Thursday, August 7, 2014

CZECH ME OUT by BA Tortuga

With Stories by Katey Hawthorne, Kiernan Kelly, Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga, KC Wells and Shannon West

Some men are bottoms by birth, others by choice. Whatever the reason, a designated bottom is someone who’s happy to surrender, to submit, or just catch instead of pitch!

In Czech Me Out, by BA Tortuga, Korde discovers what it’s like to fall for someone when food truck owner Josh takes on the cowboy virgin.

Katey Hawthorne’s gamer grad student Paul doesn’t date. He keeps things strictly physical. So why is Sammy so important to him in The Mistell?

Kitty shifter and stripper Aleks doesn’t mix business with pleasure, but he thinks Rafe might just be the master for him in Julia Talbot’s Faster Bobcat.

Sean Michael’s Peter isn’t sure about the club his friend takes him to, especially when Doms start hitting on him. Experienced Dom Rupert is happy to help, explaining about that Little Square of Cloth.

In Sgt. Hardass, by Shannon West, recent ex-Army man Jake meets up with a man he has history with, and Chad isn’t sure he can explain himself and defuse Jake’s anger.

In the Prince of Paupers by Kiernan Kelly, Prince Liam and longtime friend Deacon have to go back to Deacon’s Appalachian home, much to the prince’s dismay.

And in Switching It Up by KC Wells, Jay knows he looks like a twink, but only hunky Dean understands that looks can be seriously deceptive.

CZECH ME OUT: An Austin Story by BA Tortuga

Cowboy Korde has come to Austin to visit his sister, and to find some work during a tough patch in his life. He has no idea what to do with himself, though, and his sister needs him to amuse himself and stay out of her hair.

When food truck owner Josh meets Korde, he knows just what the hot cowboy needs. Korde is willing, if completely overwhelmed by what Josh makes him feel. Can Josh convince Korde they have the perfect recipe for love.


Story also appears in Designated Bottoms Anthology.

Excerpt from CZECH ME OUT by BA Tortuga

“So, you’re not from around here, I can tell.”

“No, sir. I’ve been working ranches down south. My sister says y’all had some tile work I could do here, so I came up.”

“Yeah? You do tile work?” The guy lit up like Christmas. “That’s serendipitous.”

“I do. Have for a while. You want to see some pictures?” Oh, man. Job. Score.

“If you have them, yeah. I have a whole front room to do.”

“Sure I do. On my phone.” He took a bite of the kolache, and the flavor hit him as he reached for his phone. Oh, God. He could eat twenty-eight of those. In a row. Duck was now on his list of yummy shit, just like this man was on his list of hotties.

The corner of Josh’s lips quirked up. “Good?”

“Mrhm.” That was a yes.

“You’ll have to try the cherry cheese one for dessert. Or pecan if you hate cream cheese.”


“You got it. Hang tight. I’ll get dessert, and we’ll talk tile.”

“Uh-huh.” He sucked down the potatoes, crunching happily. The man could cook, no doubt about it. This was all kinds of stuff you’d see on the Food Network, but with a down-home touch. Fried stuff.

He pulled up the photos from the Drus job and the McBride job. They showed him off but good. When he handed over his phone, Josh peered at the pics. “Nice. Looks great. Do you do free estimates?”

“I do. You have an idea what you’re into?”

“Yeah. You mean what I want, right?” When he nodded, Josh grinned. “For a minute I thought we’d stopped talking business.”

Korde’s cheeks heated, and he ducked his head. God, what the hell to say to that? Well, he could say a lot of things, but what if Josh tried to kick his ass? Then he’d lose this job, for sure.

“I want basic ceramic. Something we can get at Home Depot.”

“Sure. I’ve done all sorts -- you want a design? White?”

“Maybe something simple.” A shout had Josh peering at the truck. “Be right back.”

“‘kay.” He texted Karee, letting her know he might have found another project. Every little bit helped.

“Sorry. Just a tiny fire.” Josh grinned hugely and dug into one of the dessert kolaches.

“Fire?” Oh, man. “Everything okay?”

“Yep. She got a little happy with the grease, but didn’t burn anything important.”

“Dude. That’s a little space to have a fire.” He couldn’t imagine. Of course, his idea of cooking was to make cereal.

“Happens all the time. I’m lucky if I have my eyebrows.” Josh waggled said eyebrows behind his heavy glasses. “Can you come by tomorrow? We’re closed on Sundays, so I can give you whatever time you need.”

“Sure. Sure, I got no plans.”

“Cool. Got your phone? I’ll give you my number.”

He handed it back over, and Josh put in a contact. He smiled when he read it back. Josh Kolache Guy.

“Just holler when you’re ready for me, and I’ll be right over.”

“Cool. I’ll text you tomorrow.” Josh gave him a friendly grin. “Thanks, man.”

“I’ll be waiting. Hey, what do I owe you for the pecan deals?”

“On the house.” Josh clapped him on the shoulder on the way by, hand hot as fire even through his shirt. “See you tomorrow.”

“You know it.” He would totally do the work, enjoy the view too, all the way.

“Enjoy.” Josh left him, and the man had a cowboy ass in those tight jeans. Nothing hipster there.

Korde watched, the whole way, laser focused. Yeah. He’d be seeing that ass again tomorrow.

He couldn’t wait.

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