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HEAVEN SENT by Mahalia Levey

HEAVEN SENT by Mahalia Levey

Mia Justice counts every day as a blessing, not taking life for granted. Although she has strong faith, she finds it hard to move on in her personal life, until an accident changes her perception of really living.

Dire Sylis takes his job and the responsibility that comes with his job seriously. Saving as many lives or helping in any situation is how he pays homage to the father he lost as a young adult. However nothing prepares him the chance encounter that will change his life.



Darkness fell early in the evening. Mia sipped a cup of hot cocoa while waiting. Time had never moved slower than waiting for Dire to show. Maybe she needed a psychologist or some heavier meds of a different type. Who worried about a man they recently met, and without an exact definition of the relationship they were heading in. She grasped his shirt in one hand, wanting to bury her face in his scent. Madness. She’d fallen head over heels into insanity. Tired of pacing and watching out the blinds for a glimpse of his truck, she sat down and flipped the television on. True to her word, she kept away from the news channels. Comedic family shows played on every channel. Not in the mood for comedy, she turned the television off and picked up a historical romance she’d found at a swap and shop months ago, but hadn’t had the time to read. She slipped the robe off and donned his shirt, wanting to feel closer to him in his absence. Using the discarded robe as blanket, she curled up on the couch and disappeared into the pages of her new book.

Lost in the world of thievery, abduction and handsome as sin highlanders, she’d toned out the world until a loud banging on the door scared her out of her wits. She dog-eared the page and tossed off the robe. The incessant pounding grew louder. “What.” She swung the door open ready to rip the balls out of the person who’d made her put down the fantastic book and probably dented her door. “Dire.”

“I rang the bell seven times.” Did he growl at her? And why did she find the sound arousing. Wait…I’m mad at him. She crossed her arms over her breasts and glared at him.

“I’m sorry for scaring you.”

Mia saw red. She clocked him with her open palm across his face, spun on her heel and stormed back into her house.

“Mia. Stop.”

“Go to hell.” She launched her body forward into a sprint up the stairs away from him. Pounding footsteps fell behind her as she heard him chase. Halfway up the stairs, a band of steel wound across her middle, halting her momentum. She kicked back and found her legs trapped by muscles as hard as tree trunks.

“Why are you mad?”

God he smelled good. Even angry with him, his energy singed her. Struggling to break his hold got her nowhere. His breath tickled her neck. His rock hard chest cradled her back.

“You didn’t text or call.”

Dire cussed under his breath. “Because I thought you’d be asleep like we discussed,” he snapped at her and spun her to face him.

She saw the angry welt on his face and dropped her gaze. Dire didn’t deserve her abuse. Ashamed of her actions, she couldn’t look him in the face.

“You should’ve anyhow.”

“I’m okay.” She frowned refusing to give into the two words she’d wanted to hear for hours.

“The team is okay too. Mia. I like to look who I’m talking to in the face.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” She pushed against him to get away and stumbled on the stairs when he let go of her. “Take this back and get out. I can’t do this.” Tears threatened to spill as she tore off his shirt and threw it at him. The T-shirt hit him in the face and fell to the floor. “I wanted to tell you that we should be friends but I can’t now because I’m in too deep.” His stunned expression, the way he held his body rigid while raking a gaze over her body caused her to shiver in reaction and start for her bedroom. “I said to leave,” she repeated when he made no move to.

“Calm down.” Instead of leaving, he followed her.

“Fuck you.”

“That’s mature.” He caught up to her, spun her around, and fisted a hand in her hair keeping her from running further. “Look at me Mia.” Her choice was to squeeze her eyes shut or to do as he bid.

“You had better be glad I’m not tender headed.” She glared at him, uncomfortable with the close proximity of his body so close to hers and her runaway emotions.

“I’m not hurt and you’re okay. Nothing bad happened.” He pressed her against the edge of her bed and dropped an arm to her lower back. Mia almost died when his lips feathered over her skin of her throat. Soft at first, until he worked a path up her neck, swept a finger along her jaw line and nipped to her lips.

Dormant need blazed to life. Mia turned aggressor, wrapping her legs around his waist and planting her lips over his mouth. Tongues tangled. Moaning into his mouth, she found the hem of his shirt and thrust her hands up his chest. Dire helped her take the T-shirt off. God, he is so sexy. To think she’d been totally naked in front of him this whole time left her feeling inhibited.

“Don’t get shy on me now. You looked damn sexy wearing my name.” He bit into the curve of her neck while palming the globes of her ass. His sparse chest hair abraded her sensitive nipples. Wetness drenched her thighs as he laid her down. Dire paused assaulting her mouth to grab a condom out of his pocket. She watched enthralled as he unbuttoned his jeans and shrugged out of them to cover his heavy cock.


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