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Rawhide Series

When the death of their fathers brings Zoe Hampton and Wade Cameron back to Big Spur, she hopes for two things—to show the hot shot New York lawyer she’s not a little girl anymore and that the ranch he hates could actually ease the pain of his past. She’s got her work cut out for her on both accounts, and she doesn’t know whether to kick Wade into next week or jump his bones.

Wade hates the ranch almost as much as he hated his father, and the only reason he’s home is to bury one and sell the other. But the old man’s will puts a hitch in Wade’s plans. And Zoe’s lush body and sassy attitude spur the Dom in him to take her over his knee for a spanking they’ll both enjoy. Even finding release at a private BDSM club becomes impossible.…until the night Zoe follows Wade to Rawhide.



“Will tells me we’ve got a good crop of calves to brand this year.”

Wade’s voice behind her startled her out of her reverie, and she lost her balance, tumbling into the pen. Before she could get to her feet, he had climbed in beside her and stood looking down at her.

She spit dust from her mouth and glowered at him. “Aren’t you even going to offer to help me up? Or did you just come out here to rub my face in the fate of the ranch again? Make up your mind, Wade. I’m too old to play games and tired of sparring with you.”

“Maybe not my kind of games,” he growled.

He stared down at her then stunned her by lowering his body over hers, his legs bracketing her hips as he knelt in the dirt. His long fingers wrapped around her wrists, holding them down to either side of her head, imprisoning her. His grip was so tight as to be painful, and it shocked her that his aggression gave her pleasure.

Wade bent low over her until his face was only inches away. His eyes darkened to the color of burnt chocolate again, and a muscle ticked in his cheek. He wasn’t as unaffected as he wanted her to think. That kiss yesterday might have been meant to frighten her, just as he was trying to do now, but it was very clear he was affected, too. Probably more than he wanted to acknowledge.

Instead of struggling, Zoe lay on the ground beneath him, waiting to see what he’d do next.

“You know what I’d like to do to you, little girl?” he ground out.

“What?” The word came out in a breathy rush of air. “What would you like to do to me, Wade?”

“Things that would scare the shit out of you.”

He was holding her forcibly in place, apparently unaware she wasn’t attempting to get up. He was holding most of his weight on his knees so he didn’t crush her, but she was essentially completely helpless. His crotch was practically at eye level, and there was no mistaking the prominent bulge. Oh, yeah. He was as hard as she was instantly wet.

“You think so?” She licked her lower lip, seeing the heat flare in his eyes again and knowing she was pulling the tiger’s tail. “You might be surprised.”

He stared at her for so long she wondered if he ever planned to speak or move. Without warning, he rose to his feet, pulling her with him. Imprisoning her wrists with one hand, he swept her over his shoulder and stomped into the barn. He carried her into the tack room and slammed the door shut, sliding the bolt into place to keep it locked.

“Big talker,” he ground out. “Let’s see where that big talk gets you.”

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