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REDEEMED by Indigo Sin

REDEEMED by Indigo Sin

 The Passion Series Book Three

Heartbreak drives Hadley to move on and forget the man who destroyed her hopes of love, no matter how much it hurts.

Colton will do anything to gain her forgiveness, if only he can convince her to believe his side.

With their future teetering perilously on the edge of disaster, can they redeem what they had before it’s too late?


 Redhead purred as her hand wandered again, but this time he caught her wrist, shaking his head. “Not interested, Doll. Go find someone else to molest,” he drawled, hoping it was the last time he’d have to tell her.

That earned him a shitty look and an un-ladylike snort, but she slid from the stool, and stomped away. Thank God for small miracles.

As he swirled the liquid in the glass, ice clinking against the sides, the door opened to admit a new patron, but he was beyond caring. The more he drank, the better he felt, and after a while he had forgotten what he was there to forget anyway, so his plan was working out swimmingly. Knocking back the rest of his drink, Brad, the bartender, gave him that look that said he’d had enough. Fuck that.

“Need a refill, Brad,” Colton demanded, belching as he pushed the glass toward the man.

Brad sighed, but put the bottle to the glass anyway. “Last one, Colt, and then I’m calling you a ride.”
Colton gave him an un-amused look, waving his hand through the air. “What the fuck ever, MOM.”

Brad narrowed his eyes as he finished pouring and set the bottle back on the bar, before crossing his arms like he had something to say. Oh great, here it comes…the speech. He had known Brad since they were boys. They grew up on the same street, chased the same girls, and raised more than a little hell together. The look on Brad’s face said that he knew exactly what the issue was, but Colton was in no mood to discuss it.

Colton put his hand out as Brad opened his mouth to speak. “Don’t go there, Brad. I don’t want to discuss it.” His speech slurred the slightest bit at the end and he cleared his throat in an attempt to cover it. Fuck, discuss was hard to say after half a bottle of Jack, that was for sure. Brad flipped him the bird as he made his way back across the bar to do…whatever shit it was that bartenders did, and Colton’s head found its way back into his hands.

Colton swung his gaze over the room once more, trying to stay on his stool when the room spun slightly. Mister loner in the corner had a woman with him now. They looked to be having a good conversation. Whatever, good luck, buddy. Rubbing at his eyes with both hands, he stopped dead still when a soft feminine laugh drifted across the bar. He knew that laugh. Turning his head as lines creased his brow, he blinked his eyes to focus on the couple in the back of the bar with a lot more interest.

“Ugh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” He groaned, running a hand through his hair. It was Hadley sitting there with the douche in the fancy duds. Of all the places she could have ended up tonight, it had to be here. Shaking his head, he clenched his jaw as her laugh pierced the quiet once more, and for the first time since arriving he found himself wishing the juke box was playing something to drown it out.

He was pissed. He didn’t realize he was holding his glass in a white knuckle grip until Brad broke his concentration.

“Dude, ease up. I’m not in the mood to clean up blood.”

Colton’s eyes snapped to Brad, and then followed his gaze to his hand. Shit.

Colton conjured up every ounce of self-control he had to let go of the glass, and not shatter it against the nearest wall. Fuck he was a mess. Turning his head once again, he watched as the man leaned in, listening intently to Hadley’s every word. She was laughing at whatever he was saying, and it killed him that he wasn’t the one she was laughing with. That was his Hadley over there.

Well shit, that had sobered him up real quick. Doing his best not to stare, he seethed in his own self-loathing, watching as the man made his girl smile. Pushing his glass back toward the bartender, he shook he head when Brad gave the ‘no fucking way’ look. “I’m done, man.”

Brad gave him a speculative glance, but took the glass with a nod. “Good call.”

Risking another glance back, he watched as Hadley got up from the table to make her way toward the back hallway leading to the restrooms. He knew it well. He and Hadley had made use of the dark hallway more than once when visiting this particular establishment. He groaned as his cock hardened in response to the memories and had to shift on his stool to relieve the pressure before he had a permanent zipper brand on his dick.

When he had discreetly adjusted his junk well enough to be reasonably comfortable, he turned back to find the table that Hadley had been sharing with Mr. Wonderful…empty. That didn’t bode well.


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