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PRE-GAME SHOW by Zenobia Renquist

PRE-GAME SHOW by Zenobia Renquist

Tawnie and Hudson have been together for a long time. Their marriage isn't bad, but a woman needs some excitement in her life. Fortunately for Tawnie, Friday nights provide just the sort of adventure married life's been short on of late.

Friday nights mean Hudson's poker tournament, with a crowd of Hudson's friends. Big, noisy friends who love to do guy things. Tawnie knows just what they'll want. Snacks, booze, and a special brand of pre-game entertainment only she can provide.


Pre-Game Show
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Tawnie could hear them on the stairs. Her boys. They were never quiet. Always cracking jokes about who would go first and making bets on who could last until the end. So far Jason remained the reigning champion.


She squirmed, rubbing her thighs together to soothe the anticipatory ache that made her pussy tingle. Jason always invaded her thoughts when she wanted to get herself off in a big way. He was the athletic sort who lived in the gym. The results had her sitting in a wet spot every time she saw him. She envied his wife, a woman equally obsessed with exercise, though Jason's wife looked very much like a woman who went for weights more than aerobics -- next to zero body fat and all muscle.

Tawnie had it on good authority that Jason liked his women a little soft, with curves he could hold. He and his wife enjoyed a terrible sex life. But that explained why Jason always visited Tawnie.

She smoothed her hands down her sides and over her thighs, enjoying the feel of the silk, fur-lined robe wrapped around her body. A bark of laughter made her smile to herself.


His looks were the polar opposite of Jason's. An ex-military man, Doug had let himself go the moment he got out. But he still remained a gentleman. That was his charm. He worshipped a woman with his amethyst eyes and made her feel special, like royalty come to life. And Tawnie did have a habit of bringing him to his knees.

Another married man. But even a man as good as Doug had moments of weakness. In fact, all her boys were married men. And each one had shown up for a Friday night poker tournament two hours early just to see her.

Ben knocked twice at the bedroom door. He was the gatekeeper, but then, it was his bedroom. Ben never stayed, though. He let the boys in and then took off until everyone had finished. He was the only one of the bunch not married and never had been. So far as Tawnie knew, he never wanted to be.

He opened the door enough so he could see in but the others couldn't and asked, "Ready?"

She blew him a kiss as her answer.


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