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HIS SOUL TO KEEP by Luxie Ryder

HIS SOUL TO KEEP by Luxie Ryder

Malachi Bane had been condemned to live forever without the woman he would love until the day he died. He waits out eternity in isolation, on a small island near Maine. When a visiting couple threatens his peaceful existence, Bane prepares to kill them but is compelled to save the life of the woman he has become strangely fascinated with.

Amber Kirkwood isn't impressed by Bane's macho attitude and has no idea how her rescue from the island will set off a chain of events she has no control over or desire to be a part of.

When the physical and emotional bonds begin to grow between the unlikely couple, Bane longs to 'change' Amber, in order to save her life and keep her with him forever. But she fears for her immortal soul and Amber can't be sure that what she feels for Bane truly is worth dying for.



Amber gasped when she noticed Bane’s erection and she cast a quick look at his face to see if he had woken. He hadn’t moved a muscle since the last time she’d checked —except that now, his obsidian gaze locked with hers.

 The shaking in her knees intensified and a tremble skittered across her skin as her groin convulsed. Amber knew she should run back to the sofa and rethink her plan to seduce Malachi Bane.

 She had waited for him to return, determined to make him face her as an equal rather than his victim. What he’d done to her with nothing more than his mind hadn’t even nearly satisfied her. Amber wanted him.

 Bane’s strong, muscled body lay inches from her if only she had the courage to reach out and show him what she wanted. Amber took a step closer, ignoring the hand he put up in warning. Emboldened that he hadn’t told her yet to stop, she pulled her t-shirt off, revealing her bare breasts to him.

“Amber, no,” he groaned, but she could see by the hungry glint in his eyes that he didn’t mean it. She pulled at the zipper of her jeans, holding his gaze with hers and silently pleading that he let her do what she needed to. She kicked the denim off along with her panties and closed the distance between her and Bane.

 He shut his eyes again, as if trying to blot out her image. “It’s not really me you want,” he said, his voice rough with tension. “You are reacting to an inbuilt lure, designed to pull you in so I can prey on you.”

Amber placed her knee onto the edge of the bed and crawled over him, coming to rest with her legs straddling his. The skin of his thighs was cool against hers, his body the same temperature as the interior of the cave.

“That’s why I came to you this way – so you would know I am here because I want to be.” She dropped a kiss on his chest. “Because I need to be.”

Bane lay beneath her unmoving; his jaw set in a rigid line as if trying to keep control. Amber licked and nibbled at him, ignoring his attempts at resisting her and thrust her groin down onto his, gasping as his erection brushed against her sensitive skin.

 Suddenly, his fingers slid into her hair, his movements so fast that the gentle touch surprised her. But just as she thought he had accepted her – that he would give her what she asked for – he lifted her head to look at her, a plea in his eyes.

“Amber, don’t do this.”

She hushed him. “You could have stopped me by now if you wanted to, Bane.”

His hand slid out of her hair and she turned her face to it, kissing his palm and trailing her tongue up to his fingers. She locked her gaze on his and sucked the tip into her mouth. He tensed beneath her and his eyes closed with a groan, his body shaking, as if fighting the urge to move or respond.

 Amber leaned forward, brushing her lips across his gasping mouth. Bane jerked away from her, holding her off by her shoulders. She diverted her attentions to his lower half, snaking her feet into the gap between his thighs as she moved down with the intention of taking him in her mouth. Her tongue left a wet trail over his skin and she heard the breath still in his throat as he anticipated her touch. Her head came to a rest on his pelvis and she looked at him, watching his reaction when her breast came into contact with his rigid penis.

 Bane surged up from the bed, grabbing her shoulders again and lifting her away from him. “Slowly, Amber…don’t move too fast.”

Simply relieved that he hadn’t rejected her again, she laughed at his warning. If he came quickly, they could try again as soon as he had recovered. Her hand moved to his cock without hesitation.
A growl erupted from the man beneath her, so sudden, loud and fierce, it scared her upright. Bane threw his forearm over his face, but not before she’d seen the long, white teeth biting into his lip.

 Amber screamed…and then things started to happen really fast.


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