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SUMMONING SIN by Lilith Duvalier

SUMMONING SIN by Lilith Duvalier

Elderoy Tipple is lonely, horny, and was recently dumped, but he is also in possession of a spell book that will allow him to summon an incubus. Rather than sit around and bemoan the fact that he’s lost his lover, Archie, Elderoy decides to do the spell, have one wild night of demonic sex, and then banish the creature back to Hell.

But when things go wrong, Elderoy finds himself not just in the incubus’s sexual thrall, but losing his life force as the demon draws it out of him orgasm by orgasm.

With the demon keeping him from enacting the counter spell, and no one to save him, how will Elderoy escape the incubus’s clutches?


Had he truly succeeded in summoning this fantasy creature?

If he had, the demon should be contained within the sigil. According to the book, it should be standing within the lines of the circle. He just had to complete the binding so that he could cross in and out of the sigil without carrying the incubus with him.

So that he could… well to be crass, fornicate with the monster without it getting loose.

He took a step back toward the center of the room, heart pounding. The heat shot through his body again, so sudden it was almost painful. He cautiously made his way back to the sigils and the mirror, every muscle clenched tight.

This had seemed like a much better idea under the light of the coil. In the pitch black dark the potential danger of summoning a sexual Hell-fiend seemed much more real.

Nothing jumped out to attack him, carnally or otherwise, as he tip-toed back to what he was mostly sure was the center of his room. Not until he reached what he approximated as the location of the sigil did he realize there was still some light in the room.

It was coming from the Black Mirror.

The sketchy outline that it had reflected earlier was still there, even with no light to reflect. He stared at it in horrified fascination. He waved his hands in front of him, watching the way the white lines moved as he did. It was almost as though he could see his bones.

Tck,tck. Tck,tck.

A soft noise, like a muffled click, insinuated itself into the room. It was a footfall, much like the sound of the teeny, dulled claws of his mother’s lap dog, Bumper. The hairs on the back of Elderoy’s neck stood up. The heat of the flames rushed through his body again as he whipped around. The click-click of clawed footsteps which definitely did not belong to Bumper continued. Elderoy started to shake as he realized they were circling him. The noise stopped. So did Elderoy’s heart.

He could see it in the mirror.

Unlike the thin glowing outlines of Elderoy and everything else in the room, the creature behind him was fully filled in, glowing like the full moon that Elderoy had wanted.

It was male, or at least male-seeming and shatteringly beautiful. He was bare-chested, and Elderoy suspected that he was naked, but was too terrified to move and reveal enough of the demon’s reflection to determine his level of dress.

His muscles were perfect, round and firm like he had been carved from marble by a master sculptor. His jaw was square, his chin pointed in a way that was slightly feminine. His hair was a little too long, just a touch unruly, like it had been carefully arranged, but come loose due to some…strenuous activity.

Wholly black eyes stared out of his lovely face. They were sparkled with specks of white. Like stars in the night sky. There was something almost kind in the creature’s smile. Elderoy looked up at it, dry mouthed. It raised its eyebrows, as though it had asked him a question. Elderoy, unsure of what else to do, nodded acquiescence. The demon’s hands reached out and as they settled on his shoulders.

And that’s when Elderoy realized that, against every warning in the spell book, he had crossed inside the sigil without completing the spell.


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