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WHIRLDWIND AFFAIR by Francesca Hawley

WHIRLWIND AFFAIR by Francesca Hawley

Red Stilettos, Book Two.

Erika Bergstrom is shopping in an upscale adult boutique when handsome Rodrigo Torbellino asks for help finding a gift. Just her luck! As he flirts with her, she discovers he’s shopping for a bridal shower gift for a friend, not a lover. So when he asks her to model a beautiful negligee then seduces her in the dressing room, Erika gives in to her urge for a wild new experience…a one-night stand.

The next morning, Erika’s body is sated from pleasure. Rigo obtains a promise she’ll call him and tells her that if she doesn’t, he’ll find her. She’s intrigued and thrilled with his obvious interest until she discovers Rigo is the head of the company her brother wants the family to partner with, so she doesn’t contact him. A month passes. When they meet again, the fire between them burns just as bright as ever, but does Rigo want the business deal or her?

Can the red stilettos live up to their legend to provide the wearer with her heart’s desire?


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Copyright © FRANCESCA HAWLEY, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

His dark eyes caressed the curves of her buttocks like a warm hand. Erika Larson-Bergstrom shivered as she glanced at him out the corner of her eye. She licked her lips as his gaze captured hers and he smiled, unnerving her while at the same time arousing her until she ached with need.

A part of her wondered if her mischievous twenty-two-year-old twin daughters had set this up. After all, they were the ones who´d given her the $100 gift certificate for Erotically Bound, the upscale Minneapolis adult store she shopped in right now. But the man eyeing her was no twenty-two-year-old kid. He was all man and she wanted to explore every inch of him...intimately.

Erika looked down at the lingerie she fingered, trying to clear her lust-filled mind. Her biggest problem was that she´d spent the last twelve years rearing her daughters as a single mom. She could count on one hand the number of men she´d dated during that time. The number she´d slept with was even less. She was just horny and needed to get laid, and he was the answer to a horny woman´s prayer.

"Miss, could you assist me?" His voice was warm and deep with the hint of an Antonio Banderas-style Spanish accent. She looked up into the warmest brown eyes she´d ever seen. At least he´d called her "miss" and not "ma´am".

"Assist you?"

"Yes, I must buy a gift for a lady and I have no idea what she might want."

"Oh." Erika forced a smile to her tight lips. "Sure."

Well, that certainly burst her bubble. He had a woman he was shopping for. It figured. Of course it should have been a relief he wasn´t buying undies for himself since he was shopping in the women´s lingerie section, but she´d been dreaming he might possibly be as attracted to her as she was to him.
No such luck.

He wanted a buddy to help him shop for another woman. Shit. Buddy seemed to be the only way men viewed her-especially lately-and it was almost always because she was a plus-size woman. Women with big butts liked sex too. Damn men, anyway.

"So what´s the gift for? Your anniversary? Her birthday?"

"Anniversary? No." He laughed. She liked his laugh...a lot. He threw himself into it. His head back and his hands running through his hair. Thick, black hair. Yum.

Focus, Erika. Do not notice the full, wide lips and straight, white teeth. The high cheekbones. She swallowed, her gaze skimming over him. The broad shoulders, narrow hips and tight ass. Forget how hot he is. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn´t ignore his appeal. Her pussy was damp and if she had a chance in hell of taking him inside her.

"I´m shopping for my administrative assistant."

"Your...?" Oh geez. Sleeping with an employee. Could it get worse?

He waved his hand as he read her expression. "No, she is getting married and this place has a bridal registry."

"A bridal registry? You´ve got to be kidding." Erika raised her brows.

"I know. It sounds insane, and so I told her. But she assured me it was so." He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to her. "Here is a list of things the clerk printed for me that have not yet been purchased for her. My assistant is very organized and wants no duplicates."

Erika looked at the list he held and realized he was telling the truth. It consisted of lingerie, loungewear, dresses, shoes and, good grief, sex toys and movies.


"Yes. I refuse to buy her some of these items. I am her friend, yes, but her employer first. Can you imagine if I showed up at the office bridal shower with," he took the list back, glaring at it while shaking his head in disbelief, "a Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator?"

