Thursday, October 25, 2012

SKYE HIGH by LaVerne Thompson

“Who knew that traveling first class could be so…well…enlightening?” Reilly Greene thought as she watched her old teenage crush now fully grown, lick his fingers. Who the hell was she kidding? Traveling anywhere, anyhow with Ben Skye was enough to make her weak at the knees and a few other places in between.

Ben Skye thought the possibility of having a heart attack at 33,000 feet in the air just might not be a bad way to go – if Reilly was the one giving it to him. But could he convince her that once their feet hit the ground he could still take her to the heavens, and this time it would be for the rest of their lives. 


Reilly sank down into the plush leather chair of the business first class section window seat and sighed in relief, she was exhausted. She’d only had two days to get ready for this trip, yes she’d known about it for two months but it was only a couple of days ago that she knew she’d be able to make it for sure. When she finally got her money back that snake of her accountant had stolen from her, only then did she book the trip. At first she thought she was ruined, all her hard work down the drain. None of the people involved would be able to recover all their money the accountant had been entrusted with. Still she got back enough to continue to run her taxi service and splurge on her first vacation in years.
She spent every dime she had on her year-old business, and the company was running in the black. Her car service provided a more exclusive kind of taxi service. More expensive than a cab of course, but cheaper than booking a limo. Her clients traveled in style and luxury in black Explorer SUVs with plush leather interiors and shock absorbers that made it seem you floated on air. Accounts were set up online so no money exchanged hands with the drivers and all bookings were done online or through a Smartphone app she had designed. Reilly had six full-time drivers, two part-time ones for the twilight hours, and a manager. When the cars were not in use they were kept in garage space she rented, and she also had a contract with a local mechanic to service the SUVs. All of this helped to keep her operational expenses low. Business was good, even better now she had her money back and at the last minute decided to take the trip to see her best friend get married after all.
The business first class seat was the only thing available on such short notice and a treat for her. Then she had to rush to get everything together because her passport had expired and a renewal had to be expedited. She couldn’t wait to see her friend Trisha. There was a time when they saw each other every day. Then after college Trisha moved to England. It had been a year since they’d been in the same country at the same time and now she was getting married. To some Count no less. But Trisha always looked like she was meant to be royalty with that ice blond beauty thing going for her, which was in complete contrast color wise from Reilly’s rich dark chocolate skin tone and curly hair down to her waist. If she ever straightened it, it would hang down to her butt. But she liked her hair just the way it was thank you very much. Women paid a fortune to get that look. She simply had to shower, towel dry, run a big-toothed comb or fingers through her locks and she was good to go.
Reilly settled back into her seat, took the complementary drink and sighed in pure bliss. The seats in first class quickly filled up, all but the seat next to her, not that she minded. After pretty much getting very little sleep these last few weeks due to the worry of her finances, and then the rush to make this trip, she was mentally and physically exhausted. She planned on sleeping through the twelve-hour flight. After she finished her drink, she took her sandals off and put on the cozy socks the airlines provided for them. She couldn’t put the seat back into the bed position yet, but she got the blanket out and snuggled under it. Being in the more secluded area on the upper deck of the plane, everyone in her section had already settled down. Those in the business or coach classes were a level below so they didn’t have to traverse past her section. As soon as her eyes closed she drifted into slumber.
The husky voice of the male seated next to her as he spoke to someone…the air hostess?…drew her away from sleep. “Mmm…” she groaned attracted to the sound, she turned toward it. She opened her eyes and drowned within the vibrant green gaze that stared back at her. Reilly had seen eyes like those before and they drew her to a memory from a night a long time ago.

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