one man, her high school boyfriend, who might draw her back into submission. She loves and wants to please him—but she won't share him!

Brent Lockwood has always loved the spirited Dawn but played with others when she was taken by another Dom. Now she's free to be his and he'll do everything in his power to possess her body, heart, and soul. He's also determined, with Dawn's help, to create a safe place for bdsm lovers to play. Kinky love may clash with traditional Southern manners but even in modern times, a gentleman always sees to the needs of his lady.



She’d wanted him to get away for college and figure himself out instead of going right into business with his dad, uncles and cousins. The grand Lockwood dynasty was in his blood but those years at school helped him figure out the role he wanted for himself. It also taught him to respect what his family had built.

Her being a submissive only strengthened his belief. She was the one. They had a lot of baggage and clutter to sort through but he’d win her. Convince her. Make her beg.

“Fine. I’ll give you the pitch but you can’t say no,” she said.

He studied her pretty face. Not a model, but her freckles had faded and her creamy skin tempted him. He remembered her better than any sub he’d played with. Submissive women got him going, but she still had power over his heart.

“I’ll call you to set it up. Now seriously, are you dating anyone?” He’d be proper in public.

“If I were, you’d know. Cel would know.” She looked down and away.

“Getting crap from the old biddies?” he teased.

“That doesn’t matter. I’m not rushing into anything even if my mother is warning me weekly that turning thirty isn’t too far away. Trusting men isn’t on my list of goals just yet.” She set her glass on a tray and tried to sidestep him.

“I saw Molly here. Is she doing okay?” He could keep her here for the rest of the day with small talk if he wanted. The right tone and posture and she’d give in. He’d missed talking to her.

“She’s fine.”

“It’s kind of you to give her a job. Are you in touch with many of the subs?” he whispered in her ear.

“Call me about the charity meeting. I’ll take your money. Molly is over by the signup sheets if you want to add another sub to your collection. At least she’ll be safe.” She stormed away to the outer hallway.

“Hold on.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her into an alcove. “I’m not the least bit interested in Molly for myself. Not that way. I do care about what happened to everyone. The club closed down and it was sudden. You care too or you wouldn’t be giving her a job.”

“She’s good at decorations. It’s not a charity job. I’m out of that lifestyle, but I’ll help people. Don’t make this hard, Brent. We were a long time ago.” She pressed her lips together.

He saw the struggle in her and he couldn’t give up. “I want the meeting and that dinner. We both have roots and futures here. Savannah is a big city but we’re in the same circles. True?”

“True.” She nodded.

“We need to be allies. Friends at least.” He slid his hand along her neck and leaned in. Before he caught himself, he kissed her and the spark hit him like a flogger sting wrapping around his heart. No one tasted like she did or made him feel that way.

After a few seconds, she pulled back. “Don’t. We can’t go back to high school or undo what Baxter did. We’re adults, and reality is where I need to live.”

He watched her walk back into the ballroom, her lovely ass moving under the dress. Those heels were higher than most and she walked with ease. Everything about her hinted at sexual confidence and she’d need attention eventually. That was as much reality as anything.

If she wasn’t involved with a Dom, and even if she was, Brent had to claim the right sub for him. All the bad things that happened wouldn’t get in his way.

An attack on two fronts was his only hope. He had to unlock her heart and repair the damage the bastard Baxter did while simultaneously seducing her body with discipline and sex. She’d be safe with Brent. Everyone at the club had said she was strictly a sexual sub and didn’t play with anyone but her Dom.

Brent wanted all of her attention and affection, submissive and not. Now he had to do the work to win her.


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