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The sequel to Amber Allure's Best Seller NIGHT TRAIN TO NAPLES

Confusion, danger, and passion heat up the reunion of Italian diamond courier Dante Rocco and his former business-rival-turned-lover, the vampire Alexandros Nicolaides.

Alex has never wavered in what Dante means to him, but Dante arrives in New Orleans suddenly unsure of his feelings and the impulsive promise he'd made to leave Italy for America. In the historic richness of the French Quarter, Dante must decide how he really feels about Alex, even as the powerful ruler of the Louisiana vampires complicates their lives, and Giacomo, the vampire who'd tried to murder them in Naples, arrives on the scene to try again.



Alex studied the man in the drunken stupor. Where were the welcoming arms, the sexual passion and heat, the fucking he’d anticipated with his lover tonight after such a long separation? This reunion had not only fallen short of his expectations, but Dante’s behavior puzzled him. For openers, he’d never seen him have more than one drink at a meal. For another, he’d sensed guardedness even over a simple kiss. He’d pulled back instead of stepping forward into the kiss. Tonight, Alex suspected Dante had used overindulgence to shut himself off from lovemaking. At the moment, he wasn’t sure why because Dante’s response to his kisses and his touch had signaled how much Dante wanted to fuck with him.

Alex sighed. So he’s shut me out, and here I am, my cock as hard and tight in its skin as a boulder and my body trembling with wanting him.

Slipping off his shoes, he lay on his side on top of the covers behind Dante and propped himself up on one elbow. Dante’s hair was in his eye, and Alex brushed it back, enjoying its silken feel and the view of the elegant lines of Dante’s facial bones. His skin was warm. Alive. Alex especially loved that about him and intended he would stay that way. Dante didn’t stir as Alex’s finger slid down the bridge of his nose, which was just as aristocratic as Alex remembered it. In sleep, Dante’s dark lashes reached well beneath his lower lids. Only their upward curl kept them from touching his face. Like men with dark hair, his jaw line and upper lip were shadowed by the hint of new growth.

Alex found it very sexual.

Dante didn’t move, even when Alex ran his hand over his hip and spread it wide across one buttock to press the firm roundness covered by bedding and briefs. His hand retreated to Dante’s shoulder and the delectable place where it met his neck. Alex’s eyeteeth, pointed and sharp, lengthened as he smelled the blood coursing there and detected the alcohol tainting it. Leaning forward, he closed his eyes and listened to Dante’s heart as with its every pump blood pulsated against the vessels in his neck. The blood magic enthralled him, called him…to drink. No one else’s blood tasted like Dante’s. No other human intrigued him as much.

Alex moved closer, spooning with the curve of his lover’s body. It would be wrong to sink his fangs into that neck unless Dante knew of it, but Alex’s aching cock and marbled sac demanded release and almost leaped into his hand as it found them. Pleasure absorbed him as he toyed with himself, then seriously stroked, kneaded and pulled until his body sang with sensation and he knew he was close to the zenith of all he could feel. It was time. Only then did he lean over and sink one fang carefully into Dante’s earlobe.

As the sweet taste of Dante’s blood hit his tongue, his body remembered how it was to be inside his man-love. He arched more tightly against him.


At the sound of that voice, rough and sensual in sleep, Alex pumped his palm down hard on the tip of his cock to drive himself over the edge. His orgasm exploded. For a time he remained tense, suspended in ecstasy as his balls tightened and spasmed until spent. Even after his body had relaxed and all desire for sex had evaporated, he remained curled against Dante. Only the sound of Dante’s breathing broke the silence. He hadn’t moved or spoken again.

Pushing up on his elbow again, Alex leaned over and licked the bloody earlobe and the places where it had bled until it was clean. Because of the healing power in his saliva, by morning, any sign that he’d bitten Dante would be gone. It was a small deception, and one he would admit to at some point when their relationship was once again on solid ground, but not now. For now he would hold the experience close to his chest...


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