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TAKEN: TALES OF CYMLLON by Marion Webb-DeSisto


A blind date with a guy dressed as an angel is what Esther Nolan's friends give as her thirtieth birthday present. Reluctant to accept, she nevertheless goes to dinner with the pseudo angel, named Zortek, and he's rude, chauvinistic and very odd. The following night he suddenly appears in Esther’s apartment and takes her captive to the magical world of Cymllon. There she learns he's a demgel, someone who is half demon, half angel. Rescued by another demgel, named Dreydon, she spends time with him in his home. Esther quickly develops feelings of attraction toward Dreydon, but tries to ignore them because he isn't human.

Rescuing Esther is a very unusual act for Dreydon. He doesn't normally concern himself with what other demgels are doing. Yet he feels drawn to her. Having her company fills the loneliness in his life. Dreydon discovers and shares with Esther a truth about herself that she finds impossible to believe. He also realizes she is his mate.

Will Zortek want revenge because Dreydon took Esther from him? And will two unalike individuals from different worlds find lasting love?



Eventually, Esther could see the grassy field was coming to an end. Beyond it were densely-clumped trees, so another wood with rewarding shade was waiting for them. As they drew close, she heard the flapping of wings overhead. Looking up, she saw another demgel circling above them. He flew round and round two or three times and then dropped down a few feet away from Zortek’s left side. This newcomer spoke several unintelligible words in a measured, deep voice. Whatever he said made Zortek angry. He gripped Esther even tighter and shouted a response.

Unlike the dead one, this demgel was taller and broader than her captor. He was wearing pants that looked like raggedy shorts, and well-worn sandals. His skin color resembled a golden tan, his wings were brown and his dark eyes were blazing at Zortek. He uttered more incomprehensible words, and the tone of his voice and his body stance told her he was undoubtedly issuing a challenge. To Esther it seemed as though Zortek hesitated for a few seconds—then he released his hold on her and strode over to the newcomer. His claws became evident, as did those of his challenger. The other demgel snarled at Zortek and she could see he possessed long fangs. They then went at each other with even more ferocity than the previous fight.

Was this another opportunity for escape? Or would Zortek also kill this second combatant? Esther thought it was better to try getting away rather than stand there and watch another killing. She took a couple of steps backward, but stopped because the new demgel’s eyes were locked on her, and his right arm was outstretched in her direction. His left arm was clamped around Zortek’s body, pinning his arms into immobility. He pointed a golden claw at Esther and mouthed something. She felt a tremor pass right through her and when she attempted to continue moving away, her feet felt like they were glued to the ground. This was different from what Zortek had done to her muscles, but it was equally as powerful. She was unable to do anything other than stand and watch the two demgels fight.

Somehow Zortek managed to free himself and his claws were swiping at his opponent. He connected with tissue, and Esther could see golden blood discharging from gouges in the other demgel’s chest. Yet her captor was faring worse. He had even deeper gashes on his arms and body and it was obvious he was the weaker of the two. The new demgel now had him confined in a bear hug and appeared to be literally crushing him. Zortek opened his mouth and bit down on his challenger’s shoulder with his fangs. The other one’s face contorted with pain. He violently threw Zortek down on the grass and was instantly astride him. His knees were holding his opponent’s arms immobile and the pressure of his long legs kept Zortek’s legs still. Esther watched in dismay as his left arm shot upward. She knew what he was about to do.

“No! No! I can’t bear any more killing.”

The demgel’s arm remained up in the air as he looked across at her. She shook her head vigorously and held her breath, waiting for him to make the killing strike. It didn’t happen. Instead, his claws vanished and his hand smashed down and delivered a jaw-breaking blow to Zortek’s chin. He was immediately rendered unconscious.

The victor got up and walked over to Esther. He had to be close to seven feet in height so he literally towered over her. The golden scales across his shoulders and chest were almost standing up on end, but as she watched, they slowly lay down flat against his body. His fangs had also retracted back into his mouth. He stared down at her with a look that sent dread rushing through her mind and body, but she hoped she could hide her fear. If he was about to kill her, he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing her cringe. He leaned close to Esther and sniffed her face, just as Zortek had done. Then, while straightening back up, his left hand reached out toward her and she waited for the possible death blow. However, he only touched her lightly on the arm and said, “You can move now.”

She tested his words by shuffling her feet and they were no longer stuck to the ground. Esther toyed with the idea of running away from him as fast as she could, but before she had a chance to decide what to do, his arms encircled her and he lifted up into flight. His wings beat strongly and his body was angled almost horizontally. Esther was held closely under him. All she could see was the swell of taut muscles under his golden tan skin, and a deep wound running across his chest. There was also a light odor of sandalwood coming from him. She gave thought to breaking free from his grasp, yet that would be foolish. If he let her go, she’d fall, and Esther was sure they were flying high, so that would mean certain death for her.

They flew for some distance. At least his body was shielding her from the merciless sun. Was he now taking her to that unknown thing, a mejin? Esther decided that once they were back on the ground, she would try to escape. She would have no idea about which direction to take, but at least she’d be free. Meanwhile, it was sensible to allow him to take her wherever he was going. Esther closed her eyes and tried to appreciate how she was being given a new and different experience, that of flying.


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