Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DAY IN THE SUN by LaVerne Thompson

DAY IN THE SUN by LaVerne Thompson

If you run from love can you hide? 

As a member of the ruling class on her planet, Callie had no say in who she would marry. Her mother made the decision for her. She'd never even met the man she'd be bound to for the rest of her life. Her parents left her no choice. She fled her planet and would-be husband for a chance to live her life as she chose.

Landing on the back water planet earth, Jaran had one plan: to find Callie his reluctant bride and decide if he wanted to be married to her. No woman should be worth this kind of trouble. But it didn't take him long to realize he wanted her by his side. But she ran from him once already. How can he convince her to stop running long enough to love him? 



Callie bent down to pick up her sandals, when she straightened the movements of a swimmer some ten miles out in the water caught her attention. She hadn’t noticed him before. Even from that distance, she could tell the body in the water appeared to be male. She wondered if he’d swum out from the beach or from the boat anchored even farther behind him, either way it was an unusually long swim. Although she didn’t need to do it, she raised her hand above her glasses as though to shade her eyes, but really lowered her sunglasses and took her contacts off to better see him. She placed the contacts in a side pocket of her bag. The UV protection coated on the lens weakened her vision range. It was still vastly better than humans but without the glasses and contacts it would be sharper.

Minus the artificial covering over her eyes, the figure out in the water became clearer. She blinked, my gods! The man must have swum ten miles already, and still had more to go. Mesmerized, she watched his arms glide out of the ocean. Long lean fingers sliced effortlessly through the water. Shoulders and biceps bulged with the necessary muscle and strength, allowing everything to work together for him to swim at the speed he did. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he was one of the mermen from Farris Pei. But since she saw no fins, she was fairly certain it was a human male out there, just one in exceptional shape.

Callie didn’t realize she’d moved until she stood at the edge of the tide. Stationing herself at a place on the beach where he would be able to see her, she waited for him to come to her. As the distance closed between them the more of him she could see. The sun glistened off hair so blond it was almost white, but she couldn’t quite make out his facial features. The way he moved struck her as odd, he almost never seemed to raise his head to breathe as he swam.

Finally, he reached a point where he could stand in the water. At least six feet four inches of perfect male rose out of the ocean, water reluctantly dripped from a body fashioned by a loving god’s hand. Broad shoulders appeared first narrowing into a slender waist. With each step, the ridges of his abs rippled as he moved, the remaining droplets glistened off skin bare to the waistband of his swim trunks. He raised his hands to push wet shoulder-length hair back and away from his face, revealing a face sculptured by a master craftsman, one without flaw.

“Oh, Mercy!”

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