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WELCOME TO DANJAL'S by Marion Webb-De Sisto

WELCOME TO DANJAL'S by Marion Webb-De Sisto

Meresin is the fallen angel that Ceila abhors. He’s rude, demanding and serves the Dark One. He loathes humans and considers them to be inferior to angels. This means that even though she’s only part human, he finds her objectionable at first.

Despite their intense dislike of each other, they are forced to be together by the action of demons, and their feelings begin to change. Will he ignore her humanness? Can she overlook his ruined nature and dark ways?

When an attraction develops between them, should they forget their previous hatred and help one another? Meresin becomes her rescuer and Ceila is grateful for his aid. So is it possible for love to sweep away their former antagonism?



She was curious to see who had caught Lenli’s attention and, as she reached his table, she saw her friend’s latest crush. He was dressed in black. His long, leather coat was unbuttoned and revealed an open-neck shirt and jeans; he also wore expensive boots. A sense of great strength emanated from him and his broad shoulders. His attention was on someone or something to his right so he didn’t look at Ceila, but she could see the scar that marred an otherwise handsome face. The deep gouge wasn’t fresh and appeared to have been caused by something other than a blade. He might have been clawed by some creature. The blackness of his shoulder-length hair rivaled the tone of his clothing, but there were thin streaks of white in it. They could be caused by age, yet what she could see of his face was smooth and unwrinkled, unlike the way humans showed the passage of time.

Using her angelic sight, she examined his aura. It was a mass of dark inky swirls, bounded by a shimmering blaze of indigo light. Lenli was right; he wasn’t human. Only angels who fought with Archangel Michael emitted that hue, but it was almost hidden by the darkness. He must be a former warrior angel who had fallen. They were seldom seen in this world of Cymllon. They preferred to hang out on Terra.

In order to confirm her angelic insight, she said in angel-speak, “Welcome to Danjal’s. I’m Ceila, your waitress. What can I get for you?”

He turned his head and she was subjected to a compelling scrutiny. His ice blue gaze traveled all the way down to her feet, and then back up again. Those eyes were the exact color of her celestite crystal, and she knew only angels that belonged to the Order of Powers possessed such mesmerising orbs.

In the human tongue he answered, “You are part human, an insignificant species. Do not use my language.” His voice was deep and harsh.

So he’s rude, as well as fallen. She wanted to tell this offensive oaf exactly what she thought of him, but he would complain to Danjal and that might mean the end of her job. Ceila had a reasonable rapport with the manager because she’d worked at the club for a considerable amount of time. Yet Danjal was known to fire any waitress when angered by her.

Ceila refused to comply with the fallen angel’s order. She expressed, “That comment insults my human mother. I’m able to speak in either language, and addressed you in yours as a way of trying to be helpful.” Let’s see how you like that answer.

“I can hear your thoughts.” This telepathic reply was made in the human tongue.

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