Thursday, November 29, 2012

TO START AGAIN by Raven Starr

TO START AGAIN by Raven Starr

Madison had been through hell. It happened her ailing mother would help her to see the light.

Enter Aidan Wright the construction man she hires to build another Rosie's Creations store in Connecticut.

When Madison's mother gets sick Aidan not only helps Madison keep her faith but also have faith in love.


            “Are you listening to me, Madison?”
“Huh? I mean, yes, I heard you. Jet Construction and we need to go by the site. I got it,” Madison finished as she turned to face her mother.
Her mother stood a whopping five feet tall, with an hourglass shape to rival the latest full-figure model. But behind that voluptuous frame lived a hell-cat. In Madison ’s childhood memories, one thing always rang clear—; her Rosemary Webb didn’t play around. Madison knew she had stepped over the line when her mother put her small hands on her wide hips.
Madison gave her mother a thumbs-up and said, “I gotcha, Mom. I’m paying attention.”
“Good. I need you by my side on this, my darling daughter. I want you to be the one to supervise the construction of the store. And once it’s done, I want you to paint a mural on the side—anything you want—but I want your work to express our shop.”
A mural? This was the first she’d heard of this plan.
Shaking her head, Madison held up her hands as if stopping traffic. “Mom, wait! … Though I dabble, I can’t paint anymore.”
Walking over to the mirror in the hallway, she stood directly behind her mother. As mother and daughter stood staring at each other, time slowed., and Madison stared deep into her mother’s eyes, trying to conceal the sadness in her own eyes. “I’ve got some sort of block. It’s an artist thing. I can’t just—I haven’t really painted in a while. Maybe you should ask…”
“I want you to do it, Maddie. You’re a wonderful artist and your talent is always within you. God gave each of us a talent and you need to get back to using yours. You just need a little inspiration, darling, that’s all,” Rosemary said as she kissed her forehead.


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