Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DEAR JON by Zena Wynn

DEAR JON by Zena Wynn

What does a newly wed military wife do when she feels like she’s losing touch with her husband who’s on deployment? This is the dilemma facing Evie McCoy. 
When Evie signed on to be Mrs. Lieutenant Jonathan McCoy, she knew his military career and imminent deployment came with the package. Then Jon left, the months passed, and Evie discovered being a soldier’s wife is a lot more difficult than she’d believed. She and her husband are communicating, but nothing much is being said. Unwilling to burden her husband with her fears for their marriage and with no one else she can talk to, Evie’s at her wits end.
Then her mother forcefully suggests Evie attend one of the military wives’ support meetings. Reluctantly, Evie goes and the advice they give her shocks Evie with its simplicity—write Jon a letter. Can a Dear Jon letter really save her marriage? And if her Dear Jon letter works, will she be able to hold it together until her soldier comes home?


“LT. McCoy! You got mail!”

First Lieutenant Jon McCoy looked up from where he sat cleaning his weapon. “What?”

Private First Class Williams, standing in the doorway to his quarters, tossed him an envelope. “Looks like it’s from your wife.”

Frowning, he caught the legal size envelope. “Thanks,” he said absently.

The letter was from Evie. She hadn’t said anything about sending him one when she emailed yesterday. A feeling of dread pooled in his gut. What was so important for her to say that she couldn’t tell him when they’d Skyped?

He put his weapon back together and wiped his hand on a hand towel to rid it of gun oil, all the while staring at his wife’s handwriting. Lots of relationships fail while soldiers were on deployment. The separation was tough and lately he’d been getting the feeling that Evie…

No, better not go there. Read the letter, see what she has to say, and then I’ll know how to handle it. I hope.

Getting comfortable on the bunk, he used his thumb to unseal the envelope and pulled out a plain sheet of notebook paper.


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