Thursday, November 29, 2012


Deanna, Mark, Lisa, and Jason head to Cape Cod for a fun couples’ vacation. Deanna thinks her fun has ended when she argues with Mark and he leaves the Cape abruptly.

Her mind changes when she sees Lisa and Jason having sex and decides she wants to participate.
Can Lisa and Jason help Deanna change her vacation nightmare to the best vacation ever?


           Deanna woke up the next morning almost in a daze from the scene she had witnessed the previous night. She was incredibly horny after seeing Lisa and Jason fuck, but she was also incredibly scared to face Jason that morning. Or for all she knew, she might be facing Lisa and Jason, if Jason had already told Lisa about her watching them? She had no idea what to expect as she rolled out of bed.
She wandered into the kitchen to start coffee. She was glancing out the window when it was finished. She turned to get the milk from the refrigerator and bumped into Jason’s bare chest. She jumped in surprise.
“Damn”, she called out, “I didn’t even hear you there.”
Jason stared at her for a minute and put a finger to his mouth. She knew that meant Lisa was still asleep. Her friend was never an early riser. Her eyes wandered over his chest and defined abs before looking in his eyes to judge his mood that morning. He didn’t have a shirt on which was making it even harder to appear calm than it already would have been. Jason smiled.
“Wanna bring your coffee onto the patio?” He asked.
Deanna nodded and followed him outside. She knew this meant he was going to talk to her about the previous night. The only bright side was that his request to go outside meant that he hadn’t told Lisa what had happened yet. Jason was so hard to read. He wasn’t showing any expression, so she wasn’t sure how he felt about her watching them last night.
She leaned up against the deck and watched as Jason’s eyes surveyed her. She was a little uncomfortable with him. He wore only a pair of blue mesh shorts, and she couldn’t help but stare a bit as she thought about the enormous cock that she had seen inside of them the night before.
“Can we talk about last night?” He asked.
“I’m sorry”, she blurted out quickly, “ I came in after I fought with Mark, you guys left the door open, I shouldn’t have stayed, I’m sorry.”
Jason held up one hand and said, “Whoa hold on….one part at a time, what happened with Mark?”
She explained the details of the argument quickly, reassuring him impatiently that she wasn’t hurt or upset by the fight. She appreciated his concern, but was more interested in what he had to say about her voyeurism. More importantly, she wanted to know if he had told Lisa about her.
“Ok”, Jason said slowly, “I get why you came to the room, and I get that we left the door open, but why did you watch us?”
Deanna inhaled sharply. Jason seemed to have a bullshit meter that would see right through her if she lied to him. Although the truth could have bad consequences, she decided she was so screwed at this point that things couldn’t really get any worse.
“I was turned on”, she admitted shyly, “I walked in on you and wanted to stop watching but I couldn’t.”
Jason looked at her expectantly. He knew there was more to the story. He just waited for Deanna to continue.
“Lisa is my friend, but I think she’s sexy, and seeing her naked turned me on”, she said quietly.
“Are you a lesbian Deanna?” Jason asked.
“No, no”, she answered quickly.
“Bisexual?” He questioned, “No judgments if you are.”
“I’m not sure”, she confessed, “I haven’t been with a woman, but I’m attracted to them, and I’m very attracted to Lisa.”
Jason breathed a sigh, just taking it all in. He wasn’t really sure what to say to Deanna. He knew it was odd that she watched her friend, but it made his cock hard to think about her being excited by Lisa. She wasn’t as sexy as Lisa was, but she was definitely an attractive woman. He chose his words carefully.
“I guess the question kinda is”, he said deliberately, “Were you interested in watching her or both of us?”

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