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CRYSTAL COMPANIONS by Marion Webb-De Sisto

CRYSTAL COMPANIONS by Marion Webb-De Sisto

The Use of the Mineral Kingdom within Modern-day Metaphysics

An innovative look at how crystals and crystal skulls are being incorporated into various modern-day metaphysical pursuits by the author and other practitioners in order to improve their performance. The effect crystalline energy has on therapies, spiritual pursuits and divination techniques is highlighted in this book, together with brief outlines on the histories of these various practices.

Such disciplines as Past Life Regression, Reiki, Yoga, Shamanism and Crystal Therapy are documented and discussed in detail. Divination strategies of the Tarot, the Runes, Scrying and Dowsing are also combined with the properties of the mineral kingdom, and the resulting outcomes are explored. In addition, helpful exercises, recommendations and crystal ‘know-how’ are included for both the professional and the novice.

The author is a qualified Crystal Healing practitioner and her examination of various crystal-enhanced procedures is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in discovering the powerful crystalline world and its impact on healing, spirituality and divination.

This book has been placed more than once in the top 100 of the US and UK Amazon's Category Sales Ranks for books about Crystals, Divination and Disciplines & Techniques.



A Dowsing Exercise with a Ring Pendulum


·    Decide upon a number of questions that you or someone else would like to have answered.

·    Choose a silver or gold ring. Even if it has no gemstones, it was created from a mineral.

·    Tie a piece of thread to the ring. It should be no more than 7” long.

·    Sit down comfortably and practice holding your ring pendulum in your dominant hand {right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed}. The official position is known as “the eye of the cobra,” which means holding your forearm in an upright position and slightly away from the body. The end of the thread is held between the thumb and first finger with the other fingers following the curve of that finger. The pendulum should be hanging straight down and parallel to your arm.

·    Take time to establish how this pendulum will indicate “Yes” and “No” answers.*

·    When you feel ready, give the pendulum a slight swing.

·    Now ask your first question and wait for an answer.

·    Once it is given, hold the ring still for a moment, and then give the pendulum a slight swing once again.

·    Ask the next question and wait for an answer.

·    Continue in this manner until all of the questions have been asked and answered.

·    Thank the ring and cleanse it by visualization.**


* If a pendulum is being consulted for “Yes” and “No” answers, you will need to establish, before you begin to dowse, how your pendulum will show you these answers. For some people a pendulum will swing clockwise for “Yes” and anti-clockwise for “No.” For others it will show the affirmative by swinging up-and-down, and from side-to-side for a negative response. Take time before attempting any dowsing exercises to become familiar with how your pendulum indicates its answers to you.


** Imagine Divine golden light is radiating throughout the ring and its beams transform all negativity into positive energy.


N. B. If the ring pendulum should become still when you ask a question and does not indicate a “Yes” or “No” answer, then you are being told that it is not right to be given an answer at this time. If it appears undecided, in other words, it keeps alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise, or between up-and-down and from side-to-side, then consider this to be a “Maybe” answer.



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