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TRENT AND TREY by Harper Jewel

TRENT AND TREY by Harper Jewel

Inked Heat Series Book 2

Running from a dark past, Cassie St. Cloud wonders if it’s even possible to escape her worst nightmares.  Regardless, the fiery redhead refuses to be a victim and does just that.  While secrecy is key to her survival, Cassie inadvertently finds herself squashed inside a triangle of lust, threatening to expose her darkest desires.

Sexy brothers, Trent and Trey Buchanan, own the hottest Tattoo Parlor and Ranch in town.  Kings of their own castles, both are pleasantly shocked when a tiny female brings them to their knees.

A silent enemy looms in the back, waiting for the right moment to strike.  When things take an unexpected turn for the worse, dark secrets and an unforgiving past force Trent, Trey, and Cassie into running for their lives....


Taking a deep breath before she entered the shop, jingling bells greeted her when she gave the door a shove. The place looked like neat and tidy with binders on some shelves that covered a portion of one wall, a comfortable leather couch, and three leather armchairs placed around a polished oak table that looked handmade. Her courage began to falter a bit when she spotted no one about. Too timid to call out, she turned on her heels ready to leave when a deep masculine voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Can I help you, Little Filly? Please tell me you weren’t planning on leaving so soon?

Cassie had to clench her jaw to prevent it from hitting the floor when she spun back around to find a six-foot-five-inch, mouthwatering piece of yummy goodness standing in the opening to what must be the workroom or a storeroom. Ice blue eyes peered at her from underneath a white Stetson. From what she could tell, he had a blond buzz cut underneath the hat. A white leather vest barely covered a well-defined muscular chest. His left arm had a brown, black and tan snake winding around it from his wrist up to his shoulder. Through the wide gap in the front of the vest, she could just make out the head of the fanged creature covering his left pectoral, its jaws open about to swallow a red apple dangling from a branch. What looked like a snorting black bull being ridden by a cowboy dressed all in black was placed on his right pec, the bull’s back legs raised off the dusty ground finishing on his right shoulder. The hunky male’s right bicep held a tat of a western desperado with a long flowing leather duster open to show a string of extra ammunition for the long barreled rifle he held in his grip.

As he moved forward, Cassie spotted what looked like the head of a deadly looking scorpion just above the waistband of his low-slung jeans. Her vivid imagination began to paint a picture of what the rest of the venomous creature looked like and where it ended. The male’s sexy look was finished off with a pair of scuffed, tan lizard-skin boots.

Shaking her head, she brought herself out of her perusal, trying to hide her embarrassment at being caught ogling. “Yes…I mean no…” Licking her dry lips, she finally gave him an answer that sounded a bit more intelligent. “Yes, you can help me. No, I wasn’t planning on leaving. I was simply going to open and close the door again hoping the bells would bring someone round.”

“I’m glad you weren’t planning on leaving, and I’ll be glad to help you.” Extending his hand in greeting, his palm engulfed her smaller one as he gave it a firm shake. “Trent Buchanan. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Now, how can I assist you?”

“Cassie St. Cloud.” When his hand swallowed hers, a slight zing ran up her arm, making her shiver as all sorts of jumbled emotions ran through her mind—instant attraction, nervousness at his overpowering size, and awe for the ink work that she could see. “I’d like to get a tattoo. My friend, Marcy Belamy, recommended your shop.”


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