Thursday, September 25, 2014


UNDER A RAVENING MOON Box Set by Sam Cheever

The Halloween Love series box set, follows the Lupire, a race of elite protectors with both werewolf and vampire in their bloodlines, and the beautiful black females of the Lupa Guardian pack. These two elite groups share a common protect the magical and human worlds from evil. What they don't that their destinies are also intertwined under mating magic...the most powerful force any of them will ever encounter.

Bound by Blood - Book 1
Moon Burn - Book 2
Blue Moon - Book 3
Deep, Dark Desire - Book 4


Phelan Donald stood in the center of a clearing and lifted his nose into the air. The night was deeply, densely dark, filled with the sounds of movement from unseen creatures. Their warm scent roiled around him, making his stomach growl hopefully.

A sharp crack split the night, followed by a soft curse, as someone stepped on a twig. Phelan’s keen, dark gold gaze swung in that direction. His skin quivered and his canines elongated. He scented the air and caught the sensual tang of a female shifter, infused with a power cocktail of anger, excitement, and aggression.

He grinned. It was an interesting mix for a female.

Phelan melted into the shadows beneath the trees and waited, listening to the soft footfall of the woman as she approached the clearing. When she pushed through the trees and stood just a few feet away, his senses exploded.

Her scent rolled over him, making his body clench with need. His mouth watered and his fangs ached, but more importantly, his groin tightened at her musky female scent. She was moderately tall for a woman, broad shouldered and narrow hipped, with long legs and lean, muscular arms. Her skin was a creamy brown, and her hair was midnight black, cut short and spiky. The moonlight glazed the spiky silk with silver highlights.

Her face was a small oval in the dusky light, with high, pronounced cheekbones and slanted golden-brown eyes. He swallowed hard and fought the urge to grab her. To taste her lips and stroke her body.
Phelan frowned. No female had reached his sensual core for a long time. He wasn’t sure why this one had. She was definitely attractive. But so were a lot of the women he dealt with on a daily basis.

It must just be because he was hungry. He was hungrier, in fact, than he could ever remember being. He definitely should have fed before coming to work.

Suddenly the female stiffened, her nostrils flared as if she were scenting the air, and her head swiveled in his direction. She turned her body toward him, widening her legs in battle stance, her hands fisted at her sides. “Show yourself.”

Phelan’s shock nearly made him gasp. She’d scented him. How was that possible? When they wanted to be, his kind was nearly invisible to other paranormals. They could be invisible, scentless, and soundless, blending perfectly into their surroundings at will. But this lean, beautiful she-wolf had known he was there. It wasn’t possible. Unless.

Phelan immediately shook off the thought. His kind didn’t mate either. Or rather…it was extremely rare for them to find their perfect mate. There were too many damn rules and restrictions. Most of his kind had stopped trying, contenting themselves with quick tumbles and short, intense affairs instead. He’d been better than most at pretending he didn’t care how empty these events left him. But whatever the reason, as he separated himself from the shadows and stepped into the clearing, a single thought slid through his mind.

This was no ordinary female.

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