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FORGET ME KNOT by Melissa Glisan

FORGET ME KNOT by Melissa Glisan

Dog Wild Series Book Two

Dr. Celena Black tied regrets around her fingers like Forget-Me-Knots – each one about the man-wolf alpha, Madden “Red” Silvestri. After a decade of keeping his distance, Red needs Celena’s help as badly as he needs her love, but can their tangled past forge a clear future?  

As the weedy wildflower between rose triplets, being unforgettable wasn’t even a dream for Flora Daniels. But dreams are what Lupercus’ twin, Frank Horne, blames for his animalistic attraction to the natural beauty.  

What are a werewolf and a Roman god to do when everything goes to the dogs?



Hands jammed in his pockets, Madden simply glared up at her from the bottom of the stairs. Celena felt her stomach twist and burn, she wished she could dig out her bottle of stomach tonic and take a healthy swig, but as tired as she was it would knock her on her behind. The last time she had seen Madden she passed out at his feet, a repeat performance was not needed. In fact, the original performance had been utterly unnecessary. 

He looked too good to stand there glaring. Too many days, nights and long boring afternoons in classes, boardrooms and laboratories, she had found her mind slipping back to his ready smile. By the look of the lines between his brows, he hadn’t smiled in a very long time. Swallowing back the tang of guilt, Celena moved away from Ashley to the top of the stairs, and whispered, “Madden?”

Moving incredibly fast, he ended on the step below her, Celena schooled herself not to flinch away.
Standing nearly nose-to-nose, she had forgotten how he wasn’t very tall, five-foot eight-inches to her diminutive five-foot two-inches. It never seemed to matter; Madden always seemed the biggest baddest guy around. That hadn’t changed. Her body ached to move that half-inch closer and lean against the heat of his body, but it wasn’t her right. Remember! Be in control of yourself, be confident! 

Instead she caved. “I’m so sorry that you don’t smile anymore.” Without thinking, her thumb swept up and eased the tightly creased skin of his brow. “Your smiles were always home for me.” His hearing was keen, so she risked the whisper, knowing it reached only his ears. But she couldn’t help but startle when she felt his fingers ghosting along the back of her pleated skirt, up the backside of her thighs and around to rest a moment just above her wrist bones. The slide of his hands on the outside of her jacket was enough to raise goose flesh on the untouched skin of her arms. His T-shirt emphasized the heavy musculature of his arms and shoulders, a scant second before pulling her into the safety of his embrace as his fingers drug through her hair cupping her back. 

“Don’t be sorry.” Madden bumped his nose softly against hers, nuzzling closer as his breath fanned across her cheek. Of all the stormy receptions she’d dreaded, being in his arms like this was more like a secret dream held in her heart. “Are you okay?” 

“Uh huh.” Her mind stumbled along in a haze of warmth and her tongue went numb. It was amazing how fast buckets of intelligence went out the window from just being in his presence. Unbidden her hands cupped his face, fingers sliding into the thick hair she’d fantasized about since high school. Oh stars, her mind hazed over completely at the sleek silky feel of his hair. 

Lips brushed past hers and she gasped, following his mouth, enrapt by his dark spicy scent flowing past her nose. A gentle pressure along her back and she sagged forward, forgetting to breathe as the long, hard length of him seared her from knees to breasts. 

“Maybe they should get a room,” Ashley’s soft words jolted Celena and she jerked, sealing her mouth against Madden’s. His lips were firm and hot, drugging, as they closed on her own making her forget about the others, the stairs, or the cold. Her world narrowed to the taste of maple syrup on his lips as his tongue gently swept against her own. Her heart raced so hard and fast that the dark behind her eyelids spun crazily and for a giddy moment she couldn’t care less—if she died now it would be in joy. But as much as her heart rejoiced another part of her body woke and decided that more would be better before leaving good old terra firma. 

“Red?” a strange female voice called from the doorway, and Celena pulled back, refusing to look away, hoping against hope as she stared into his burning gaze that the woman wasn’t a friend or worse, his wife. “Why don’t you bring your lady in out of the cold and introduce her to everyone. I’m sure we’d all like to meet her.” Madden shifted and dropped his arms to her waist pulling Celena even closer. Stars and stones, her eyes widened in astonishment, was that him digging into her belly?

He roughly cleared his throat. “Meet you guys inside in a few Lora, Celena and I need to talk.”


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