Friday, November 29, 2013

DEAD SANTA by Lizzie T. Leaf

DEAD SANTA by Lizzie T. Leaf

The bat bite received when making Christmas Eve deliveries changed Santa. His life and the holiday he loves may never be the same.

Exhausted after his Christmas Eve deliveries, Santa wakes up with hungers he finds hard to control. A bat did fall out of a tree and take a bite out of him when it landed on his neck, but why would that make him lust for blood and sex?

Tired and sore from her husband’s insatiable desire for her body, Mrs. Claus can’t take it any longer. There is only one thing to do—leave this sex manic that has replaced her gentle husband. His new lust for raw meat is bad enough, but his out of control sex drive has her tired and sore and in need of a break. Venturing into the mortal world to stay with their son, she finds a job with an unusual family that sheds light on her husband’s issues.

Shocked at his wife’s departure, Santa is sure he knows why she left and must find a way to control his overheated libido, and his thirst for blood. His head elf learns of the existence a vampire king, sending him into the mortal realm. In his meeting with Daniel, the vampire king, Santa learns of issues far more dangerous than his.

Will what happened to Santa be the break the vampire king needs to stop a drug war that will turn Los Angeles into the drug capitol of the world?



Honey, why don’t you come to bed?”

Lost in concern over how long Santa had been sleeping, Merri gasped and whirled around. The sight of her nude husband holding his erect cock took her breath away. This wasn’t the right day for sex, so what was going on? “It’s not New Years, dear. Are you sure?”

Did he just leer at me? Oh, my stars, I hope so. He’s shaved already too. Another thing that he only does once a year. And he’s Kris.

Tossing the dishtowel on the counter, she sauntered toward the man who stole hear heart over a century ago. Those were the days before the dashing Kris Kringle took over the reins of Santa Claus from his father and magic created the illusion of the portly elf to the mortal children. Never to her though. She usually chose to look past the glamour and hoped he did too. When they made love, they each let the glamour go and became their true selves. The man standing in the doorway was her husband, not the provider of Christmas joy.

Hips swaying, Merri sashayed her way to her him. “Looks like three days of sleep were exactly what you needed.” She rubbed her hand across Kris’s smooth cheeks and smiled, pressing her curves up against him. Yes, the facial hair would grow back, but without his glamour to create an illusion, the growth would come in golden sprinkled with a little gray, not the long white, flowing beard featured in the pictures mortals drew.

She shuddered at the memory of a picture taken of her when she attended a party with her husband in the mortal world. Thanks to the magic forms they assumed, humans or cameras couldn’t penetrate their glamour. The picture that a zealous photographer snapped made her appear to be a short, plump little woman with gray hair.

Nothing could be further from the truth. She wasn’t short, more average height. And yes, her dark hair had streaks of silver, but her body was far from plump. The curves she had as a young girl were still there. All the walks in the frigid Artic air kept her firm and supple.

Merri’s knees weakened when her husband captured her mouth with his. The trail of his warm lips along her jawline stoked the embers of a fire she’d tried to ignore over the past year.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes.” He pushed her toward the bed, untying her apron then moved his hands upward to unfasten the buttons on the back of her dress.


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