Friday, September 26, 2014

BOO by Ba Tortuga

BOO by BA Tortuga

Boo! Things that go bump in the night rub together in these paranormal shorts from BA Tortuga. From vampires and werewolves, to cowboys and Vikings, to the silliest Halloween costume ever, the boys of Boo are hot, complicated and oh, so ready to see what the night holds for them.



"Daniel, Father Vincent says you must."

"But..." Daniel groaned, meeting Sister Abby's eyes in something incredibly close to panic. Texas? He had to go all the way back to Texas and see Declan? Really? He’d done so well, for so long.

"You want to advance to the next level of enlightenment, don't you? It's been five years since you came to us. Five years since your... loss of control. You must face your demons." Her hand patted his, her eyes black as holes in her lean face. She'd been the first person he'd met, once he'd passed the trials, passed the bad times, stopped listening to the sounds of his mother's screams, Declan's roars. 
She'd helped him through the last brutal year, through the agony of his daily affirmations.

Abby was his savior, the one who'd supported him month after month, helping him overcome his baser urges.

Still, this would be Hell -- to go home, to look into those bright, amazing eyes and ask forgiveness. 
Declan had been the hardest part of the separation process. Declan, who smelled like home and looked like a primal god. Declan who haunted his dreams, who made him want... awful things.

Terrible things.

Wonderful things.

"Daniel!" Abby's voice snapped through the air, and she swatted him with a paper. "Stop it."

"Stop what?" 

"Fantasizing. One must face the reality of their situation. You will go, you will make peace, and you will return."

"The reality." He nodded, looked down at his pale, lean hands. Once they'd been tanned, clever, working leather and tack and now? Now he did the organization's books. "Okay. I'll go. It'll take me three days to get there. Three days to get back."

"Take whatever time you need. We'll be here, waiting for you, brother."

"Thanks." He shook his head, though, knowing this would be easier said than done.

"Have faith. Be strong. I did this, you can, too." She nodded to him, then stood. "Come back safe, brother."

He nodded, sighed, and grabbed his duffel bag. Safe. Right. He fucking hated Texas.

Nothing good ever happened to him there.


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