Thursday, May 30, 2013

OVERBOARD by Gilbert M. Stack

OVERBOARD by Gilbert  M.Stack

Pembroke Steel Book Six

Wealthy playboy and confirmed bachelor, Mitch Pembroke, has finally run out room to run.

His parents have maneuvered him onto a transatlantic cruise with Jenny Lee Danforth, the lovely heiress of a rival business tycoon.

While the enchanting Jenny Lee is making Mitch reconsider being single, someone is going to great lengths to keep him that way, even if it kills him.



    A little after midnight Mitch caught Kit’s attention and slipped away from the party. They walked together to the edge of the deck and leaned on the railing looking out over the dark rolling water.”

     "What's on your mind?” Kit asked.

     “Nothing, I just wanted a bit of fresh air and a break from all of the dancing.”

     Kit raised an eyebrow making Mitch suppress a laugh.  His situation really wasn't funny.

     He took a swig of his bourbon and leaned out over the rail. “Damn it, Kit, what am I going to do? She keeps dancing with Beckworth and I'm feeling jealous.”

     Kit spread his hands in a gesture of helplessness. “What do you want me to say?”

     “I want you to tell me what to do,” Mitch repeated.

     “I can't do that,” Kit said.

     “Why not?”

     “Because I really am your friend.”

     Mitch thought about that for a few moments. “Yes, you are, but that doesn't help me figure out how to handle this.”

     Kit didn't answer and the silence stretched out between them while the band continued to play in the lounge behind them.

     “She’s sweet, she’s attractive, she’s got great taste in music, and she dances divinely,” Mitch complained.

     Kit maintained his silence.

     Mitch straightened up.

     “Are we going back inside?” Kit asked.

     “No,” Mitch answered. “I need to think and I'm pretty sure I heard someone say there's a piano lounge two decks down.”

     He stepped away from the railing just as a heavy deck chair came crashing down into the place he had just been standing.

     Both Mitch and Kit whirled about in time to see the chair ricochet off the railing and out over the ocean.

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