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Warrior's Craft Book Five

Daphne is at San Diego's Comic Conference to hook up with four guys she's been flirting with online. Tired of using her powers as a sensitive for routine psychic readings, she wants some action! There's more to life than gaming and she can help people for real.

Four hot young geeks keep her very satisfied but there's a predator in their midst. Young lonely men are falling ill every night. Daphne senses one of her men might be the next target. She's fighting a powerful older woman who's more than a wolf in cougar clothing!


Warrior's Craft 5: Four Geeks & A Witch
Cheryl Dragon
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Cheryl Dragon

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Trying very hard not to get her hopes up, Daphne Fleming knocked on the hotel room door. The Comic/Fantasy/Sci-Fi convention attendees had packed the place already, but for Daphne it was simply an excuse to meet some non-celebrity men in person. Her four guys had texted her their room number and had a spare key waiting for her.

It wasn't like her to hook up with strangers. Technically, she'd never met them in person before, but she knew them. Men online had disappointed her again and again, but this wasn't some dating connection. She'd found them while teaching a class for their online coven for men. Modern day pagan warriors for good impressed her, but of all the groups of men in her class, these four were special. The very idea of fighting for good in real life turned her on, and she'd spent tons of time with them via webcam in the last few months.

They weren't using the coven to meet women either. The men were clearly bisexual and involved with each other already.

Plus they had power! Two of them especially possessed strong energy that pulled at her. She needed to meet them.

Being a sensitive had its advantages, like feeling people out before she got too close to them. The fact that she could sense how many men were liars and users out in the world made her sad at the prospects. Somehow she'd lucked into four guys who, much like herself, didn't fit into the mainstream.

The door opened and four sexy geeks stood there staring at her. She hugged them without a word. They'd chatted online; Skype was a wonderful thing. L.A. wasn't far from San Diego, but she didn't have the money to drive back and forth all the time plus missing work, and they had a business to run.

"Who's minding the store?" Daphne asked.

Elvis grabbed her big suitcase. "I have my brother running it for now. He's not much of a gamer, but he'll do it for the money."

She sat on one of the two double beds and admired the guys. Elvis was tall with brown hair and blue eyes, cute but the type to be all business or all fun. Daphne believed he had a switch somewhere. When she joked during the class, he never got it.

"Something to drink?" Julius offered, gesturing to the cooler perched on the ledge by the window.
"No, I'm good." Daphne felt like the center of attention and let herself reach out to feel the men mentally. They were as wonderful as she'd felt from home.

Julius was blond with brown eyes and an expressive mouth. He wasn't as tall as Elvis, but supposedly was the handyman of the group. She knew he and Kurt had been in college together and became lovers there. The bond between them was strong, but she felt the love flowing in all directions.

Kurt sat on the other bed, watching her. Staring back, she smiled. His brown hair and ordinary face made him easily overlooked, but he had a big heart. And she'd seen him shirtless. The things the five of them had done online! But what were your mid-twenties for if not enjoying life? Great sex while trying to do good things was more than most people had.

Helping people was something she and Kurt had in common. He'd taken a year after college to volunteer building homes and helping people after disasters. Then he'd found Julius again. She was glad. The four of them made a very sexy sort of relationship.

Yet from the moment she'd met them online, she'd felt their need that was muffled and clamped down like a secret. Without a woman there wouldn't be true happiness. Bisexuality was still a misunderstood taboo to many.

The last guy sat at the desk and tapped on his laptop. The geekiest of them all, Nolan Haller was great with a computer and played every game under the sun. He loved the fantasy world more than the real one at times.

"Do I disappoint you, Nolan?" Daphne kicked off her chunky black boots.

She was pleased with the vibe of the men. All were attractive, not bodybuilders but hot geeks. The guys were all in jeans and T-shirts that showed their comic love and loyalty.

Joining them at Comic Con was the most natural thing in the world. She loved much of the features she'd see here. Her Buffy the Vampire Slayer T-shirt and black jeans let her fit right in with their various comic shirts.

Nolan turned. "No, but we're not going to jump on you either. We're not animals."

Elvis sat next to Daphne. "It's true. We want to get to know you more in person, not just hook up."

She smiled. They were telling the truth. "So do I, but Nolan is the one who turned our online meetings dirty when he asked me to flash you guys via webcam. Then he flashed me. He even started the sexting stuff. I figured he'd be the most eager."

Nolan closed his computer. "We've been doing online dates and chats for months. Either I'm going to be all over you or have some self-control."

The heat and testosterone in the room worked on her. "Such gentlemen, especially considering we've seen each other largely naked, just not in person."

"You're like a fantasy that hopped out of the computer." Julius sat next Kurt.

"I'm real. I promise. So no one is disappointed? Good." She leaned over and kissed Elvis.

A spark ran through her. He held a lot of power but contained it. A powerful grounding influence if she ever needed it. It'd felt so right, but reality would prove out. That's what she had to know. Was it real? Her hands roamed under his shirt, and he was lean with nice muscle tone. When he pulled away, Daphne saw him blushing. "We're not just about sex," he said.

"I know, but we won't be ourselves and relax until we take the edge off." She looked over at Kurt and Julius. "Don't you agree?"

"Totally." Kurt smiled and tugged off Julius' shirt.

For a moment she watched the two men kiss as they undressed each other. In the geek world, she could have four random men just screwing her any day. But Elvis was right; it was more than sex. The connection was special, and the bigger the bond and more intimate they were, the stronger they could be. Plus men touching each other made her insanely wet!

She yanked off Elvis' Batman shirt and opened his fly. His hips lifted as she dragged the jeans and boxers down. Sensing Nolan watching her, she looked and caught him staring. Elvis' cock hardened as she stroked it and she motioned for Nolan to move closer.

"Get us all naked and run?" Nolan asked as he approached.

She smiled and kissed him. "Why would I leave four hot and horny men? I'm not a tease. I'm as eager as you are."


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