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MEREDITH'S PRIDE by Missy Martine

MEREDITH'S PRIDE by Missy Martine

Galactic Nuptials Book Three

Meredith Carter is lonely and just wants to find someone to love. The nice people at Galactic Nuptials assure him that some of their clients prefer male mates.

The leader of the Chaarta pride sent all their cubs into hiding with Delsin and Etu when the war started. Now, they're all that's left of their pride. They're desperate for a mate to care for the five small young ones. When they find the picture of the lovely creature with long brown hair in Galactic Nuptial’s catalog, they know they’ve found their mate.

It’s too bad they didn’t read the small print. What’re they going to do when they find out "Meredith" can be a male’s name too?

Delsin sniffed the air and came fully awake when the aroma of something tasty settled in his nose. It was his turn to cook, but someone must have taken pity on him and saved him from the arduous chore. He quickly dressed and headed for the kitchen.
He came to a halt just inside the door. Mer was standing in front of the stove, dressed in a pair of shorts and no shirt. He was humming some tune and wiggling his hips in time to the beat. Delsin felt his cock begin to fill, his lion stretching and purring inside him. Swallowing hard, he cleared his throat.
Mer turned around and smiled. “Good morning! Did you sleep well? I figured since you went to the trouble to bring all this food from Earth, I’d give you a hand and cook breakfast for everyone.” He took a step back and bit his lip. “Is that okay?”
Delsin took two steps into the room and smiled. “Absolutely, it’s okay. It smells wonderful.”
“What’s that heavenly smell?” Etu walked through the door, raking his fingers through his hair. Brother, my lion is fighting me. He wants Mer for a mate, and I’m not sure I can control him.
Delsin looked at the heat in Etu’s eyes and groaned inwardly. I know what you’re going through. My own beast is determined to claim the little man no matter what I want. We need to fight it, Etu. We need to find a female shifter that’s willing to come live with our pride so we can increase our numbers. Eventually our lions will understand this.
“That smell is the wonderful aroma of bacon, my friend. There’s nothing like starting the day with several thick slices of pig to go with your scrambled eggs.” Mer chuckled and put another pan on the cooking unit. He vigorously stirred a bowl of runny, yellow liquid.
“Man, that smells good.” Hakan walked in, followed closely by Knoton. “When are we eating?”
“Any minute now. “ Mer poured the contents of the bowl into the hot pan. “Take a seat, and I’ll bring your plates to you.” A few minutes later he was setting plates of eggs and bacon in front of each man. “Go ahead and get started. I’m gonna run and check on the babies, and then I’ll come back and join you.”
Delsin watched him walk down the hall and groaned.
“Goddess, this is fantastic.” Knoton shoveled the food in his mouth.
Hakan narrowed his eyes. “For somebody that’s not interested in taking him as a mate, the two of you are almost drooling watching him. What’s going on?”
Knoton snorted. “If you really don’t want him, would you mind if I take a stab at getting him to like me?”
In the blink of an eye, Delsin had Knoton up against the wall with his hands at his throat. “You will keep your paws off of him. Do you understand?”
Etu leaned in close. “We will end your life in a very painful way if you don’t stay away.”
Knoton grinned. “I can see how the two of you don’t really want or care about the little human.”
Delsin tightened his hands and then froze when a bloodcurdling scream came from the back of the house.

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