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UNTIL EMIE by Gabriella Edwards

UNTIL EMIE by Gabriella Edwards

After years of self-imposed exile, Emie Sinclair Douglas is ready. Security expert Josiah "Cut" Cutler didn't want her when she was too young to handle him, but now it's time to get him out of her system...or into her bed.


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Until Emie By Gabriella Edwards

Copyright © Gabriella Edwards , 2010

All Rights Reserved, Red Sage Publishing, Inc.

Excerpt From Until Emie

Deep fuchsia crape myrtle blooms spearing from four trees on a rambling front lawn had always warmed Emie to the arrogant prick who owned the place. It was just like Cut to throw people off from what they’d expect. She’d never been inside, had never been invited, but the beautiful antebellum house with its towering columns and upper level balcony of wrought iron now called to her in a strange, soulful way. The feeling almost thawed the rigid shock of the last hour’s events.

It was a peaceful disparity from what she had always imagined the auspicious Cutler Security Corporation should be. Limestone and glass with angular lines better fit the man who had managed to make himself a name in the international security world. This serene picture of Southern gentility did not fit him. Sweet and welcoming was not exactly something she’d truly expect once inside and definitely not indicative of the man now.

Oh, he could be very persuasive, charm the clothes off any saint, and make them sing while coming. Her ire rose even more as he opened the door for her to get out.

She didn’t.

Holding firm, Emie crossed her arms and looked her fill of the man who could set her blood surging with hot, wicked lust. It only pissed her off more. She raised her chin and glared at him even harder. The smile on his face didn’t reach the brilliance of his eyes as he stared at her.
When he ran his eyes over her entire length, she couldn’t stop the shiver of excitement at the growing desire she spied in them. Crossing her trembling legs in an attempt at elegant nonchalance, she tried not to notice how the borrowed shirt threatened to reveal more than it covered.

“Do you have a plan, Emie, or are you waiting to see how long it’ll take before I drag you out of there?” Bracing an arm above the door, he looked away to follow Harden and Moe’s progress to the house, giving her the chance to bolt for the opposite door.

“Fuck you, Cut!” Emie stumbled out of the car nearly falling on her face.

“Oh, yeah! Let’s play, baby.” His grunt of surprise smoothed quickly into a seductive rumble. “By all means, I love a fast, hard chase before a slow, easy fuck.”

Seeing him shooting around the rear of the car to follow her, Emie ran toward a small group of trees along the lake bordering his property. She didn’t get very far—she shouldn’t have looked back—before he caught her and easily threw her over his shoulder. Her startled squeal caught the attention of the two other men who turned to see what caused it. They must have liked the view; she noticed they seemed reluctant to turn away from it.

Emie slowly simmered.

With her bare ass just sitting over the front of his shoulder, Emie knew they received an unrestricted view of her pussy in all its bare glory and since she kept wiggling and kicking, they probably caught a glimpse or two of her traitorous little clit, too. Hearing Moe’s uncontrolled moan of longing only confirmed it, but his crude, hoarse plea drilled through any pretense.

“Cut, man, I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you let me bury my face in that right now!”
Hardin choked a laugh, but as Cut turned slightly away, Emie noticed the other’s growing arousal. She wondered what was going through Cut’s mind. Although she had felt him stiffen at Moe’s offer, he declined it easily.

“Moe, I’m not feeling very generous with this one, right now. But I’ll let you know when I can use some company.”

That was it for Emie; her fury raged.

“Put me down you egotistical son of a bitch!” She punctuated each word with her pounding fists against his back.

“This is unreal! We have just come from a high-speed chase, nearly run off the road with one of your buddies almost blown away, and all you can think about is burying your faces in pussy?” she screamed, suddenly thinking she was the one out of her mind because she had to be hallucinating.

This was not happening!


Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2010 All Rights Reserved


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