"It would certainly be the talk of the party," Erika agreed dryly.

"Yes, laugh at me. Sofia certainly has done so."

"Your wife?"

"No, my assistant. I am not married."

"Oh. Well, there are some clothes on here."

"Crotchless panties? I ask you-in what universe should a boss give his assistant crotchless panties?"

"What do you want to give her?" She fought her laughter. He looked truly distressed. His dark brows were drawn together and his mouth tight.

"A toaster." He nodded decisively, once.

Erika lost her fight, laughing in delight. "No wonder she sent you here instead. No woman wants a toaster for a wedding gift."

"There is nothing wrong with a toaster. I would get her an expensive one that does everything but grocery shops for her. Does she want this? No. Instead she wants sexy clothes. X-rated films. Bah..." He shook his head, slashing his hand in front of him in disgust.

She liked his attitude. It was kind of old-fashioned, but then she was pretty traditional too. Most of the time. But not right now. Right now she wanted to throw him up against a wall and kiss the shopping frustration off his face. She wanted to peel his black suit jacket off his muscled body and rip his white shirt open so she could get to his broad chest to taste it. Oh geez. Down, Erika.

"Can I see the list? Maybe we can find something palatable to you."

"By all means." He handed it back to her, his fingers brushing hers. She inhaled, fighting a moan as the touch went right to her pussy.

Erika shook her head slightly. What the heck was wrong with her? She couldn´t remember any man affecting her like this in...years. Had it really been that long since she´d had sex with something other than her long-suffering vibrator? Yes, unfortunately it had. Erika dragged her eyes off him with effort and forced herself to read the list.

"There´s a pair of shoes here that might be okay."

"I don´t think so."

"Why? Shoes are okay-even if they are stilettos."

 She glanced down at her feet, surprised they didn´t hurt in the fancy heels she´d just received in the mail from Bella. They were gorgeous. She´d forgotten how much she liked them during the three months they´d belonged to her childhood friend. But now they were hers. She just hoped they lived up to the auctioneer´s spiel about them. Ruby slippers to make your heart´s desire come true. We´ll see.

"Did you notice the manufacturer of them?" he asked.

"My shoes?" Yeah, he was damn close to her heart´s desire.

"Although your shoes are quite attractive, I meant the shoes on the list."

"Oh right." A little too self-absorbed there, Miss Erika, she chided herself. Erika ducked her head to read the listing, but she sure didn´t recognize the company name. "Fukkeme? Are they Japanese?"

"Um...I don´t believe so. Think about the company name for a moment and it will become clear. Or perhaps my mind is-how do you say?-in the gutter inappropriately-however, this is an adult store."
He waved around them.

Fukkeme? What was the problem? Oh hell no. And she´d said it out loud. To him. Her face went hot and she knew without a doubt she was blushing from her head to her feet.

"Sorry. I didn´t get it at first," Erika muttered.

"I understand. No worries, miss. I actually grabbed up the shoes, intending to purchase them until I looked at the box. When I saw the company logo, I finally understood."

"What´s so terrible about the company logo?"

"Two shoes having sex. I must admit to being envious of the stiletto on top. He has quite an impressive...heel."

Her gaze flew to his and she saw his lips twitching. Erika giggled, and when he chuckled, they both bent double with laughter.

"Oh my goodness. The mind boggles. Truly," she gasped around her laughter, wiping away tears.
"And well it should."

"Hmmm. Perhaps some lingerie then."


"No, not crotchless panties. Let´s see. There´s a negligee on the list. That might work." Erika looked for the right gown and blinked, blushing as she stared at a revealing red lace negligee. It was beautiful and one she might buy for herself with the $100 gift certificate her daughters gave her.
He lifted the delicate fabric in his large hands and eyed her as if he was imagining her wearing it. "This might work. Sofia is curvy and sexy like you."

"Sexy? Like me?"

"Yes. She has beautiful, dangerous curves like yours." He smiled at her.

"You aren´t her fiancĂ©e, are you?"

"Heavens no. She´s much too fierce for me."

"Oh." Did he really call her sexy?

"Perhaps you would try the gown on so I might know if this will truly suit her."


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