Thursday, November 7, 2013

HOST 911 by Kassandra Cox and Edward Tailor

HOST 911 by Kassandra Cox and Edward Tailor

Sexy paramedic, Sam Norton, arrives at the scene of an accident to find that he is required to take on the soul of the lovely, feisty Saffron Maze in order to save her life.

Two minds in one body makes for some interesting antics; especially considering Saffron’s desire to make the most of the experience while broadening Sam’s sexual horizons.

Although both are anxious for their body sharing to end, once it does, will they find that residual feelings remain?



She heard a few others asking him if he was ok and if the transfer had gone smoothly. Hmph, no one seemed to care about asking her anything. He replied and she felt like a fifth wheel with nothing to do. Her curiosity took over and she focused her attention on Sam’s body. She could see his reflection in the glass storefront that he’d turned to face to keep her from viewing any more of the accident than she needed to. Not bad. He was tall and broad. His square jaw gave him a look of strength and dependability. It looked as though his eyes were a brilliant blue and his hair dark, more black than brown. It was cut short and spiked a bit on top in a ruffled look. If she concentrated, she could feel his body from the inside. She could feel the fit of his uniform, his muscles rippling as he moved.

“Stop that!” Sam called out in his mind, clearly not enjoying her inventory of his assets. She hadn’t even gotten to the good parts yet. Saffron went silent as Sam and his partner, Dan he’d called him, rode in their ambulance over to the hospital to push her consciousness into a transfer pod until they could give her back her body. No worries there. She was happy to get out of this stranger and have a little rest and relaxation.

She listened as the arrangements were made. He was on the table next to the pod, staring directly at it as she could plainly see. She kept waiting for something to change but nothing was happening. Oh hell, no! Half listening to some half assed explanation about the pod being old and possibly no longer functional, it hit her like a brick. Until her body was all ready, she was not going anywhere...for two whole endless days.

“FUCK!” reverberated from both of them in the same mind at the same split second as realization set in, almost causing an echo. This was going to be a very interesting two days."


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