Friday, February 1, 2013

THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

Washington DC’s journalist, Rye Yates is well-dressed, gorgeous and cursed. After an unusual encounter with a witch, his love for a woman could mean her death sentence.

When Rye meets Clair, her effervescent personality instantly grabs his heart.

What will Rye and Clair do when they uncover a hundred-year-old secret that was never meant to be revealed? The ending is unthinkable, and the betrayal and secrets leave no one unscathed.


            “I pity you. You have just damned yourself. You will never keep real love until you give me what I want. A child is needed, and you will give him to me… or else,” she added shrewdly.
            “I will give you twenty-six days to decide, after that, there will be no counter offer.” She warned.
            “I wouldn’t in twenty six thousand years.” Rye countered with a determination of his own.
            The lights flashed and Dusk’s hair blew in all directions. She closed her eyes, concentrating. Then she spoke in a wicked voice that shrilled with each word.

“Love, you will never have and I curse you of any woman’s hand.
With every emotion of love will break harsh white teeth and a wretched oil coat.
The emotion of love will be no longer, in its place now a thirst you will not bear.
Days come soon when you will feast on love’s bones and hair.
Run you will say but the full moon will blind your human sight,
Death to her with just one bite.”

            Then silence. Dusk’s hair settled as the last light flicked once more before becoming solid again.
            “You have twenty-six days to give me what I want. Or on each full moon you will become one with the night – a wolf at best. I have cursed you of love. You will kill which you hold so dear, as the wolf inside you will take over and feed on the very one you love. I have given you an eternity of loneliness.”
            Dusk walked towards the door and turned to face Rye one last time. “You have twenty-six days before the first full moon. Use your time wisely.” And Rye shutter as the door slammed behind her.


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