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PINOT NOIR NIGHTS by Cheryl Dragon

PINOT NOIR NIGHTS by Cheryl Dragon

Wine Country Series

Professional wine critic Sonia Rowan is thrilled to attend a private tasting at Farabella Vineyards. Lovers Carter Farabella, Jace Porter, and Warren Bonham run the winery. She’s known them for years, but being alone changes everything. They’ve been waiting for the right time and want to uncover her submissive sexual side! She’s trying to shake a pushy ex who is also in the wine business.

The very in-control woman reveals her eager-to-please side. Learning their likes, she teases and falls for each of them. She’s never had so many men demanding her attention, but staying too long could ruin her career. Sonia doesn’t want to leave, but her objectivity is critical to her job. When her ex finds out that Sonia extended her stay at Farabella, he’s out to make serious trouble for the winery and destroy her in the process.



In search of a quiet spot, she found Warren Bonham’s office. Carter’s best friend from childhood, Warren managed the warehousing and shipping. The most organized of the bunch, he sat with his laptop. She watched him for a moment. His light brown hair and deep hazel eyes were almost as delicious as his muscles. No doubt he could lift a barrel of wine with his bare hands.

She debated on whether or not to tap on his door. She didn’t want to appear needy, but the men at Farabella turned her on. Sonia had no trouble being alone when working, but their attention was much more welcome than Dylan’s! Her dilemma was resolved when Jace Porter raced up and bumped into her.

“Sorry, Sonia. Are you keeping Warren tied up back here?” Jace smiled at them.

“I didn’t even see her. What can I do for our favorite wine critic?” Warren closed his computer and exited the office.

“Nothing. I just needed a bit of quiet. Dylan had poor Carter cornered, so I was giving them room.” It was an open secret her relationship with Dylan was over. Wine circles weren’t that big, even though the industry had grown in recent years. She felt especially safe at Farabella since the rumor was the three of them were into men despite how they flirted.

Jace shrugged. Normally the quiet one of the trio, Sonia liked him. She suspected he and Warren were more than friends. Then again, she occasionally picked up that vibe from all three of them until they turned around and focused on her. Being without sexual attention from a man now had her instincts on the prowl.

“What is it?” Warren asked.

“Dylan makes it sound like you two are going to get back together.” Jace ran the grape fields, and it showed in his darker tan. Beyond that he was the boy next door. His brown hair and brown eyes with a strong body and a shy smile made for an irresistible package.

However, Sonia had and would continue to resist the temptation. Dating another wine critic had proven foolish enough. Getting in bed with a winery was suicide. Besides, it was all in her head. She craved attention, and beyond the attraction to the three men of Farabella she’d also felt a friendship and trust with them not always present when she toured a vineyard.

“We are not getting back together! Some men can’t grow up and back off,” Sonia said in exasperation.

“Well, he won’t bother you while you’re with us. Don’t worry about that.” Warren wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Desire radiated through her at the touch. The men were so close that she could feel the heat and enjoy the very male scents of earth, wood, and wine on them. Her pussy tightened, but Sonia kept a firm grip on her outward appearance. They were being sympathetic to a single girl, not making a move.

“Thanks, I can handle Dylan. Dating and business don’t mix. I knew better.” Being a control freak was harder than people realized. She apparently intimidated some men, so when she found one that hit on her and who shared her bedroom preferences, it was hard to resist. That didn’t mean she’d settle.

They walked toward Carter as the tasting concluded. Some critics made notes. Local VIPs went for a second glass. She saw Warren nod Carter over, and he came without question.

“Enjoying yourself, Ms. Rowan?” Carter always went very formal for tastings.

“Very much, thank you.” She smiled. For several years, she’d known and admired these men. They always made it worth the extra trip up to Mendocino County in northern California. Now with them buffering her from Dylan, she had the urge to let her guard down.

Hell, she wanted a personal life! Thirty was a year away and her mother complained about the lack of weddings amongst her three daughters. Sonia, being the eldest, received the bulk of the pressure.

Her father, on the other hand, liked that she was traveling and enjoying life. It was his European sensibilities. She’d also inherited her love of wine from him. The man had a massive wine cellar at his Tuscan villa. Her parents had divorced when Sonia was young and were forever on opposite sides. She’d learned to stand her ground and stay out of the line of fire while helping her sisters.

“It’s a shame you and Dylan didn’t work out,” Carter said.

He didn’t really seem sorry. She shrugged it off. “It was my mistake. We run in such small circles that it seemed like a good idea. He wasn’t right for me.”

“Maybe he couldn’t handle you?” Warren teased.

“Clearly.” Carter smiled. “Good thing he’s not invited for a special tasting and extended stay.”

“Extended stay?” Sonia tried to ignore the arousal as it spread through her.

“Just our favorite reviewers invited to sample a new Pinot Noir. Our housekeeper will take good care of you here, and she’s a wonderful cook. You won’t be alone with a bunch of single men,” Jace said.

In her dreams and fantasies she was routinely surrounded by these three. Somewhere deep inside her, hopes started to grow, but it had to be simply her lust. The odds of them being into her were slim, especially after her going on about Dylan. Screwing around with people in the work circles usually proved to be a mistake.

Bottom line, she didn’t need to get in bed with the men from Farabella except when dreaming. That had happened plenty of nights with or without her planning it. She’d used up batteries imagining how they looked naked and what they’d do to her and each other. Not that she ever imagined it’d happen in real life.




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