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In a land where magical abilities rule and shapeshifting is the norm, Ashlyn, daughter of a wizard and sorceress, has no paranormal abilities until - in the midst of danger - she makes love with a man she first met in her erotic dreams.

From thousands of miles away, Basil Greenstorm, warrior and dragon shapeshifter, flies into the forbidden zone searching for the dreamer who had already touched his heart. He's dismayed to learn that, against her wishes, Ashlyn has been chosen to be the king's third wife.

Will their love, born in carnal dreams, overcome danger and death in this new erotic fantasy adventure from the pen of April Reid?



The Pepper/Ashlyn fairy-dragon arrowed higher. Wings grew tired, breath ached in their throats, but still they climber higher—driven by the primitive need to sort out the strongest mate.

One by one the males fell away, except for Hawthorne. His determination both angered and thrilled Pepper at the deepest level.

Closing with her, he tried to coil his tail around her body. She swooped away and up, only to find herself trapped in his embrace. He rubbed the side of his neck along hers. His erotic male musk filled her senses and set her own female juices flowing.

She twined her neck with his and opened her slit to his swollen cock. As they fell through the sky, he thrust in, pumping his great shaft—slipping out—thrusting in again—and spurted his living seed into her womb, while she screamed with pleasure.

Still rocked with glittering bliss, she suddenly saw the ground rushing up to meet them.


“I have you, Ashlyn,” a deep male voice answered, and dazedly she realized Basil held her hand.

“Pepper? Hawthorne? Where?”

“Safe.” He pointed upward where Hawthorne’s strong wings carried both him and Pepper toward the ground in a long glide.

“Gods!” She drew her fingers away from him and scrubbed her face with both hands. Her swollen nipples scraped against her tunic. The hot coil of lust between her legs tightened.

Basil’s awesome male body so close was a temptation she couldn’t ignore.

He touched her shoulder. “Ashlyn, can I help?”

“Help?” She turned toward him like a female dragosaur pouncing on fresh prey. “Take me. Love me,” she panted, tugging at his vest, too blinded by soaring desire to unlace the fastenings across his chest.

Brushing her fingers aside, he quickly unlaced the garment, while she turned her attention to the sash around his waist.

“Hurry, hurry,” she demanded.

His vest flashed past, revealing his muscled abdomen. In the meantime, she fought the obstinate coils around his waist. She wanted to tear away the stubborn fabric with her teeth.

Finally, the intricate knot yielded. She drew it away from him, unwrapping the male glory that was Basil Greenstorm.

She heard a rip as her own clothes gave way to his strength.

Locked in an embrace, they rolled across the narrow strip of grass and landed on their sides in the fragrant bed of lemon mint and basil edged with spicy sweet William.

His mouth fastened on her nipple and sucked. His busy hands found her erotic places—not only her pussy, but also the shivery places behind her knees and the dimple at the base of her spine.

One of his fingers, moistened in her own woman’s dew, teased her swollen clit—sliding over and around the throbbing love knot. The other slipped down the crack between her butt cheeks.

Wildly, she scrabbled at his broad back with her fingernails—deep in desire and blinded by need. The scent of his moist male skin filled her nostrils. Rearing her head back, she bit his side under one arm.

He growled and plunged two fingers into her slit and partway out. His other hand reached between her legs from behind, dampening his fingers in her natural lubricant.

“Ever been finger-fucked in your ass?” he asked in a low, dangerous tone, pressing against her butt hole.

“N…no, but I want everything, everything…”

“Good. It’s your first time, so I’ll use my smallest finger.”

His hand slid back and forth across the tight opening. Nerve endings came alert in a shimmer of waiting.

At the same time, his fingers between her labia twisted. She caught her breath. The heavy, hot tension expanded through her nerves...


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