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CHANGING ROOM by Veronica Tower

CHANGING ROOM by Veronica Tower

Playtime Series Book 3

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Edie and Jack vowed to reinvigorate their sex life and save their marriage through randomly selected fantasies. They’ve each had a turn but now the games are escalating, and Edie and Jack are growing bolder.

 Edie’s always wanted Jack to pay a little more personal attention to her. Acting as her personal shopper—picking out clothes to mold her curves, skimming his hands along her skin to check fit—should provide ample opportunity for him to pay attention to every tiny detail. Best of all, they don’t even have to leave the house, or her closet, for the fantasy. But Jack won’t settle for anything less than authentic. Edie better brace herself for Jack’s very personal, and very public, attention.


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An Excerpt From: CHANGING ROOM
Copyright © VERONICA TOWER, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Why don’t we give it a look?” Jack suggested. “If it’s really crowded, we’ll call it off. But I phoned in sick and we got here at,” he paused to check the clock on his phone, “ten in the morning because we want to make the backdrop of these fantasies as real as possible.” He coaxed her with a teasing grin. “You set the precedent with your streetwalker role and you’re always telling me I should listen to you more.”

Edie grimaced, not picking up on his humor at all. She was a beautiful, thirty year old African-American woman with long black hair and a damn good figure. He could still see in her the high school cheerleader he’d fallen in love with in Algebra class, but she’d matured into someone even more attractive. That soft, fresh bloom of youth had evolved into a natural, sensuous maturity. He could see it in her cheekbones, the line of her jaw and the light that brightened her eyes when she found something funny. He’d lost sight of that beauty too often over the past few years and he was really enjoying discovering it again.

“I don’t know, Jack,” Edie told him. “We almost got arrested the first time, and you could have lost your job if we’d gotten caught during our second fantasy.”

True, but since they’d gotten away with it both times, he didn’t find the argument convincing. He and Edie had been having a tough time these last few years and their physical relationship had gone from bad to non-existent. Then their marriage counselor, Dr. Phelps, had come up with this unique way to get them sleeping with each other again. She’d suggested that each of them write down three sexual fantasies on slips of paper and then draw one per week and act them out together. Jack had been highly skeptical, but willing to try anything if it let him start fucking his wife again. To his surprise the results of their first two experiments had been mind blowing and he really wanted to try it again.
“The worse that can happen here is that we get thrown out of the store,” Jack assured her. “And we chose a place that you don’t shop in anyway.”

A young mother pushed an infant in a stroller past them and Jack opened the heavy glass door for her. She thanked him as she maneuvered past.

Jack wanted to continue his conversation with Edie, but like most big stores, Grayson’s had a second set of glass doors to navigate right after the first. He slipped inside and held that one as well so the woman could push her stroller into the store.

Edie joined him in the little vestibule between the two sets of doors. “What if you’re wrong? What if they catch us and they do call the cops?”

Jack had to admit to himself that a 911 call was a potential problem. He didn’t think it was likely to happen, but it worried him just the same. If he admitted it to Edie, however, the whole game would be over before it began. “And why would they do that? Do you think they want this kind of publicity?”

“But what if they do?” Edie asked. Until this moment, Jack hadn’t realized just how nervous she was. He should have seen it right away. Chewing on her lip was a dead giveaway and she’d been chowing down on the scrumptious piece of flesh all morning.

He took her hands in his and caressed the backs of her fingers with his thumbs. “Hey, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We can head back home and play dress up in the living room. Or rethink the whole fantasy and come up with a better way to make it happen. I’m doing this today for you. If you’re not comfortable with my idea, then I’m not doing it right.”

Edie’s whole demeanor changed. The tension eased out of her shoulders and she appeared to breathe more easily.

Jack acted fast to preempt his wife from accepting his spontaneous offer. “Of course, it won’t be as much fun if we do it at home. Do you remember how shocked we were when that real streetwalker propositioned us?”

Edie chuckled. “The look on your face when she tried to join our party was priceless—not that I think that’s an argument for playing out game outside the house.”

Jack decided to ignore the second half of our statement. “The look on my face? What about yours? I thought you thought I might actually accept her offer.”

Edie’s chuckle grew into an actual laugh. “If you had they would have needed the police to pull me off of you.”

Jack laughed with her. “It still made the whole thing hot though. I mean, talk about your realism. You don’t get that at home.”

“No you don’t, but you also don’t get college kids almost catching us,” Edie told him. The mischievous smile on her face reassured Jack.

Before he could answer, she gave in and pulled open the inner door. “Oh hell, we’ll try it, but I think you should know I’m onto you. You’re getting off on the risk as much as you’re getting off on me.”

“Me?” Jack asked as he hurried to follow after her. “I seem to recall you enjoying some pretty climactic orgasms at my little makeshift spa. My shoulder still has a bruise on it where you bit me.”

“Shush!” Edie snapped with a quick look back at him. “If anyone overhears you, we won’t be able to do our thing.”

She picked up her pace, fingers tightening on her purse and began to search the aisles for the women’s clothing section.

Jack knew how to read the telltale signs. Edie was as excited by the risk of discovery as he was.


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