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DARK DESIRE by Desiree Holt

DARK DESIRE by Desiree Holt

Tentative Club Fantasy Book Two

Risa Channing found herself stuck at one level in BDSM play and was ready for more. She asked Ruelas, the mysterious owners of Club Fantasy, to pair her with a Dom who would take her to the next level and beyond, but she got more than she expected with Master J.

The last thing Jax Schroyer expected was a woman who pushed all his buttons the way Risa did. From the moment he laid eyes on her—and hands—on her he knew one night with her would never be enough. Somehow in the few hours they’d be together he had to convince her he was the man who would always fulfill her dark desire.


The man sitting next to him rose, and immediately, Risa felt her thong dampen even as her mouth went dry. Like Ruelas, he appeared taller than he was his shoulders broad, and his chest and abs hard and flat, with a sexy dusting of dark hair. All the rippling muscles were easy to see because he was naked from the waist up. The rest of his body was clad in leather pants tight enough that she could see the thick bulge of his cock. Below that, he was barefoot. She noticed his feet appeared as graceful as the rest of his body.

But it was his face that caught her attention. Framed by a thick fall of inky black hair, it was a warrior’s face, finely chiseled with a square jaw, startling blue eyes and lashes any woman would kill for. The power he exuded was so strong as to be nearly visible in the air around him. She could only stand there mesmerized, and so aroused she needed every bit of discipline to keep herself together.

Deep inside her something unfamiliar began to unwind like a coil tightened down for too long. Something teased at her emotions as well as her senses. Was she getting herself into something too deep here? She wasn’t looking for more than one night of intense pleasure. Was she?

“Risa,” Ruelas’ voice penetrated the fog wrapped around her brain. “This is Master J.”

Her eyes drank him in even as they kept returning to the significant bulge in his pants. She could hardly wait to feel that inside her. At his pleasure, of course.

Master J, in full Dom mode, did not extend his hand. Instead, he let his gaze travel slowly over every inch of her body, so penetrating was his stare that she might as well have been naked. He nodded at Ruelas.

“She will do very nicely.”

Ruelas smiled. “You know it is always my goal to please.” He looked at Risa. “I have passed along your desires to Master J and I assure you he can more than satisfy them. Beyond that, Risa, you can trust him completely.”

Her mouth was so dry she had to swallow before she could speak. Every nerve in her body vibrated and her pulse throbbed in her womb.

“Thank you, Ruelas.” She lowered her eyes. “And thank you, Master J.”

“The room is prepared for you,” the owner told the Dom. “Everything is as you requested.”

“Good. Then we shouldn’t waste any more time.”

Okay, so no small talk or let’s get acquainted.

Well, this was what she’d asked for, right? A complete Dom who would take her well into the next level of BDSM play. Someone who could satisfy the very dark desires that claimed her dreams and left her shaken when she awoke.

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